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Aug 26th, 2014
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  1. This patch integrates Wikimedia's jQuery.IME multi-lingual input method
  2. jQuery based library with Koha, for the OPAC as well as the staff
  3. client.
  5. Browser based on-the-fly transliterated input on the OPAC was a
  6. long-standing requirement particularly in the Indian Koha user
  7. community. Indian government recognises 22 official languages for the
  8. purpose of official correspondance. The earlier attempts to add
  9. GoogleIndicTransliteration was a step in this direction. But that
  10. attempt did not clear finally QA.
  12. Google Transliteration API was deprecated in June 2011 and it's general
  13. Terms of Service (ToS) are not FOSS friendly. In contrast, jQuery.IME
  14. is dual-licensed under GPLv2+ and MIT. It is a key component of
  15. Wikimedia's global language engineering stack. At present, this
  16. represents robust, well tested support for over 135 input methods
  17. spanning over 67 languages.
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