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  1. I'm close
  2. I can feel it in the fire
  3. I see it as the flames get higher
  4. The more we grow, the higher we rise though
  5. There's no limit
  6. We're breaking through the sky
  7. (x2)
  9. Yeah
  10. I try to tell and then I show
  11. And the scrape that comes
  12. After we've been broken
  13. I know your pain (???)
  14. But it'll all wash away
  15. That's the call of the rain
  16. That's the brush
  17. A light
  18. Bringing you back to life
  19. That's a
  20. Sunrise
  21. After the dark night
  22. It's a gift that you can see, you just gotta believe
  23. And remember you're alive, take a minute to breath
  24. Can you feel it?
  25. But now, that's a moment in a (???)
  26. It's yours if you want it, just look past the fear
  27. Yeah it's time to start now
  28. To (???) and live now
  29. Before it's all gone and all we ask is 'how?'
  31. We never read the song
  32. How we lost it all
  33. And let it all fall
  34. Then they build the walls
  35. I'm appalled; But I still believe
  36. 'Cause we're on the rise, I know 'cause I see
  38. Millions in the streets (Millions in the streets)
  39. Standin' up for peace (Standin' up for peace)
  40. They've had enough of it all (They've had enough of it all)
  41. And when we sit back and watch, another one falls
  43. For the sisters and the brothers (the sisters and the brothers)
  44. For the fathers and the mothers (the fathers and the mothers)
  45. And those who can't speak (Those who can't speak)
  46. Who are lost and then found and told they're in trouble
  47. Yeah, I had a dream
  48. And I will see
  49. A world wake up
  50. And see that they're freed
  52. Noone can tell them any less
  53. For the man (???)
  54. No more stress
  55. No more war on the poor
  56. No more cops at the door
  57. No more lies that they use
  58. To sell us more war
  59. No more crooks in charge
  60. Who steal from the people
  62. I've had enough of the smiles
  63. That hide the evil
  64. I'm full-blooded Irish, and I do this for the brave
  65. For the innocent lives locked in a cage
  67. I ride these synth waves that cut through the maze
  68. Of deceit that they speak, to lead astray
  69. The lost, the blind
  70. That just wanna find a way out of the dark
  71. So they can shine
  73. Bright as they are
  74. See?
  75. We're both stars
  76. And when it's dark, the sky lights up
  77. Y'all stars
  78. Together we connect, yeah
  79. That's us
  80. All we gotta do is reach at each other we'll touch
  81. That's power
  82. Together we're empowered
  83. If you don't know it's time, it's the moment, the hour
  84. I wait
  85. You'll never see what's in your hand
  87. We're closer than we've ever been;
  88. To go where we've never been;
  89. A new beginning?
  90. No, this is the end
  91. The time is ours
  92. Let it begin
  93. (x2)
  95. The time is ours
  96. let it begin
  98. A new beginning?
  99. No, this is the end
  100. The time is ours
  101. Let it begin
  103. This is the end
  104. Let it begin
  106. We're closer than we've ever been;
  107. To go where we've never been;
  109. The time is ours
  110. This is the end
  112. Yeah, a new beginning
  113. Let it begin
  115. The time is ours
  116. This is the end
  118. A new beginning
  119. Let it begin
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