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Aug 12th, 2020
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  1. Mareanie+Bronzor teams are as common as it gets in ZU, and this team is incredibly standard as far as Pokemon combinations go. Mixed defensive Bronzor and physically defensive Mareanie form the defensive backbone of the team and provide entry hazards. Swords Dance Synthesis Torterra and special LO Combusken provide the breaking power and can also act as sweepers in the late game. Silvally-Dark is the team's Defogger, secondary Psychic-type check, and helps bring Combusken and Torterra in safely off U-turn. Lastly, Choice Scarf Electivire provides necessary speed control and is another soft check to Electric- and Water-types.
  5. Notable weaknesses this team has include faster attackers such as Simisage, Swanna, and Swords Dance Leafeon and stall can give the team issues.
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