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  1. Furqan Rydhan
  2. Chief Technology Officer @ (387 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94103)
  3. Born: Unknown
  4. Hometown: Unknown
  5. Current Location: San Francisco, CA (2200 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94115)
  7. Previous Addresses:
  8. 364 Casselino Dr, San Jose, CA 95136
  9. 3309 Pinkerton Ct, San Jose, CA 95148
  10. 925 The Alameda Unit 306, San Jose, CA 95126
  11. 298 N 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112
  12. 2790 Eversole Dr, San Jose, CA 95133
  14. ---
  16. Phone #: (408) 460-4530 (active)
  18. Previous Phone #'s:
  19. (408) 644-2060
  20. (408) 271-9467
  21. (408) 926-1891
  22. (415) 796-3281
  24. ---
  26. Email:
  38. ---
  40. Facebook:
  41. Twitter:
  42. Linkedin:
  44. ---
  46. Former place of employment:
  47. NYX Motorsports
  48. 2075 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131
  49. Phone #: (408) 437-6000
  50. Fax: (408) 437-9243
  51. Email:
  52. Website: (inactive)
  54. Known for scamming customers by shipping faulty and poor quality products, lying about transaction details and receiving payments without following through appropriately on transactions
  56. ***
  58. JokerF15=no good
  60. I sent JokerF15 payment for a pair of used 300ZX aluminum 30mm calipers on April 11 via paypal. On April 14 he emailed me saying they had shipped. When they weren't there by the 21st I emailed him again and asked for a tracking number. He didn't reply to that or several more emails over the next few days, until he finally replied 6 days later, saying I'd get a tracking number that night or the next morning. I never got it and he ignored my emails and calls for a week (in his second email he had told me his phone was broken). Today I got sick of this ridiculous wait and filed a complaint with paypal. Within a few hours I had a reply from paypal saying that he had provided them with a tracking number. I tracked it (fedex) and it showed a ship date of May 2. He had told me he shipped them April 15!! I'd not trust this guy at all; we'll see how the calipers look when they get here. Lying about shipping a product and then waiting 2 weeks to actually ship it are not cool; I had hoped to have my car drivable 2 weeks ago, instead its been sitting on jackstands while i wait for my calipers to show up. This guy's name is Furqan Rydhan and he works for NyxMotorsports, and his cell is 408.644.2060. Beware
  64. ***
  66. Well guess what, the DS arrived FRI. afternoon in a box half opened and the DS looks like S--T. I also finally received an e-mail, I'll let you see it, it was nice but way to late after many un return phones calls all week and e-mails. Anyway I'm going to end the nightmare, I just can not except this DS it looks like very poor craftsmanship ship. Wish I new how to upload photos of the DS to show you guys. Yes I still need a DS, SPECIALTY-Z is going to help find one. I'm sure NYX was just out of stock or who knows what, but NYX just wasn't up front about what was going on. It just seems to me, that the most important thing to NYX (Furqan) was the fact he just didn't want to lose the sale, and he just didn't care about me or my car, JUST FOR A SALE, that means who cares about the customer. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION FOR ME. THANKS. Well, that's it, both DS will be drop off at Fed-Ex tomorrow. END OF NIGHTMARE AND MY $100 Private Drag Race event. But life goes on.
  67. NYX MOTORSPOTS e-mail to me follows.
  68. :
  69. :Hello Bill,
  70. :The replacement driveshaft arrived to your door earlier today. Again we do apologize for the delay. Reading your post on it seems that you may not need this driveshaft anymore. If that is the case, we can gladly take it back and offer a full refund including shipping back to us. If you still need the driveshaft, I can go ahead and offer a refund for the shipping amount as it took way too long.
  71. :Also for the initial shipment, the Return Authorization # is: RGA6984 (just write it on the outside of the box and use the return label).
  72. :Thanks.
  73. :Best Regards,
  74. :Furqan Rydhan
  75. :NyxMotorsports
  76. :Ph: (408) 437-6000
  77. :Cell: (408) 644-2060
  78. :Fax: (408) 437-9243
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