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  1. HOLY ALLIANCE: ❝ they say you can't kill what's already dead. ❞
  5. ✘ | USERNAME: -queenofinfires
  6. ✘ | PASSWORD: last goodbye (I think)
  10. ✘ | NAME: Im Jaehwan
  11. ✘ | NICKNAME(s): minimum of one and who and why do they call him or her this
  12.     ° Jae > [Little Bird] calls him this ; he just seems like the type of person to call everyone by nicknames, but I don’t know, I may be wrong
  13.     ° Pretty Boy > most people who don’t actually know him, they just see his good looks and how he uses them to his advantage
  14.     ° Playboy > (similar to ^^)
  15.     ° Honey > he’s known for having a “voice like honey” ; Grannie also calls him this
  17. ✘ | DATE OF BIRTH: 12 December 1993
  18. ✘ | AGE: 24 (int.)
  20. ✘ | HEIGHT: 181cm (5’ 11”)
  21. ✘ | WEIGHT: 68 kg (150 lbs)
  23. ✘ | BLOOD TYPE: AB
  24.     ° [chosen randomly because I always find conflicting things for blood type/personality traits]
  26. ✘ | FACE CLAIM: Jeup (Imfact)
  27. ✘ | BACKUP FACE CLAIM: Jota (Madtown) or Buffy (Madtown)
  29. — LOVE O20
  31. ✘ | NATIONALITY: South Korean
  32. ✘ | ETHNICITY: Korean
  34. ✘ | BIRTHPLACE: Seoul, South Korea
  35. ✘ | HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea
  36. ✘ | LANGUAGE(s):
  37.     ° Korean | fluent
  39. ✘ | FAMILY: name | age | relation | closeness 5 out of 5
  40.     ° Im Seungyeon | 47 | mother | 1
  41. ° Im Hyunsik | 49 | father | 1
  42.     ° He has never been close with his parents. They’ve seemed more like roommates he never sees than parents.
  43. ° Kim Soohyun (aka Grannie) | 93 | actually his boss, but acts like a grandmother | 4.5
  44.     ° To Jaehwan, Grannie is more like his family than his actual blood family has ever been.
  46. ✘ |  PERSONALITY: (Wow this is long. I hope it all makes sense. If there’s anything that doesn’t, just ask, and I’ll try and clear it up.)
  47. From a young age, Jaehwan has known how to act and how to lie. He grew up as the heir to a large company, so he has had to know how to shut up when necessary, how to act like the perfect little boy, how to lie at a moment’s notice to maintain the “ideal family” pretense. Because of this, he has an excellent poker face, not just by blanking his expression, but also by controlling his facial features to match whatever emotion he needs to be showing at that point in time.
  48.     Because of his...monotonous family relations and interactions, he’s perfectly alright with being alone. In some cases, he prefers it. It gets tiring pretending to be whatever or whoever the other person expects him to be, and sometimes, he just don’t want to fake it anymore. Hiding his true emotions has become somewhat of a safety blanket for him. He hates being wrong or showing his weaknesses, so he finds it easier just to hide his feelings. Also, he didn’t want to have unrealistic expectations while growing up in a household very devoid of love or support. He had to learn to manage on his own, without the constant confirmation that he was doing things right.
  49.     This isn’t to say that he doesn’t like being around people. He’s not necessarily an introvert or an extrovert. It just depends on his mood that day whether he’s up for dealing with others or not.
  50.     One way he has managed to not impale himself on one of the fancy pointed centerpieces at the many dinners and banquets he’s been forced to attend is by acting and manipulating. At a young age, Jaehwan learned he had a love for words and seeing how they would affect people. He enjoys manipulating someone into doing something they would probably never do. He loves to see just how he can change someone’s emotions or opinions with a few well-formed words, not to mention a couple of well-placed winks or arm brushes.
  51. Jaehwan isn’t arrogant, per se, but he’s not really humble, either. He knows his strengths and he will gladly elaborate as to what they are if given an opportunity. He takes pride in his strengths to compensate for the amount of shame he has in his weaknesses. Along with this, he is in no way shy about his body. He knows he looks good. It’s one of his strengths. Again, this isn’t just some rich boy being egotistical about everything because he was raised on a golden platter. He uses whatever he has at his disposal to get what he wants, and people tend to be more drawn to a pretty face.
  52. Because he grew up with little human interaction, he had to make his own fun, and, sometimes, reading didn’t cut it. He quickly discovered that he loves to mess with people. Along with manipulating unsuspecting (and slightly tipsy) attendees at the formal dinners, he would use his intelligence and knowledge of things like science to pull pranks. Whether it was messing with a tower of plated food just enough for it to come crashing down on the next person looking for a cupcake or adding a (somewhat) harmless aphrodisiac into the water dispenser and watching the patrons as the effects began to hit them, he enjoys pranking people and standing by to watch the results. He likes to test his limits, and see what he can get away with. Even if he does get caught, he knows how to spin his words just enough to keep him out of trouble.
  53. Similarly, he despises being told what to do. It might come from his being rich and generally privileged, in a sense, or from his own certainty and faith in his intelligence and speaking skills, but he can’t stand taking orders that he doesn’t agree with. Growing up, he did whatever little things he could get away with to, well get away, and to feel some bit of freedom. From dying his hair to sneaking out every night, he began to promise himself that he wouldn’t do anything that he didn’t want to do, no matter who was telling him. He would always find a way out of uncomfortable or boring situations.
  54.     It might go with his hatred of orders and his independence, but he has a slight fear of being locked up. He enjoys control, and being trapped takes away any ounce of control he could gain. Walls and locks can’t be charmed by his sweet words.
  55.     Jaehwan has a thing for planning. He gets nervous whenever he isn’t one step ahead of everyone else. Hell, if he isn’t a mile ahead of everyone else. (He might be a SLIGHT control freak...). Even if these plans aren’t shared with anyone, including the people involved, he has a need to plan everything as detailed as he can. Even during conversations, he’ll be thinking of how things may go, how he will respond to certain questions, how he could steer the conversation in one way or another. He’s able to do a lot of this because he has learned how to read people. He’s like a human lie detector machine (except he actually works with scientific methods and reasoning, unlike actual lie detectors, which are completely stupid and utterly useless). He’s been studying psychology for a long time, so he knows what subtle twitches and body positions he needs to look for to tell when someone is uncomfortable or hiding something.
  56.     He has an incredible attention to detail. To some, he may seemed unfocused during a lesson or a conversation, but, in reality, Jaehwan is focusing on everything at once. He’s great at picking up the littlest things and taking note of all of them and how they might be useful to him.
  57.     He is very level-headed during stressful situations. If his plan gets messed up or something comes up suddenly, he’ll have a slight moment of panic, but he’ll force himself to take a breath and think things through. He knows he is capable of dealing with the punches (sometimes literally), and that he just needs to let the logical side of him take over. He can put all of his mischievousness aside at a moment’s notice and become utterly serious. He has a lot of composure, and it takes quite a lot to make him flustered.
  58.     He’s kind of like a backseat leader. He typically doesn’t try to take the lead, but he’ll let the other people do what they can, and then step in to fix any of the mistakes. (Kind of like a mother watching her kids try something and fail, before showing them the proper way to get it done.) In this sense, he does have patience. (Besides, it lets him take note of their strengths and weaknesses.
  59.     With as much control over his words and other people’s emotions as he has, he is great at defusing situations, calming people down, and getting issues sorted out. Even though he tends to stay at the back at the beginning of things, a single word for him can silence a room, so he can step forward and see what needs to be done.
  60.     Because of how he grew up and how he closed himself off he hasn’t had many friends growing up. Or any, really. If and when he does find a friend or group of friends, they will have to be the one to approach him first. The idea of having someone to rely on and to tell (truthful) things to is something utterly foreign to him. At first, he would be quite awkward, constantly checking himself to make sure he wasn’t faking anything about himself and that he wasn’t attempting to completely psychoanalyze them. (Like, he would secretly being really adorable during this. Putting aside his playboy looks and attitude, he’d just be like this cute little kid who made a new friend.) Once he got more comfortable with them, he would be an insanely good listener who knows how to give the best advice.
  61.     He makes a lot of side comments. His sarcasm level is through the roof at times, mostly because people tend to exasperate him.
  63. ✘ | BACKGROUND: Jaehwan was born to a rich family as the heir to a large electronic company. People always wonder which is more important: nature or nurture? Jaehwan’s upbringing nurtured his nature. He probably wouldn’t have the same personality traits if it weren’t for his family life.
  64.     Where his direct family is concerned, there really has never been and will never be any love there. He was brought into this world for the mere purpose of being an heir, and that’s all his parents have ever seen him as. They were very rarely around, and when they were, it was often for public appearances. They even had the tutors scold him instead of doing it personally. He usually ate dinner alone at home, while his parents would eat in their respective studies or would be working late and wouldn’t be home until late into the night. When they did eat together, there was little to no conversation, unless he messed up a mannerism. Then he would be corrected and silence would take over once again.
  65.     He was heavily protected as a child. He wasn’t allowed out to play with the other kids, even if they were from to uptight, too-fancy-for-five-year-olds school he was sent to. His parents wouldn’t allow him to get (gasp!) dirty or “act like an animal” playing around with the kids outside or join in on such childish make believe games. When he was eight, he was actually convinced his parents were vampires because he rarely ever saw them outside, and when he did, they always had one of the guards holding up an umbrella for them or they had their sunglasses on. His parents never allowed him to skip any of his mannerism lessons. Even while he was half-delirious from a fever, he was supposed to remember the exact degree to which one is meant to bow to people of varying importance.
  66.     Despite this rigor of tutoring, his parents never cared much for actual education. So long as he was passing his classes and was learning how to run the company in the future, they paid no attention to grades. In this case, he took matters into his own hands. He discovered how much fun it was to read books other than the ones his parents shoved in his face, or, rather, had his tutors shove in his face. He quickly discovered he had a love of knowledge, and he found this, learning more than they expected of him, to be like his own little rebellion against his parents.
  67.     To add to the claustrophobic level of adults around him, he never went anywhere without at least one guard at his back. They always hovered over his shoulder, and it bothered him greatly. He hated the feeling of constantly being watched, and that his every little mistake would be remembered by someone. He was thirteen the first time he snuck out of the house. And what a feat that was. It took him four months to memorize the guard rotations, calculate how long it would take him to run across the grounds and hop the fence (because he obviously couldn’t just walk out of the gate), and to take note of how long it would take him to get to the ice cream parlor and back. He rarely ever had sweets, so that was where he naturally decided to go first.
  68. As he grew older, he began sneaking out more often. He began to use the speaking (read: acting) skill he had acquired from the numerous company dinners he had been forced to sit through to make things a bit more interesting. He would give himself a new persona every time he went to someplace new. This was also when he began to discover just how he could use his good looks to his advantage. He found it fun to see what people would believe or even do at a simple little smile or subtle beckon.
  69.     Jaehwan was forced through many company dinners while growing up. How else would his parents parade around their little show pony, “perfectly” groomed for taking over the company? He quickly learned how to act, what with having to follow along with his parent’s false stories about being the best little family, all while knowing that they would be taking separate cars home. These dinners were, again, the perfect place to test him skills at charming people. Once his parents forgot about him (this was usually after taking him around to shake everyone’s hand, telling a short tale about some fun family outing they all recently took or pretending they had cared before about his excellent grades in school), he would slip away, and see what man he could get to confess to stealing money from his company or what woman he could charm with a couple of sweet words and a flash of a fancy watch.
  70.     After he graduated from high school, he was determined to leave. He convinced his parents that he intended to go to a fancy college across Seoul that they chose and that he wanted to go work for one of the sales shops to “work his way from the bottom to the top” (something he mentioned for the first time in front of the press, who absolutely ate up this humble persona and gave his parents no chance at disagreeing). In reality, he transferred to a better school to study psychology and got a job working at a diner near his apartment.
  71.     He absolutely loves the diner. He loves the lack of formality and the feeling of “hominess” associated with it, which is something he never got at his own house. It’s run by a sweet little old lady, Kim Soohyun (or, as Jaehwan calls her, Grannie), who had been struggling to keep the business afloat since her husband died. Grannie is more like a family member to Jaehwan than any of his blood relatives have ever been. Although she doesn’t like it, he pays for a lot of the bills. He feels guilty that he has never told her that he is from a rich family, but he didn’t want her to look at him differently, even though she is the sweetest woman alive and would never dream of it. When he’s with her, he can’t hide his personality, no matter how much he tries. He always ends up telling her more about his feelings than he intends, and is truly confused about how she is able to easily break past the defenses he has built up over the years. He worries for her a great deal, what with her being a fragile old woman (or so he thinks??) who walks home after dark every night and lives alone. Likewise, she worries for him a lot, because he doesn’t have many (or any) friends aside from her. She worries that he isn’t taking advantage of his youth. She tells him a lot of stories about her past when they’re not busy or when the diner is closed in order to hopefully spark a need to go out and make do something.
  72.     [I feel like Grannie should be involved in the war somehow, (like maybe she’s secretly Satan or something, lmao), but I don’t know enough of the storyline to work out a way for her to fit in. Also, it might help you to write it or come up with plot points if this was a choice open to you. Although, I can add more specifics on this if you want, you’ll just have to give me more detail.]
  74. ✘ | SLOT: Bloodstream
  75. ✘ | BACKUP SLOT: Little Bird
  77. ✘ | BORROWED POWER: Achilles
  80. ✘ | LIKES:
  81.     ° face creams > yeah, it’s considered “unmanly,” but Jaehwan really enjoys having soft skin
  82.     ° perfumes and colognes > again, a bit “unmanly,” but what can he say? He likes smelling good (and when other people smell good)
  83.     ° hair gel and dye > the hair gel is from his love of looking good, and the dye is from him wanting to rebel against his parents
  84.     ° exercising > he also likes showing off his body, and that’s one of his main incentives for working out ; despite this, he truly does enjoy the rush he gets from exercising
  85.     ° reading > despite his “playboy” looks (and, partially, his attitude), he enjoys reading to expand his knowledge
  86.     ° sunglasses > he likes how he looks with them on
  87.     ° rings and bracelets > he likes to mess with them when he’s bored or stressed
  88.     ° navy and silver > these are his favorite colors, because he loves the simple elegance of them
  89.     ° any genre of music > it’s hard to find a type of music that Jaehwan does not have at least one song in which he doesn’t like
  90.     ° messing with people > he finds it fun to watch the different reactions he gets
  91.     ° animals > Jaehwan has a secret soft spot for animals ; it’s not just puppies and kittens, but any age or species
  92.     ° cherry ice cream > although he doesn’t like sweets, he has a, well, sweet tooth for cherry ice cream ; this also reminds him of when he was nine years old and was sick (one of the first times he remembers being ill). The nanny he had at the time (she was the only one he ever liked, but his parents let her go after three months, when they decided he was “too attached”) gave him a bowl of cherry ice cream to make him feel better, and they played board games until he fell asleep. It was one of the few times he was around an adult who was alright with playing around, instead of encouraging him to run along and do another worksheet or write another essay
  93.     ° fruit > he really likes the combined freshness and sweetness
  94.     ° highlighters, whiteboards, notebooks, etc. > he likes anything that increases organization
  95.     ° he enjoys taking walking in the park late at night or early in the morning, when there aren’t many people around > it helps him to clear his head and relax after whatever tough test he’s had or after a long day at the diner
  97. ✘ | DISLIKES:
  98.     ° people trying to use him for his money > he’ll pretend he doesn’t notice if it’s ultimately helping him, but he just finds it disgusting
  99.     ° people with poor hygiene > he just finds it in bad taste
  100.     ° being treated like a porcelain doll or a child who is destined to fuck everything up > he grew up surrounded by bodyguards and secretaries trying to do everything for him, and he absolutely hates it
  101.     ° red pen > it reminds him of the pen marks over a wrong answer, and he can’t stand being wrong
  102.     ° alcohol > it impairs the judgement ; he is often seen with a drink while persuading someone, but he never actually drinks from it. It’s merely there to make them more comfortable with taking drinks
  103.     ° disrespectful people > he just finds them terrible humans ; he would probably punch someone if they insulted Grannie
  104.     ° revealing his emotions/secrets > he grew up watching the ruthless business industry, in which a single bad secret getting out could ruin someone
  105.     ° not knowing something > he hates the feeling of being one step behind
  106.     ° horizontal blinds > he can never get them to work, and it really frustrates him
  107.     ° tv > he doesn’t really enjoy watching tv for entertainment ; he finds it to be a waste of time, when you can be going out and doing something or learning from books
  108.     ° girls (or guys. Even in Korea, the truth comes out when the liquor runs out) who won’t leave him alone > the desperation of some people trying to get a boyfriend or a hookup makes him sad ; this doesn’t mean he won’t use it to his advantage
  109.     ° artificial sugar and syrups > Jaehwan tends to eat healthy, not because he wants to “watch what he eats,” but because he doesn’t like the “heavy” feeling he gets after eating overly sugary or fatty foods
  110.     ° social media > he knows how to use it to gain more information on people, but as anything other than a tool, he doesn’t like it
  111.     ° being sick > he is naturally a healthy person, and he hates the feeling of being “subpar” when he’s ill
  113. ✘ | TRIVIA:
  114.     ° the Sino-Korean characters of his name mean: “to slaughter; to rule” (Jae) and “shining” (Hwan)
  115.     ° looks great in a suit > let’s face it, he looks great in everything, and he knows it
  116.     ° runs his hands through his hair when he’s nervous, thinking, or stressed
  117.     ° he always looks like he’s up to something > okay, he usually is, but it’s not always bad
  118.     ° he gets quite a lot of tips at the diner > they’re mostly from women ; he always slips them onto Grannie’s desk before he goes home, and pretends he doesn’t know where they came from when she asks (although they both know the truth)
  119.     ° Jaehwan has an orange cat named Jinnie > she is very clingy and, when he’s home, she’ll follow him everywhere ; she really doesn’t like new people, and will hiss and glare at anyone who comes into the apartment
  120.     ° he wants to get a Jack Russell Terrier > he’s always loved animals, but his parents never let him have any
  121.     ° Jaehwan watches the evening news during dinner every night he’s home > he likes to stay up to date on everything that’s going on
  122.     ° he volunteers at the local animal shelter during his breaks from school > he loves to be around the animals and to feel like he’s helping
  123.     ° he gets at least five phone numbers from girls a week > at least two of them are from the same girl each time
  124.     ° he has a “natural beauty” > he can make almost anything look good at almost any time of the day
  125.     ° although he rarely gets flustered, when he does, he blushes to the point his ears turn red
  126.     ° he’s a bit of a clean freak > he likes things to be neat and tidy, whether that means everything has a place in a room or a plan is perfectly organized, with no loose ends hanging around
  127.     ° he rarely gets sick > he’s gotten sick maybe four times in his life (this is kind of surprising, considering he didn’t grow up playing outside and building up immunities to various bugs)
  128.     ° he’s ambidextrous > he was born a left-hander, but was bored one day and decided to teach himself to be right-handed as well
  129.     ° honestly, he’s probably bisexual > he’s never been one to listen to others, so the “accepted” sexual orientation of Korea wouldn’t have much affect on him
  131. ✘ | WHY DID SHE OR HE GET INTO FIGHTING: Jaehwan hated growing up in such a sheltered environment. He was raised into a family that was basically grooming him to be the company’s heir, and they were trying not to give him the chance to do much of anything else. That’s one of the reasons why he studied hard. He wanted to be ready for anything. It was just a matter of time until he felt satisfied with his “book smarts” and wanted to improve his “street smarts.” It was around the time he moved out. He decided that he didn’t want to be physically defenseless. He was in shape already, but he really didn’t know how to use his body to protect himself. So, he hired a private trainer, and began to learn how to fight.
  133. — THE K2
  135. ✘ | FIGHTING STYLE: Jaehwan prefers to avoid any kind of physical confrontation. It’s not because he’s not good at it, but because he simply enjoys using his words more. When things do get physical, he can keep up when it is bare fist fighting because he is good at anticipating his opponent’s moves, but he would rather have a knife with him. It makes him feel more certain that he has the upper hand and will be the one leaving the fight a victor.
  136. ✘ | HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN FIGHTING: Since he was 18, so about 6 years.
  137. ✘ | EXTRA SKILLS: If I haven’t made it obvious enough, manipulation, lying, and persuasion are some of Jaehwan’s best skills, and certainly the ones he prides himself most on. He knows how to use his words better than any other weapon, and it shows with his years of practice. He is great at reading people, and telling when they’re lying. This may be due to his uncanny observational skills. He tends to notices many things others do not.
  139. ✘ | CODE NAME: Dusk or Silver
  140.     ° [I honestly can’t decide. Dusk is more of what I see him as and he’s known for being a charmer... but Silver would be like “silver-tongue,” and he’s great with his words. If you choose my character, you can decide which you think fits him best. Or just yell at me to choose one. Either or. :) ]
  142.     ° honestly, he loves to use his words the most. He finds it fascinating that the recombination of the same letters can make people do crazy things
  143.     ° he also likes using knives. It’s kind of like a metaphor, in his eyes. His words can cut like knives, and so can his actual knives. He likes how they’re small and easy to hide
  144.     ° although, he can make a weapon out of unconventional things, if the situation calls for it. He has the intelligence and quick thinking skills to do this
  148. ✘ | LOVE INTEREST: n/a
  149. ✘ | BACKUP LOVE INTEREST: n/a
  154. ✘ | THEIR RELATIONSHIP: n/a
  155. ✘ | STATUS AT THE END: n/a
  156. ✘ | COUPLE TRIVIA: n/a
  158. ✘ | SCENE REQUEST: (I’m going to use this for the whole story, instead of the love interest only)
  159.     ° Something with Grannie (maybe someone disrespecting her or her death or her being involved with the war somehow or something)
  160.     ° Jaehwan snapping and punching someone, which surprises everyone, because he tends to be one of the least physically violent
  161.     ° Something with the diner (either him working there or maybe the group going to eat there?)
  162.     ° Him being frustrated with horizontal blinds and someone walking in
  163.     ° Cocky Jaehwan. Please
  164.     ° The group being presented with a mission in which Jaehwan has to seduce someone. One of the group members laughs and makes a snarky comment about how he could never do it, so Jaehwan turns around, bats his eyelashes, says a few words, and gets one of the other group members to agree to doing his laundry for a month without realizing it
  165.     ° Someone going to Jaehwan’s home with him, and being scared by Jinnie (the cat). Jaehwan just picks her up and pets her as she hisses angrily at the person.
  166.     ° Something with Jaehwan’s parents, like them coming to visit him or them trying to bring him back home for the business
  167.     ° The group beginning to fight before a mission, and Jaehwan shutting them up taking charge quite exasperatedly
  168.     ° One of the other characters talking to someone during a mission and majorly screwing it all up, so Jaehwan steps in and uses his honey voice to fix things
  169.     ° Jaehwan being cute and shy and awkward around someone who wants to become his friend
  171. — PINOCCHIO
  173. ✘ |  ANY NOTES FOR ME: If someone chooses my character as a love interest, that’s fine. I didn’t include a love interest, because I couldn’t see one with my character, but if you see a possible romantic plotline with my character, go ahead and use it. If you accept my character, don’t forget that you’re the author and can make any changes or add any things that seem right! Do what’s best to write the story! Also, if someone does pick Jaehwan as a love interest, I can fill out the love interest section, if it would help
  174. ✘ | SHOW SOME LOVE: Even if you don’t choose my character, I hope it was at least an interesting read! Also, I really hope you start getting some more forms in! I completely understand how frustrating it is.
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