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  1. # What do you think the role of admin is
  2. #### Mad About Bars
  4. Digga D
  6. After returning to the drill scene following his release from prison with the track No Porkies… read more »
  10. [Intro: Kenny Allstar]
  11. Mad About Bars
  12. I know you lot have been waiting for this one
  13. Ghosty
  14. And believe me we ain't leaving, until we got another classic
  15. So Digga D, let's give the streets what they really want
  16. Mad About Bars, we're back
  17. Cut tru' Digga
  19. [Verse 1]
  20. If they get nicked with the cannon, they won't stay real and sing like Mariah
  21. Conspire to change my attire, rise that fryer and burn that liar
  22. Bro known rider, he got down 3 and they all turned choir
  23. And prior, prior, prior to this 16 or higher
  24. The opps turned bro to a lifer, 300s, leathers on, no biker
  25. And I was the only guy my age in West London with a sniper
  26. See a mans eyes roll back from a chest shot attack, free broski Striker
  27. Or I press on a one .32 but I ain't tryna find out my number on Lyca
  28. Dem man act for the net, but that's not how they are off set
  29. And when me and my amigos pull up, they take off, make off, they're wet
  30. Still bake off where shh got cheffed
  31. Trap pays off, I still get bread
  32. No days off, I miss my bed
  33. Still blaze off, ayy fling that lead
  34. Who's dem yutes? Spin that ped
  35. Do it like Bruce, ching that head
  36. I learnt from Cruz now I bring back Zs, bro drop mad work, that weight get benched
  37. Do it like Ratlin, hop that fence
  38. But I bet you still get ching-ching, so it don't make no sense
  39. So it don't make no sense
  40. Got a pack just in, that's Bieber
  41. On a Friday battering fish, but the Sunday coming ain't Easter
  42. Little bro don't know how to whip, he wants white wash, no FIFA
  43. He told me he got it on tick, ayy take that shit and go buy a new beater
  44. Caasis, caasis, the akhis call us caasis, askar tryna raid mans guri
  45. They want man back in xabsi, grab the xabad, I'm charged up fully
  46. Mask and hoodie, jump out the passy
  47. Really tryna bullet that boy, no waters, I ain't doing up Ashley
  48. I look psychotic when man get wassy
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