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  1. Name: Terrorist Town
  3. Objective for Citizen aligned: Stop all the terrorists.
  4. Objective for Mercenary: Live till the very end.
  5. Objective for Terrorist: Kill everyone that is on the citizen's side.
  7. Roles:
  9. Investigator: Can investigate once per night to learn what role a person has. (Citizen aligned.)
  10. Police Officer: During day, can take someone into custody, meaning when the night comes that person is not able to do any action or die, except by disease. Can only be used once. (Citizen aligned)
  11. Anti-Terrorist Assassin: Can kill one person during night only once per game. (Citizen aligned.)
  12. Doctor: Can cure diseases, and keep a person from dying once a night, but not twice in a row. Can self save. (Citizen aligned.)
  14. Mercenary: Objective is to live till the end, does not matter if Terrorists or Citizens win. (Choice, or neutral.)
  16. Terrorist: Can kill someone once per night.
  17. Saboteur: Can prevent someone from using their ability once per night.
  19. Traits:
  21. Guardian Angel: The person to land the last hit on you during voting for execution dies tomorrow morning.
  22. Plagued: Any action on you that is not killing you during the night will infect the player and they will die the next night.
  23. Second Chance: If killed during night, you revive the next night but with no traits or abilities anymore.
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