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Session Eight: The Naked Struggle

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Dec 30th, 2012
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  1. <Silas_> I'm just thinking, wouldn't a dragon assault on a huge wizard gathering equate to suicide? - for the dragon that is. I'm not saying a lot of wizards won't die (Mostly probably from stab wounds in their backs...) but still..
  2. <Class> I prefer to stays away from a drake and try to keep the wounded alive ^^
  3. <Makara> they are goon
  4. <Makara> clearly worth the cost to stop us
  5. <Calpurnia> going afk
  6. <Makara> consider the thing we all can do by the end game :p
  7. <Silas_> Never played before, but, as I see it, we would need to survive to get that far :p
  9. <CJ> Apologies took a while for my pc to start up.
  10. <Baruch> We should probably begin anyway
  11. <CJ> (it often does these days!)
  12. <Baruch> No prob
  13. <Class> Looks like you have to get your self a new one next year
  14. <CJ> Yep, but will prove difficult. No money
  15. <Calpurnia> Helpax at the sight of dragons shits his robes so much he enters twilight (Yes this is a very good reason :P )
  18. <CJ> Right, you are all magi. We left it on a cliffhanger. I just need to grab my books.
  19. <CJ> Well we are all here, bar Helpax? It was a bit short notice, I only found out last night but my PC not working much anyway
  20. <Class> yes 5 people of 6 are here
  21. <CJ> PART 7 -- NOW WE ARE MAGI
  22. <Calpurnia> AND ABOUT TO DIE!!!!!!
  23. <Silas_> it even rhymes ^^
  25. <CJ> The ground rumbles, and the magi all look at one another in confusion. The Praeco begins to cast an InTe spell
  26. <CJ> :) Actions please?
  28. [Class hates to fly during the bright day]
  30. <Class> (As mentioned last time I changed to owl and lift off
  31. <CJ> Yes, owls are not keen on that. :)
  33. [ Silas_ tries to find the rest of the group]
  35. <CJ> Everyone was with their mentors, but is now moving back towards the centre of the stones
  37. [Makara stand watching the scene naked with cloth hanging on arm]
  38. [Calpurnia stares at a naked makara with a disturbed expression.]
  39. [Makara scratch his butt-crack.]
  40. <CJ> lol at Makara
  41. [Calpurnia face contorts into a very hateful stare at Makara]
  43. <Baruch> I'll try to get an idea of where all the members of our group is, and watch how the situation develops
  44. [Silas_ runs back to the centre to see if he can spot the dragon Mele was yelling about]
  46. <CJ> Baruch, the Praeco appears puzzled. A LOT of magi are now rushing around casting spells. Iudicium comes to the Praeco, and the tow of them are moving off together, slowly, but with purpose
  47. <CJ> Silas you scan the skies: no dragons
  48. <Calpurnia> (Oh shit it's happening)
  49. <Calpurnia> (One of the factions are going to attack)
  51. [Silas_ tries to spot Mele in the throng of people when no drake is apparent]
  53. <CJ> Oddly you can't see Meles right now
  54. <CJ> OK, all the new magi unless otherwise stated have found their way back to Baruch.
  56. [Class look where the other bird Bjornaer are]
  57. <Baruch> "Careful now, everyone."
  58. <Silas_> "Class, have you seen where Mele went?"
  59. <Calpurnia> "Baruch can you tell Makara to cover his shame. No Silas/"
  60. <CJ> The ground shudders again, and you hear a voice from nowhere, recognizable as Meles, crying - "the dragons are rising!"
  61. <Makara> "I think he mean from underground?"
  62. <Class> "Dragons? Heaven help us!"
  63. <Baruch> "Well, we are already familiar with this, are we not?"
  64. <Class> "Not really, we only encountered Drakes so fare"
  66. [Silas_ stares dumfound at the ground]
  68. <Calpurnia> "Possible naked man, possible"
  70. [Makara swing toward Calpurnia, "Any plan?"]
  72. [Calpurnia shields eyes "First you should get your clothes on. They may add some extra protection"]
  73. <Makara> "Nonsense, dragon breath fire, my cloth would make me burn hotter."
  75. <CJ> OK, Golias of Tytalus has joined Talion the Praeco and Iudicium,and they are making their way to a stone that stands at the end of an avenue of stones leading away from the stone circle
  76. <CJ> The ground shudders for a third time, stronger now, making you all stagger around
  77. <Silas_> "Has anyone seen Archmagus Stephen?"
  78. [Silas_ works to keep upright and ready]
  79. <Class> (thats why I'm at the air as then shaking earth have no effect on me)
  80. <CJ> Stephen Eruditus has retreated towards the wooden huts his group is staying in - he has Gregorius with him, but no sign of Meles
  81. <Baruch> "It seems the Praeco and the others have a plan of some sort; I suggest we follow them."
  83. [Baruch starts running in the direction of the aforementioned; sees if others follow]
  85. [Calpurnia inches away to get Baruch between her and Makara "Well what if you trip and land on a jagged rock"]
  87. <CJ> Right Dex+Athletics everyone but Class please. Beat difficulty 9.
  89. [Everyone failed to beat the difficulty]
  91. <Makara> "I can run as well as you!"
  92. <Calpurnia> "STOP CHASING ME NAKED MAN!!!"
  94. <Makara> "COME CLOSER!"
  95. <Class> (Lol somehow you probably didn't realize that Class was naked a lot of times already ^^)
  96. <Calpurnia> "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
  97. <Makara> (class is sexy and classily naked)
  99. <CJ> Baruch, with your balance specialization you are able to stay on your feet as you were running away from the circle - you are thrown wildly, hurl yourself forward, and manage to stay upright by grabbing Iudicums sleeve just as you get to the end of the avenue and reach the Heel Stone
  100. <Silas_> "Baruch, I'm going to see to Stephan"
  101. <CJ> Silas, you fall and roll wildly between the rocks, and end up lying on your back by one of the great stones, now at a crazy angle
  102. <Silas_> (well shite)
  103. <CJ> Clapurnia, you see the ground split open, and Helpax vanish with a scream! (perhaps taken bodily to Hell). You are knocked to the floor, and when you get up the crack has closed.
  104. <Silas_> (hehe)
  105. <Makara> (can’t attend the game, get send to hell)
  106. <Calpurnia> "...Helpax? HELPAX!!!!!!"
  107. <Silas_> (Next week with Helpax: Welcome to hell!)
  108. <Class> "Nooo Helpax"
  110. <CJ> Makara, you fall helpless out of control and end up in heap on the floor with Calpurnia
  111. <Makara> "AIEEEE!!"
  112. <Calpurnia> "GET THE HELL OFF ME"
  114. [Makara fumbling]
  116. <CJ> (the ground still rumbles, and you can see where Helpax fell, but the crack has closed up)
  117. <CJ> SIlas, you can make a Per +Awareness roll
  118. <CJ> Class, you can make a Per + Awareness roll too
  120. [Both rolled decently]
  122. <CJ> Class, you notice that Baruch stumbled, fell, and then along with Golias of Tremere, the Praeco, and Iudicium whose sleeve he was holding on to retain his balance, vanished in to thin air
  123. <CJ> Silas, not high enough, unless you spend a point of confidence? Do you want to?
  124. <Baruch> (Well damn)
  125. <Silas_> Sure I got plenty :p
  126. <Class> "Grr Golias Teleported away with Baruch"
  127. <Silas_> "What is happening?!"
  129. <CJ> Calpurnia and Makara, a young smartly dressed with brown hair, many freckles and mismatched eyes walks over and tries to pick you to up off the ground
  131. [ Silas_ moves to rise and aims to set off in the direction of the huts]
  133. <CJ> Silas, as you were following Greg and Sir Stephen to the huts you suddenly notice a small white mouse run out from the doorway of Stephens, and as it sees the magi approaching and veer off in to the long grass
  134. <Makara> (clearly following this freckle guy is the best path)
  135. <Silas_> (he was smartly dressed after all ^^)
  136. <CJ> She, Makara. She introduces herself as Caitlin of Burnham, and as she ensures you are upright she eyes you suspiciously.
  137. <Makara> (of course, just surround me with women while I am naked)
  139. <Class> (Meles or my Mentor for the day still no where to see?)
  140. <CJ> Meles **absolutely** invisible. Do you have second sight?
  141. <Class> (No)
  142. <CJ> You mentor not here, but Corvus is now, circling high over the stones cawing
  144. [Class Fly up to Corvus]
  146. <Class> (remind me what animal corvus was again)
  147. <CJ> (raven = corvus)
  148. <Class> (Ohh right ^^)
  149. <Silas_> (What was the difficulty to read the immediate thoughts of someone?)
  150. <CJ> A mouse? a human? a magi?
  151. <Silas_> (the mouse in this case)
  153. [Calpurnia now up, Caplpurnia shakes the yucky Makara cudies way]
  154. [Makara introduce himself and calpurnia as the newly initiate Criamon]
  156. <Class> To Corvus "You know what happening and is there any plan what to do right now?"
  157. <CJ> Baruch, as you right yourself Golias casts a Creo Ignem and a light flares up on his staff. You are in a large underground chamber, with a mosaic showing wizards stading among the standing stones of Stonehenge.
  158. <CJ> There are several doors off, and it is clear by the cobwebs this place has not been used for decades.
  159. <CJ> There is some ancient decayed furniture - a rack for cloaks, and a wooden bench, a table, and a statue of what you assume to be Merlin at one end of the room, well made, with a Latin Inscription
  161. <CJ> (one second - doorbell)
  162. <Makara> (knock knock)
  163. <Silas_> (whos there?)
  164. <Makara> (Merlin)
  165. <Silas_> (merlin who?)
  166. <Makara> (Naked Merlin)
  167. <Calpurnia> (palm apply directly to the forehead)
  169. <Silas_> (The daycare is in 21 C! Not B! Good day sir)
  170. <Silas_> (Do we take bets on who’s at the door? I'm going with Jehovas Witnesses)
  171. <Silas_> (Those clever bastards always know when I am in the middle of something)
  172. <Calpurnia> (Some religious guy pressing their religion on others)
  173. <Silas_> oh, or the mother in law...
  174. <Makara> (Would you have time for Criamon philosophy?)
  175. <Silas_> hehe
  176. <Makara> (All initiate gets to be naked!)
  177. <CJ> OK, back now sorry!
  179. <CJ> Right Silas, the spell you want to read an animals mind is level 20 at voice range, but as sponted you will need twice that)
  180. <Silas_> (Thanks ...)
  182. [ Silas_ has an odd feeling that the mouse is important and sets after it]
  184. <CJ> (Hi Class, yes noted that. Sorry I'm more familiar with Corpus version. You can have a variant that allows it though)
  185. <CJ> Silas, make a Per + Hunt
  186. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+1 (has hunt of small game)
  187. <Drake_Bot> Silas_, (has hunt of small game): 11 :10+1
  188. <Silas_> (Thank you Drake bot, thats just swell!)
  189. <Class> (lol 10 ^^)
  190. <CJ> Silas you scoop up the white mouse, who hides in you robe sleeve, eeking loudly!
  191. <Silas_> (even with a 10? or it isn't stress?)
  192. <CJ> Not stress. The mouse ran towards you and was trying to be caught
  194. <CJ> Caithlin to Calpurnia hissed coldly like a snake. "Leave! Leave the Kingdom now! Do not return! Take them all with you!"
  195. <Calpurnia> "Easier said than done. We have no more real reason to stay but..."
  196. <CJ> "We will assist you. You must leave NOW!"
  197. <Calpurnia> "All right, but my companions are split up. We must regroup"
  199. <CJ> Baruch, as you stare around lights slowly fade in, magical flames dancing in floral patterns across the ceiling.
  200. <CJ> Baruch, you hear a distant cry for help from somewhere underground. Golias stands staring at you while Iudiciusm and Talion jead off through a doorway and down a spiral stairwell
  202. [ Silas_ pats the mouse's head lightly]
  204. <CJ> It squeaks loudly. Sir Stephen appears at the door, and gazes out, seemingly preparing a spell
  205. <Silas_> (How difficult was the mind read at touch range?)
  206. <CJ> Read animal surface points for a moment only is level 15.
  208. [Silas make a great roll]
  210. <CJ> OK 27. If you spend a point of confidence you can cast the Spell successfully Silas
  211. <Silas_> ugg.. alright, using confidence
  212. <Silas_> (I got to take it easy with the confidence usage from here on :p)
  213. <CJ> Silas: you get one surface thought only "Silas help me, it's me Edith!"
  215. <Class> I was flying up to corvus and have asked "You know what happening? And is there any plan what to do right now?"
  216. <Baruch> I'll follow Iudicius and Talion, looking around nervously, trying not to attract attention to myself
  217. <CJ> Gloias follows you. The door you have passed through is emblazoned with the signs of two great dragons, each attempting it seems to consume the others tail as they spin in a circle
  218. <Makara> (not dragon, GREAT DRAGON)
  219. <Calpurnia> (We leave...NOW)
  220. <Calpurnia> (Well we aren't even in voice range thus the part we need to regroup)
  221. <Class> (NO I mean my char missed it not I)
  222. <CJ> Class, Corvus flies over to you. "He shrieks 'We are Doomed! All dooomed!' Doomed!'" he pauses then "follow me, we shall fly away and escape"
  224. <CJ> Suddenly the ground shakes again. Baruch this is bad for you, as you are close to the shaking...
  226. [Class follow Corvus]
  228. <CJ> Corvus swipes round over the stones, and it is clear to both of you that something huge and circular is trapped down there, pinned down by the stones, and is struggling to get free.
  229. <Class> (when I see other mebers of my covenant "GET AWAY FROM THE STONECRICLE FAST!!!"
  230. <CJ> Something immense and spiraling is trapped under the stones of Stonehenge Class - and it is waking up.
  231. <Class> To Corvus "Hiding in the nearby woods best chance?"
  232. <CJ> Baruch, you enter a chamber deep under Stonehenge. It is a small room, which opens on one side to an immense drop in to a vast natural cavern, of shining crystal quartz. There, both snarling and tearing at each other, are tow great dragons of absolutely immense (think castle eating with a mouthful) size, one white, one red: bith appear locked in combat
  233. <CJ> Class, Corvus croaks assent and fly over to a nearby wood, settling down in a tree. You can see some magi have left the stones, some teleport away, some fly upwards, but most remain among the stones
  234. <Silas_> [whispering "I will try! Stay hidden for now."
  236. <CJ> OK, over to you guys. What you all doing?
  237. [ Silas_ Hiding Edith I'll try to get Archmagus Stephen to tell what is going on]
  238. <Calpurnia> (I'm currently complying with Caithin)
  239. <Calpurnia> (and searching for others so we can leave)
  240. <CJ> Stephen is muttering to himself - he casts a spell, and then looks puzzled, and walks aback in to the room to meet Gregorius. He does not notice you, and the mouse stays well hidden#
  241. <Class> (As mentioned if I saw one of my Covenant I cryed the above to them)
  242. <CJ> Caitlin asks you "Calpurina, what do you need to leave? Vis?"
  243. <CJ> Class you can see Makara and Calpurnia, and can fly over easily enough?
  244. <Baruch> I stare at the dragons, terrified, having no idea what to do. I'll wait to see what the others are going to do.
  245. <CJ> Makara, whats your plan?
  246. <CJ> Baruch, whats your pplan?
  248. [Makara tries to dress up in the meantime]
  250. <Class> ""GET AWAY FROM THE STONECRICLE FAST!!! To the woods?!"
  251. <Calpurnia> "I have no way to leave on my own one of my companions brought us here. So it would be best we find him"
  252. <Calpurnia> "His name is class"
  254. <CJ> The dragons are clawing at each other, and then again both try to break through the crystal walls, like kittens trapped in a basket. EVERYTHING SHAKES, and huge slabs of crystal fall
  255. <Baruch> What are the other magi that are with me doing?
  256. <Class> (If anyone takes notice there is a white Pegasus flying higher and higher away from the circle with someone on his back)
  258. <CJ> Caitlin turns to you and Makara and say "If you do not die by the hands of dragons, magi will slay you. if they do not, the King will. You must leave this realm."
  259. <Makara> "Which realm shall we go to?"
  261. [Silas_ attempts to knock on the door to Stephen's hut. Yelling: "Archmagus, it is me Silas, open please"]
  262. <Calpurnia> "The covenant that which isn't bound to a realm, Makara"
  263. <Makara> "... my toy house?"
  264. <Calpurnia> ".... shut up"
  266. <Baruch> CJ: Are there any ways out of the room that we are in other than to go back the way we came? Is there a way out that I could fly out of, i.e. do I see a way out of the bigger cavern?
  267. <Class> (Makara & Calpurnia you sure have heard the shout of class)
  268. <CJ> Staring in shock, then turning and walking back up. Iudicium to Talion "The chains have weakened. The tail of the dragon still holds them, but something has happened to the head of the dragon part of the rite. If only we knew where it was! After a centuries of rest, both dragon are attempting to get free. If they awake, so will the scots, and the irish, and maybe others"
  269. <Calpurnia> (what is class shouting)
  270. <Makara> (SQUEEK SQUEEK)
  271. <Class> ""GET AWAY FROM THE STONECRICLE FAST!!! To the woods?!"
  272. <CJ> Class can talk in owl form, has a spell
  273. <Makara> "We shall leave this place and go home later."
  274. <Calpurnia> (I thought I was already a descent way always.) "CLASS WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS REGION ENTIERLY START CASTING ENLARGEMENT SPELLS!!!!!!"
  275. <Class> (Calpurnia it was just a fly-by without really waiting for an answer)
  277. <CJ> Stephen opens the door. As you enter Silas you see a vase, with magical symbols on, that has fallen over. The symbols are Muto Corpus (Animal). That must be where Edith escaped from
  278. <CJ> Silas, Stephen looks at you expectantly. "Would you happen to have a mouse on you?" he says with an odd expression "I need one for an experiment I wish to perform.". He picks up a bubbling bottle of acid
  279. <Silas_> "No Archmagus, I saw a mouse on the path but it disappeared into the grass" motions north
  280. <Silas_> "I am sorry to intrude Archmagus, I know you must be busy, but do you know what is going on? And maybe where Edith is? it isn't safe here and we should all leave soon I think"
  281. <CJ> Stephen to Silas: Edith? Oh I released her from our service, and sent her off with money. I teleported her to London, she has many friends there.
  282. <CJ> Stephen to Silas: There was once a covenant under these stones, but the aura was too powerful, and the conflicts in the Tribunal too great. It died. It was apprently built on an immense scale. I suspect some of the caversn are collapsing.
  283. <Silas_> "Ah. I am pleased to hear she is safe." - "Ah. I understand"
  284. <Silas_> "Can it be... salvaged?"
  286. <CJ> Caitlin bows, but there is something really odd and very unfriendly about her. She is from Burnbham, of anyone is taking notes
  288. <CJ> Baruch, again you hear Talion to Iudicium "So the binding has somehow been weakened, perhaps broken? Only half of it remains?" Iudiciusm " A third - the Tower holds one part - that has somehow broken, though we don't even know where it is. The Second was in Stonehenge - that broke moments ago, for no obvious reason. The third part Burnham only understand, and they are not willing to share,...
  289. <CJ> ...but it has something to do with the King, of that we can be sure"
  290. <Calpurnia> "damn Class. Makara is there anyway to tell him to get bigger? If not we run for the forest."
  291. <Makara> (can I use the image phantom spell to reshape the cloud to be in the shape of a bunch of latin word)
  292. <CJ> Yes with a good INT + Finess roll then Makara could do that
  293. <CJ> Would be INT + Finess 9+ to be rreadbale and good, 6+ vaguely readable, £+ funny cloud looks like Latin!
  294. <Silas_> Well, you may need a spell to project it up, but you better have good penmanship
  296. [Makara make a great roll on the spell thanks to the local aura]
  297. <CJ> That will cast it, now do the Int + Finesse roll for how readable it is
  298. <Silas_> (makes you glad you took Calligraphy with Sixt ^^)
  299. [Makara make a decent roll on finesse]
  300. <Silas_> (Sixt would be disappointed...!)
  301. <Silas_> (just saying)
  302. <Makara> (he can roll in his grave)
  303. <CJ> Close. You can spend a point of Confidence to make it exactly how you want, or I'll say anyone with Latin 4 + can make it out if they look up
  304. <Makara> confidence.
  305. <CJ> Makara, what did you write in the sky?
  307. [ Makara spells out the word "Everyone get away now, class start size up now, regroup at home convanent."]
  308. [ Calpurnia stares at cloads "You idiot WE ARE TRYING TO GET TO HOME CONVENAT. How are we suppose to regroup there if we can't get there?"]
  309. <Makara> "they can stay below the home and we will pick them up with class"
  310. <Calpurnia> (ooc lol sorry I found that amusing, yet Calpurnia is about to straggle you)
  311. <CJ> OK Makara. Everyone sees that. Many magi start to leave Stonehenge, assuming the Praeco sent the message. What is your sigil Makara?
  312. <Makara> Sigil: Everything being noisier around the spell area
  313. <Makara> (I also have weird magic flaw)
  314. <CJ> OK, now the roaring and rumbling from the ground, mixed with screams and a babble of confused voices from grogs and magi, seem to echo back, amplified, from the skies!
  315. <Makara> (that should get everyone attention to the sky~~)
  317. <CJ> Baruch Per +Awareness please
  318. [Baruch makes a decent roll]
  319. <CJ> Baruch, you hear Helpax, somewhere in the underground expanse of the covenant, calling out for help! The ground shakes again, the Merlin statue topples and falls, and part of the ceiling collapses
  320. <Baruch> I'll shout out to Helpax: "Keep shouting! I'm trying to find you!" And then run off to try to find him
  321. <CJ> The building is collapsing Baruch. Again you call Helpax call for help, and yet Iudicium, Talion and Golias are more involved for some reason in setting upright the statue of Merlin again!
  322. <CJ> OK Baruch, this place is a maze of rooms, corridors, and what were once sanctums.
  323. <CJ> I think you can make an Intelligence + Awareness to puzzle out where Helpax's cries are coming from?
  324. <Baruch> Does Clear Thinker help?
  325. <CJ> Yes it does, very much so!
  327. [Baruch make a good roll]
  329. <CJ> You find Helpax, head trapped in a large vase, exquisitely decorated with strange looking dragons, but drawn in a similar manner to some of the art and engravings back home at your covenant. Helpax has clearly fallen in through the roof, and has a large timber beam across the legs. The building is close to collpase now
  330. <Class> (huh regroup at home covenant? How will get there?)
  331. <Baruch> I'll try to help Helpax get on his feet
  332. <Class> (I personal doubt that I will see it as I focus to get to the wood)
  333. <Silas_> [to Stephen "is there nothing that can be done to help the area from collapsing?"
  334. * Silas_ looks up to find dragons, the panic rising.
  335. <CJ> Silas: Sir Stephen looks at you, and smiles. "Yes, Rego Terram. I assume Goaliard of Tremere is casting spells as we speak. All will be normal soon enough I am certain". Now if you will excuse me, and he walks out of his hut and away. Gregorius however sits by the fireside, reading, apparently unconcerned
  337. [ Calpurnia puts hands over ears "Alright now let us move" starts heading for forest]
  338. <Calpurnia> (Direction is west)
  339. <Silas_> "Of cause"
  340. <CJ> Sudddenly, the ground breaks and the scaly tip of immense red dragons tail appears, breaking up the soil and flinging an oak tree uprooted by this casual flick several hundred feet
  341. <Makara> (I think I just saved a bunch of lives)
  343. [Silas_ picks the opposite direction of the tail and starts running, careful not to drop Edith]
  345. <CJ> Baruch, that beams looks too heavy to lift. You have three rounds to building collapses. Helpax has a vase jammed on his head. Your first action please?
  346. <Silas_> (hehe poor Helpax)
  347. <Calpurnia> (in the end Helpax and Baruch die and so we are stuck with no way of finding the covenant in a timely fashion.)
  348. <CJ> Silas you run in to a wood, and find Class sitting on a tree next to Corvus. A very impressive looking middler aged women with black hair in fine noble clothes has just arrived, ad is talking to Corvus. Then Calpurnia and Makara run in
  350. [ Class land on a branch as soon I reached the forest and look back if I was followed by the other two]
  352. <CJ> No sign of Baruch or Helpax
  353. <CJ> sign of...
  354. <Baruch> I'll try to rego herbam the beam out of the way
  355. <Silas_> "Class! Thank the stars! I need help"
  356. <CJ> The woman talking to Corvus is Julia of Jerbiton, head of his covenant, Voluntas.
  357. <Class> (Whats they talk?")
  358. <CJ> OK Barcu, what are your Stamina, Rego and Herbam?
  359. <CJ> Baruch sorry
  360. <Baruch> Sta+1 re 12 he 3
  361. <CJ> You only need a 5 to just shift it slightly off him , and the aura is 7 here
  362. <CJ> Roll :)
  363. <Class> "I can't go on for much longer its to fare into the day already."
  364. <Silas_> to Class "Edith has been changed into a mouse by Archmagus Stephen, but I am no good at transformation... Can you change her back?"
  365. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+21 (although probably 11 when halved?)
  366. <CJ> That is true. -1 to all rolls for Nocturnal characters
  368. [Baruch makes a great roll]
  370. <CJ> Baruch moves the timber, and watches as Helpax rises, and flails around with a vase on the head.
  371. <CJ> Two rounds to escape before building collapses Baruch. Plan now?
  372. <Class> "I can try to transform her again but not sure if it does any good"
  373. <Silas_> ".... so, we just wait it out?"
  374. <Baruch> I'll Creo Aquam an oil around Helpax's head and the mouth of the vase
  375. <CJ> Clever. OK< roll it, again level 5 for touch diameter
  376. <Silas_> (haha, poor Helpax!)
  378. [Baruch makes a great roll]
  380. <CJ> OK, the vase slips easily off Helpax's head!
  381. <Silas_> [nods - to the little mouse Sorry Edith, just hang on a while longer.
  383. <Class> "I would suggest we wait till the night if the spell not wears of by then I can try it"
  384. <Calpurnia> What time of day is it CJ
  385. <CJ> About 10am Calpurnia
  386. <Class> (Right now I'm -4 to all my magic in opposite to my night form ^^)
  387. <Calpurnia> "Wait it out, HELL NO WE LEAVE!! Baruch has his flying item thing so he can get out. Don't know if it can hold two. But either way we need to start getting ready to leave. As such START SIZING up. I DON"T CARE IF IT ISN"T EXACTLY MORNING!!!"
  388. <CJ> Right you and Helpax have one round to escape the collapse. You could make it back to where you left the others in time, and try to find way out of the region you entered, or you can try another plan?
  389. <Baruch> "Follow me, Helpax, quickly!" I'll try to find our way back to where the other magi were.
  390. <CJ> Mouse is eating the hem of your sleeve Silas, chewing away and flicking its tail
  391. <CJ> You enter the room as the ceiling collapses all around in a shower of dust and plaster, soon to be followed by beams and rock!
  392. <CJ> They have gone, though you heard their voices as you approached - iudiciusm shouted something
  393. <CJ> Perception + Latin
  394. <Class> "I really suggest you either use your feet for now or we get into hiding for the day, but maybe corvus have a good plan for the day"
  395. <Baruch> (I didn't hear the first time? Do I get two rolls for both times?)
  396. <CJ> yeah two rolls
  397. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+5
  399. [Baruch makes two decent roll]
  401. <Baruch> (So the better one is 13)
  402. <Silas_> [to the group "Do we have any supplies with us?"
  403. <CJ> Baruch he shouted "Baruch grasp the sickle, and call out his name!"
  404. <CJ> Silas, probably not, but you can see the wagons of semitae moving west across the plain
  405. <Baruch> Did Merlin have a sickle? Do I see one somewhere else?
  406. <CJ> The statue if Merlin has a sickle and bowl
  407. <Baruch> Ok, so I grab Helpax, then the sickle, and call out Merlin
  409. <Class> "You both know that the dragon came out now and a flying giant owl will be easy seen by the Dragon during the day and be good food for them no mater how good your illusion is)
  410. <Calpurnia> "Look around us. WE ARE SURRONDED BY TASTY MAGI. WE AREN"T THE ONLY TARGETS!!"
  411. <CJ> :D
  412. <Class> "So I think Hiding or at last keeping in the wood for now is the bether option"
  413. <Calpurnia> "THEY CAN BURN DOWN THE WOODS!!!"
  414. <Silas_> "We are missing Baruch and Helpax too!"
  415. <Silas_> "We can't just leave them"
  416. <Makara> "They will surely destroy this land with their fighting"
  417. <Makara> "Someone also told us the mage and the king's men will hunt us down for some reason."
  419. <CJ> Calpurnia Int + Enigmatic Wisdom
  420. <Calpurnia> "Baruch has his own way of flying, and either way YOU (points at Class) aren't even the right size to carry us"
  421. <Class> "Yes they can but I still think our chances are bigger to get hiding till the night somewhere close then flying away now with me probably sleeping in during the flight"
  422. <CJ> Baruch you and Helpax are in the chaos, by the heel stone - there is a crashing below and the ground settles slightly
  423. <Calpurnia> Is this interpreting a sign?
  424. <CJ> Then it shakes violently, as a claw of the white dragon, the size of a tree, breaks ground.
  425. <CJ> Yes it is
  427. [Calpurnia make a botching roll]
  429. <Calpurnia> ...why
  430. <Silas_> (the sign says: RUN you fools!)
  431. <CJ> CAlpurnia, roll for botch
  433. [Calpurnia didn’t botch]
  435. <CJ> No botch. You have no idea at all what is going on :)
  437. <Baruch> Do I see any of the other members of our group?
  438. <CJ> Baruch, Perception + Magic Theory please
  440. [Baruch make a weak roll]
  442. <Silas_> "Look! Focus! We can't deal with the king and... whatever is rising from the ground!"
  444. [ Class fly deeper into the wood and look for some good place to stay for the day as I'm tyred of this ununderstanding members of my covenant]
  446. [ Silas_ sighs]
  448. <Silas_> "and there went Class!"
  450. [ Calpurnia ripping hair out at the sheer stubborness of Class "If we die. I"M GOING TO KILL HIM FIRST!!!"]
  451. <Makara> "Animal has their own instincts"
  453. <CJ> Helpax and Baruch notice a small number of magi performing some kind of ritual in the heart of the stones. One is a Flambeau, one a small freckled girl with mismatched eyes, the other a woman dressed as a Quaesitor. Immanola, still in her pink robes, the Primus of Ex Miscellanea has joined them, and they are chanting together
  454. <Class> !roll 1d10+6 (Wilderness Sense+Per to find a good place for a daysleep)
  456. [Class make a weak roll]
  458. <CJ> Class, the woods are dark and a little creepy. There is a clearing a short way in with a pool of dark green water, and further over a cave.
  459. <CJ> The cave looks to be empty, and quite dry, despite all the now. Dead leaves make it quite a warm spot, insualting from the stone below
  461. <Silas_> (is Corvus and Julia still nearby?)
  462. <CJ> The cave looks to be empty, and quite dry, despite all the now. Dead leaves make it quite a warm spot, insualting from the stone below
  463. <CJ> Corvus and Julia are still chatting away in horror
  465. [Class have look if it is really empty and if so I get the 2 other]
  467. <CJ> Baruch, you know they are casting a Rego spell, but it seems to make no sense. It's some kind of ritual though.
  469. <CJ> We have almost everyone at the wood, and Baruch can wander over.
  471. <Silas_> "Stephen said something about the caves beneath Stonehenge is giving in but someone was mending them - I am not sure he even paid the dragons any attention at all"
  473. =Five minute break time=
  475. <Calpurnia> (question can I intimidate a player?>
  476. <Silas_> (... I don't see why not)
  477. <Calpurnia> (Hissing under breath and success of Class finding a place (<- Calpurnia))
  478. <Silas_> (Question, is Calpurnia redhaired? for some reason I picture her redhaired :p)
  479. <Calpurnia> (Nope near Black brown wavy hair currently shortish)
  480. <Silas_> (ah well :p )
  481. <Calpurnia> (Sorry about ruining your mental image. There isn't much saying she isn't that. And I see what you mean)
  482. <Class> (Just one important thing Calpurnia the way you trying right now you will never get anything as you put class even down below a common mule)
  483. <Class> (at last this is how Class is seeing it)
  484. <Silas_> (hehe don't be, I'm sure you can be equally threatening with blackish hair ^^)
  485. <Calpurnia> (Well this is a very stressful situtation. And the only way to leave is not complining)
  486. <Calpurnia> (Yay for not being able to spell. YAY)
  487. <Class> (Then come up with your own way XXXX it)
  488. <Silas_> (lol)
  489. <Calpurnia> (Technically she does have her own way, but she does feel somthing for the group and as such won't leave them)
  490. <Class> (Beside I 100% sure Giant owl will be target No 1 as it is more then a crumb betwean the toth as the other magus are)
  491. <Silas_> ("nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde" ~ Nesessity teaches us how to manage)
  492. <Calpurnia> (Well Makara can turn you into the a cloud, thus lowering our chances of discovery)
  493. <Makara> (Not really, the dragon head is larger than a castle, so giant owl is just bug to them)
  494. <Makara> (or smaller than bug)
  495. <Class> ( we did go voer Elephant size for the fights)
  496. <Calpurnia> (The main thing is she doesn't want to be anywhere near this XXXX-storm. Chance of death is very high.)
  497. <Makara> (the dragon head is larger than a castle.)
  498. <Baruch> (Well, it was something like "castle-eating size", which doesn't necessarily imply quite that ;)
  499. <Makara> (Eating a castle in ONE BITE)
  500. <Silas_> (maybe a small castle...)
  501. <Calpurnia> (How small can a castle get.)
  502. <Baruch> (Let's hope its one of them little pink plastic castles they sell to kids)
  503. <Makara> (Of course)
  504. <Silas_> Large mannor I think...not exactly sure where it changes :p
  505. <CJ> OK, CJ returns
  507. <Class> "I found something good to stay for the day if you want you can follow me"
  508. <CJ> OK, can I assume you are al in the woods now?
  509. <Baruch> You can, provided I and Helpax had some way of knowing the others are there
  510. <Baruch> Did we?
  511. <Silas_> Did Baruch manage to find his way up with Helpax?
  512. <Calpurnia> "If they find us you die. If they don't..." follows Class
  514. <CJ> TIME OUT: Right - chaos at the Tribunal. You are all magi now, and you have found rather a lot of clues as to what is going on in the stonehenge tribunal
  515. <CJ> OK, up till now you have been reacting to stuff: now you are in charge. So what do you all want to do now? ;)
  516. <CJ> TIME IN
  517. <Silas_> "Alright Class." [turns to the two older Magi "Are you coming as well?"
  518. <Makara> "I will accept my fate as I hibernate in the cave."
  519. <CJ> OK Makara is in the cave. Class has show you all the way
  521. <Class> (How many do this cave hold?)
  522. <CJ> About ten
  523. <Baruch> "Listen carefully, everyone. I have discovered that there are enormous dragons bound with spells under Stonehenge, and probably other locations, as well. Two out of three spells holding them down have been broken, and I suspect the third one is on its way, as well. I suspect this means a grave threat to this part of the world, in general."
  524. <Baruch> "And to us, more specifically."
  525. <Silas_> (I was thinking of Corvus and Julia)
  526. <CJ> Corvus and Julia are still by the edge of the wood talking a lot
  528. [ Silas_ leaves them to their chatter and follows the direction Class went]
  530. <Baruch> "It would be best if we attempt to return to the covenant as soon as possible."
  531. <Baruch> (I'm assuming here we are all together in the cave now. Are we?)
  532. <CJ> OK, Silas, Baruch Helpax, Class and Makara all in cave. Anyone not in the cave?
  533. <Class> "Sure but not right now on a Giant Owl as I'm tired and would drop in mid flight"
  534. <Makara> "Shouldn't we just keep running away from here instead of waiting for the dragon to rise up?"
  535. <CJ> Calpurnia you there yeah/
  536. <Calpurnia> "yeah
  537. <CJ> ok cool.
  538. <Baruch> "Well, this location seems safer than most, I would wager. Additionally, we have the advantage of many powerful wizards here, which we won't elsewhere."
  539. <Silas_> (did you make it up as well Baruch?)
  540. <Class> "IF we want to wait for the night this is one of the best places to stay as it is halfay safe from bruning wood"
  542. <CJ> Calpurnia, I'm going to let you make an Int + Enigmatic Wisdom roll
  544. [Calpurnia makes a botch roll]
  547. <Silas_> (...)
  548. <CJ> Roll a botch die Calpurnia :D
  549. <Makara> (Next session, anti-calpurnia_bot make a comeback!)
  551. [Calpurnia BOTCHED]
  553. <Calpurnia> MORTHER
  554. <Baruch> (ahahhaI)
  555. <Silas_> "I... agree with Class"
  556. <CJ> Calpurnia botches.
  557. <Makara> (twlight?)
  558. <Calpurnia> not a spell
  559. <Class> (It wasn't magic, right?)
  560. <Silas_> "Do we have any food here? Did anyone bring something?"
  561. <Makara> (is destiny… magic?)
  562. <CJ> Suddenly you all notice that Calpurnia has started to stare blankly in to space. No twilight, but Calpurnia sees a weird vision
  563. <CJ> A mouse is gnawing at her soul, consuming it.
  564. <Makara> (of naked makara, hundreds of them)
  565. <CJ> lol!
  566. <CJ> And naked Makaras dance around, trying to wrap Calpurnia in chains
  567. <CJ> Calpurnia, you are having a vision. I'm afraid you are trapped in it for five minutes
  568. [ Calpurnia Starts screaming after how ever long starts laughing]
  569. <Silas_> ...
  570. <Makara> (…that should end the current argument…)
  572. [ Class have absolute nothing with him as he was in owl shape and left everything behind!]
  574. <CJ> OK, rest of you?
  575. <CJ> Silas, Edith is trying to eat your robe, and seems distressed
  576. <Silas_> "Right."
  578. [ Class try to sleep]
  579. <CJ> Class, you are dozing off now...
  581. <Silas_> "Food people"
  582. <CJ> The sound of the screaming echoes out across the wood
  583. <Silas_> "Who has it and can we find some?"
  584. <Baruch> (I have my backpack, so I would probably have some food as well)
  586. [ Makara take out the 3+ days old fish pulp]
  588. <Silas_> "... get that thing out of here Makara."
  590. [ Silas_ shivers in disgust]
  591. [ Makara put it back.]
  593. <CJ> Baruch, yep, you have dired cheese
  594. <CJ> dried
  595. <CJ> dired cheese sounds unpleasant :)
  596. <Makara> (great monster)
  597. <CJ> :)
  599. <Baruch> I'll share the cheese with everyone
  601. [Silas_ breaks a piece off and hands it to the mouse]
  603. <Silas_> "Thank you, Baruch"
  604. <CJ> The mouse gobbles it greedily. Was very hungry
  605. <CJ> Mice need to eat pretty regularly
  606. <Makara> "Who's this mouse?"
  607. <Baruch> "Have you a new pet, Silas?"
  608. <Silas_> "oh. that is right"
  609. <CJ> Er, everyone, Silas has a acquired a pet white mouse
  610. <Silas_> "This is Edith"
  611. <Makara> "You shouldn't name it after the fair lady."
  612. <CJ> Calpurnia, you start back to reality now
  614. [Calpurnia twitches back to life]
  616. <Silas_> "she might have been transformed to a mouse by Stephen, the archmage"
  617. <CJ> You realize Calpurnia you received an important vision ;)
  618. <Makara> "oh."
  619. <Baruch> "Well, that was quite unpleasant of him."
  620. <Silas_> "Yeah"
  621. <Silas_> "He didn't want to acknowledge it either. And wanted to experiment on her. Using some acid or something"
  623. [Makara talk to the mouse.]
  624. <CJ> The mouse stands on its hind legs and squeaks indignantly
  625. <Makara> "Hey, are you Edith?"
  626. <CJ> "Eeek!" say sthe mouse to Makara, and attempts to curtsey. It falls over
  628. <CJ> Class, with a -1 please makes a Percpetion + Awareness roll
  630. [Class makes a decent roll]
  632. <Baruch> "Ah. Unpleasant indeed. Well, good thing you rescued her. Does Stephen know of this?"
  633. <CJ> You hear wings overhead, closing in on cave. Bigger than an eagle, smaller than a drake Class
  634. <Silas_> "I hid her in my sleeve, he didn't suspect"
  635. <Class> "Psttt"
  637. <CJ> It starts to snow again
  638. <Calpurnia> "...." twitching in a corner.
  639. <Class> "Soemthing bigger then a eagle coming but for sure no drake size"
  640. <Baruch> "Are you alright there, Calpurnia? Criamon symptoms, I'll wager?"
  641. <Makara> "Such is the burden of the Path of Seeming."
  643. [ Silas_ looks to the mouth of the cave]
  645. <CJ> IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone should record they have Parma Magica 1 now. You were taught the secret after your Gauntlet. You may choose a form as a speciciality to defend against
  646. <CJ> A white horse lands, flexing its powerful wings. Ramon jumps off.
  647. <CJ> As Class begins to sleep, Ramon enters the cave
  648. <CJ> He is the Redcap you met
  649. <Baruch> "Greetings, Ramon. What does the situation out there look like?"
  651. <Calpurnia> Whispering "Makara please stop dancing, Makara please stop dancing, Makara please stop dancing, Makara please stop dancing, Makara please stop dancing, Makara please stop dancing" and starts giggling
  652. <Makara> (funny that Makara's path will have dancing in it)
  654. <CJ> (Ramon is aware that a number of magi were performing a ritual to try and quieten the sleeping dragons: many others, following Makara's instructions, were fleeing)
  655. <Ramon> (CJ can you give me the info if Ramon intentional searched for them or found this cave as well to stay for now)
  656. <CJ> (One Art - Animal, Aquam, Ignem, etc, etc. Your choice)
  657. <Ramon> "Most fleed but some magus stayed and try a ritual"
  658. <Baruch> (CJ: Do I need to have a speficic spell or something to participate in a ritual like that, or can anyone do it?)
  659. <CJ> (Baruch, you would need Wizard's Communion, and to know the spell they are attempting)
  661. <CJ> Ramon, you followed them having been flying overhead watching the chaos
  662. <CJ> Everyone smells a sweet sickly smell of decomposition, like a week old corpse
  664. <Ramon> "Whats this smell?"
  666. [ Makara takes out the 3+ days old fish-pulp, "this?"]
  668. <Silas_> "urgh!"
  669. <Baruch> "Yes, probably. Could you get rid of that maybe?"
  670. <Silas_> "I told you to get rid of it!"
  671. <Makara> "No, no, it's important." Makara put it back
  673. [ Silas_ rolls eyes and hands a bit more cheese to the mouse]
  675. <Ramon> "Urgh can you please put it into something airtight?"
  677. <CJ> It smells even worse than the dried fish pulp, and is coming from outside. Something big and squishy sounding is approaching, squelching and smelling like an open grave
  678. <CJ> Edith has quite gone off the cheese
  679. <Makara> (Edith is getting high on cheese)
  680. <Silas_> "what is that reek?"
  681. <Makara> (poor thing losing it's mind already)
  683. <Baruch> (Ok)
  684. <Baruch> "Something approaches! Prepare yourselves!"
  685. [Ramon get his spear from Sedala]
  687. <CJ> Ramon, make a Percpetion + Order of Hermes Lore role
  689. [Ramon make a weak roll]
  691. <Baruch> I'll intellego auram the air to see what the smell is
  692. <CJ> No need to roll Baruch - it's decomposing flesh
  694. <CJ> Ramon, as you get your spear, you are the first to see the thing approaching. It is a man, clad in black robes, clutching a staff topped by a skull with burning red eyes. It wreaks of death and had an iron chain wrapped around the robe. The face is in shadows, but appears to be a living skull, and the whole body appears decomposed
  696. <Ramon> "We have some undead visiting!"
  697. <CJ> Ramon, only four magi were involved in the ritual - one was Immanola, the Primus of Ex Miscellanea from Cad Gadu, - but she sat passively in the centre, while the other three chanted around her
  698. <Silas_> [scoops Edith into the hood "this can't be normal - how do we fight that thing?"
  699. <Ramon> (OK later to this for now its defending against this undead beast)
  700. <Makara> (We play music and watch it dance)
  702. [Silas_ takes a solid step back away from the skull thing]
  704. <CJ> (in Latin) "Greetings! Lovely to see you!" says the corpse cheerily, and tries to walk past you in to the cave Ramon. The corpse starts to whistle a jolly tune. He reaches for something in his robe
  705. <Baruch> "Away, creature!"
  706. <CJ> Makara, are you actually playing music?
  707. <Makara> (I need to make that kind of spell someday)
  708. <Makara> (nope, well… not yet.)
  710. <CJ> Baruch, the thing stops whistling, looks frightened and turns and looks behind it?
  711. <Ramon> (CJ did you manage to confirm that Sedala works as I have writen the Pegasus down?)
  712. <Baruch> "Approach no further, or I will be forced to assault you!"
  713. <CJ> (Ramon, yes I think she looks sound.)
  714. <Silas_> [noticing the doubt in the creature "Who are you?"
  715. <CJ> The thing looks at Baruch in terror, and say "is it invisible? If it's a ghost I can handle it?"
  717. [Calpurnia rocking back and forth in a corner giggling]
  719. <Makara> "Hello, friend! How about some music and dance to scare off the ghost!"
  720. <CJ> "Desiderius of Voluntas, Necromancer. Where is this horror that attacks us?" says the magi sounding converned
  722. [Silas_ holds a sleeve over his nose and mouth]
  723. [ Ramon still keep the thing in front of my spear]
  724. <Baruch> "Ah, very well. Excuse use. We are all on edge, at the moment, as you can surely understand."
  725. <Ramon> "Who or better say, what are you?"
  727. <CJ> Desiderius looks at Ramon, and then looks behind him. "I still can't see it" he says, assuming Ramon is gesturing with his spear at something behind him
  728. <CJ> Desiderius looks puzzled
  729. <Baruch> "What is the situation like outside, Desiderius?"
  730. <Silas_> [whispering "the smell!" [moves further into the cave waving his hands to clear a bit of the air
  731. <Ramon> "Huh Necromancer sorry it’s the first time I see one"
  732. <CJ> "I'm Desiderius the Necromancer of Voluntas. I thought I saw Julia and Corvus come this way?"
  733. [ Ramon put his spear up]
  734. <Silas_> "They stayed in the forest!"
  735. <Baruch> "The last we saw of them was at the edge of the forest. They seemed to be debating the best course of action."
  736. <CJ> Desiderius looks confused, but enters the cave. "Yes we should sing to keep up our spirits! What a lovely cave!" he says.
  737. <Makara> "That's the spirit!" Makara start making noise
  738. <Ramon> (necromancer serious? Is that Hedge Magic or some kind of minor Magus group?)
  739. <CJ> (Necromancy is perfectly normal Hermectic Magic)
  740. <CJ> Desiderius: oh, I shall wait here with you then. He takes out the bottle of mead from his robe. "How about some drinks?" he smiles revealing decayed teeth and a bloated blue tongue"I came to help because I heard screaming and thought you needed assistance"
  741. <Makara> (must be calpurnia)
  742. <Silas_> [steps up to Baruch, whispering "Can't you air out this place?"
  743. <Baruch> "Do sit with us, dear friend."
  744. <Baruch> (Yeah, I'll try to make the air smell better.)
  745. <CJ> OK Baruch :)
  746. <Baruch> Rego auram, right? How hard?
  747. <CJ> Rego to make air circulate, Muto to change it
  748. <Ramon> (Rego then probably the better option with sun duration)
  749. <CJ> Chamber of Spring Breezes, rego auram 5
  750. [Baruch make a strong roll]
  752. <CJ> OK, the smell dissipates as Baruch again shows his mastery over the element of air
  754. [Silas_ turns away and rolls his eyes.]
  756. <CJ> "I am of House Verditius" He proudly exclaims. He goes to hand Makara his mead bottle, some of his decayed flesh still adhering to the clay of the bottle
  757. <Ramon> to Sedala in his mother Language "I know you don't like it to stay in a cave but I fear it’s the best place to stay for now!
  759. [Makara take a fine drink of the mead]
  760. [ Silas_ looks at Makara incredulous]
  761. <CJ> (Lovely mead)
  763. <CJ> Desiderius looks really happy, and clasps Makara on the back, and starts to babble away
  764. <Makara> "Lovely mead!" Makara hands it back
  766. <Baruch> Ok, I'll try that - i
  767. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+25 (+aura)
  769. <CJ> He tells you a bit about Voluntas - lovely place on North Yorkshire Moors, spent 30 years in his lab, but the other magi are SOOOO unsociable and never want to drink or sing with him, or talk much
  770. <Makara> "These magi round here are too prideful I say."
  771. <CJ> Desiderius passes his bottle to anyone who will take it, and tries to pet Edith, who hides in Silas's sleeve
  772. <CJ> He has the Blatant Gift unfortunately.
  773. <Silas_> [breathes easier "Just the other mages?"]
  774. <Baruch> "Yes, we saw one of them a while ago, did seem like a rather unpleasant fellar, yelling at someone in a most vile manner."
  775. <CJ> Edith is shivering terrified and even Sedala stays right by the cave mouth
  776. <Ramon> "What are you plans in gething back to your covenant Baruch?"
  777. <Baruch> "No thank you, friend, I am not thirsty."
  778. <Baruch> "Ramon, I don't really have a plan, at the moment. Perhaps we should wait until the night, and ride Class
  779. <Baruch> "Or perhaps he could enlarge your mount?"
  780. <CJ> (Sedala has Magic Might, so will be harder to enlarge)
  782. <CJ> Desidirius says he has cake, and plunges in to his leather bag. He throws out a severed hand, a rotting foot, several humans’ bones, and a vial of blood. Finally after he removes a leathery mummified heart and brain he finds what he is looking for, a large fig pudding (think Christmas pudding)
  783. <Ramon> "Oh where is he?" looking around
  784. <CJ> Can someone warm it up? He asks
  785. <Makara> "You eat your cake warm?"
  786. <Silas_> "I need some air!"
  787. <Baruch> "He is sleeping over there."
  788. <Ramon> "That’s a trick Sedal knows her self but she only can do it 1 or 2 size increases"
  789. <Ramon> "Oh the Owl is Class?"
  791. [ Silas_ moves to the cave entrence]
  793. <CJ> Mead? says Desiderius offering the bottle to Silas. As he does a few maggots drop from his arm and twist on the floor
  794. <Silas_> "No!" ... "Thank you"
  795. <CJ> Desiderius looks hurt
  796. <Baruch> "Well, that's hardly sufficient. A few people could ride Sedal, maybe, and another few on Class' back?"
  797. <Baruch> "I am not terribly hungry either, I fear. It's all the excitement, I'm sure."
  799. [Silas_ walks briskly past]
  801. <Ramon> (Ops forget my number of times Sedala can increase I was remembering wrong numbers ^^ she actual can Increase by over 5 times)
  803. <CJ> Silas, you are glad to get out. You make out Julia with Corvus on her shoulder quietly creeping away through the woods, away from you, but even more away from Stonehenge
  805. [ Silas_ tries to see how Stonehenge is doing]
  806. <CJ> Silas, it is a way away. How you going to get a good view?
  807. <Silas_> (<- has poor eyesight too, so might not help much)
  810. [Calpurnia crawls over and takes the mead then rolls back to corner]
  812. [ Ramon get some watersack from Sedala and a drinking Horn]
  813. [ Makara pat Desiderius, "I would take another swing, but now is not the time to get merry and drunk."]
  814. <CJ> Desiderius takes a real liking to Calpurnia: he stars to sing to you
  815. <CJ> Desiderius hugs Makara
  816. [ Makara bro-hug back]
  818. [ Ramon raises the Horn in the Air "for a long live of you Mr Desideius"]
  820. <CJ> Silas, you could walk over if you like. Most magi have now retreated far outside the stones. The ground still thrashes around like an injured beast, great cracks appear, and many of the stones have fallen or are at crazy angles
  822. [Ramon takes mouthful of his own drink ^^]
  823. [Silas_ pats the mouse muttering "What to do..."]
  824. [Silas_ starts moving towards Stonehenge in a careful pace]
  826. <CJ> OK, Silas, you can make a Percpetion + Awareness roll, but you get the minus for poor sight
  828. [Silas make a weak roll]
  830. <CJ> OK Silas, you completely fail to see what happens. Yet suddenly, the ground stops shaking
  831. <CJ> The chanting is over.
  833. [Calpurnia lost connection]
  835. <CJ> Desiderius; "I say, shall we all dance?" He sees very happy now
  836. <Makara> "Yes, now is the time to dance!"
  837. <Baruch> "I'm not really up for a dance either - sorry about that, feeling rather worried about the dragons and all. Aren't you?"
  838. <Makara> "The ground is not shaking anymore!" Makara start dancing
  839. <Ramon> "Sedala just told me she could carry you all if she given some time to increase but Desiderius should stay here as he not belongs to your covenant"
  841. [Makara dancing around Calpurnia]
  842. <Makara> "wake up, wake up"
  843. <CJ> "Oh yes, but I have never seen one. Let us dance!" says Desiderius, and he stands up, hitting his skull on the low roof and crying out in pain
  845. [Calpurnia reconnected]
  847. <Calpurnia> (bloody internet)
  848. <Makara> (you won't believe what just happened)
  849. <CJ> Desiderius joins the dance around Calpurnia
  850. [ Makara keep dancing around Calpurnia]
  851. <Silas_> (Welcome back :) )
  852. <Calpurnia> O_o
  853. <CJ> "Young Lady, will you dance with me?" says Desiderius
  854. <CJ> Silas, what you up to?
  856. [Calpurnia takes a deep swig of the mead "No thanks too busy getting rid of bad memories"]
  858. <Makara> "Then a dance is what you need to get rid of it!"
  860. <CJ> "let us be lovers in the springtime" he sings, and whirls round Calpurnia in a mad dance with Makara
  861. <Calpurnia> O_o
  862. <Makara> "let us be fish in the summertime" makara sings
  864. Ramon> (NO one realized that I just offered a way to get away now ^^)
  865. <Silas_> (tried to spot if I missed something)
  866. <Baruch> "Ramon, well that is most splendid. We should perhaps ride her, then, back to our covenant. If that is fine with you both, of course."
  867. <Silas_> (Would intuition of the forest do anything to see how everything progresses at stonehenge?)
  868. <Ramon> "We need just take breaks a Dusk and Dawn but this should be known to you Maguses"
  869. <Baruch> "I worry about the dragons, though - we should perhaps first wait for the situation to calm down."
  870. <CJ> Silas, among the stones all is quiet apart from falling stones. Three magi, the ones who were doing the ritual hug each other, and lying on the snow by them, quite clearly dead, is Primus Immanola of Ex Miscellanea.
  871. <Baruch> (I don't know how the hell we're going to find the flying city, though - we would probably have some way of doing that, maybe?)
  872. <CJ> And there we must leave it as I have to go out. Sorry chaps.
  874. [ Calpurnia breaking out of her drinking frenzy "When will it ever end Baruch, when" takes a deeper swig of mead]
  876. <CJ> Thanks for rearranging the session . :)
  877. <Baruch> Ok. Thanks, CJ!
  878. <Silas_> (Is fine, thanks for hosting CJ :) )
  879. <Ramon> (CJ Do I have a "The Transformed Folio" where the main book is at "our" covenant?
  880. <CJ> I hope you al have a wonderful New Year
  881. <Calpurnia> Okay by CJ
  882. <Baruch> You too!
  883. <Silas_> and I got to run as well, take care everyone and good new year
  884. <Makara> bye
  885. <Ramon> Thanks CJ
  886. <CJ> Have to check Ramon. :)
  887. <CJ> Sorry was a bit chaotic today, I had not had long ot prepare at all
  888. <CJ> Someone log the session?
  889. <Ramon> "Thanks to be able to do today at all"
  890. <Baruch> Haha, chaotic was sort of appropriate for this one
  891. <Baruch> Yah, I have a full log
  892. <Makara> me too
  893. <CJ> Excellent. Well I have set up a few mysteries, and you know the main players in Stonehenge.
  894. <CJ> You can either stay for the Tribunal meeting if it reconvenes, and after all House Ex Miscellanea now needs a new Primus, or you can go home and work out whart to do next
  895. <CJ> Entirely up to you
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