DD glimglam

Oct 7th, 2017
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  1. >Anon and glimglam start playing with the rest of the crew (Maud, Trixie, Spike, maybe discord? and maybe thorax?)
  2. >Thing is, glimmy has had a crush on Anon for a while now, but never knew how to act on it
  3. >And playing a board game was a great idea to get closer to him wasn't it
  4. >It all goes as expected, with so many ponies that never played before, Spike and Anon have to explain the rules etc
  5. >The campaign starts slowly, but surely, starting with towers full of skeletons to clean or giant rats to kill
  6. >Everyone loves it, so they ask for more
  7. >Fast forward next week
  8. >Also goes as planned, they all start to get a grasp on the game mechanics and even start to roleplay a bit
  9. >Especially glimglam
  10. >Fast forward another couple weeks
  11. >Glimglam is going full autismo now, always speaking in character and paying extreme attention to every details of the campaign and making sure everyone stays in character
  12. >And so, her character, Lepidoptera Kiteus (name is a WIP) 'falls in love' with Anon's character, Incognito
  13. >I-it's just in game right, so it won't be weird, right?
  14. >Everyone rolls with it at first, Trixie and Maud knowing her feelings for Anon and smirking/blinking whenever she acts/plays on said feelings, and Spike and Anon just laughing and praising her characterization
  15. >But then it gets weird when her actions towards Anon become more and more graphic
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