Living Under The Moon Chapter 1 (GT)

Mar 4th, 2013
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  1. Well I go
  3. >The exact time was...12:32 a.m. on a wednesday.
  4. >Your lack of employment had done fuck all for your sleep habits as you'd settled into a, most likely unhealthy habit of staying up all night.
  5. >Any of your attempts had to write or even read a book proved useless. Damn it 4chan.
  6. >That night was no first.
  7. >12:38 was when it had started, Head aches. STRONG HEADACHES. Like someone had settled down your head and was stiking a gong against your ear drum.
  8. >You held your hand to your temple
  9. "ibuprofen'
  10. >You repeatedly grumble walking dizzy toward the hallway outsideyour bathroom,Fucking hell this hurt!
  11. >you were shaking, holy shit you were trembling it hurt so much.
  12. >You manage to get a diet pepsi drinking down for tablets of painkiller.
  13. >minutes later you've gotten EVEN more dizzy
  14. >Fuck this! You walk out of your room to make a sandwich, food will definetly get your brain off the pain.
  15. >You get all 5 feet out the door before stumbling into darkness.
  17. >You don't know how long you were passed out.
  18. >But Fuuuck that wow that feeling of normal in your skull.
  19. >Fucking amazing.
  20. >Something feels wrong.
  21. >You open your eyes finding yourself awkwardly on your side.
  22. >Accept that doesn't quite matter really.
  23. >Because Princess Celestia and Luna are Right in front of you.
  24. >You died didn't you?
  25. >Your liver decided to punish you by failing and making you die for all those painkillers.
  26. >This is the only explanation. It has to be.
  27. "You're not dead" Celestia states.
  28. >You can understand her!
  29. "Well good morning to you" she smiles
  30. >You realise your staring with your mouth open like an idiot and hastily shut it
  31. >"H-hi?" You mumble confused as hell
  32. > Luna rolls her eyes somewhat impatient.
  33. "Greeting Anon" She says calmly "I'm sure you're wondering why you're here
  34. >You nod slowly
  35. >You're totally fucking dead. Is this hell or heaven though?
  36. "We teleported you here for a rather...personal matter" Celestia says tilting her head to the side.
  37. >Oh god
  39. >An hero now! She wants to use you as a toilet!
  40. >This is hell!
  41. "I need a body gaurd" Luna calmly interrupts.
  42. >Oh..."What, What? Why?" you spew all that out in a semi marinara sauce slathered mess.
  43. "It's not my decision" Luna states frowning.
  44. >Celestia clears her throat.
  45. "We've mostly had a few...assassination on each of us equally, now I myself have several gaurds my younger sister..doesn't."
  46. >"But..,why am I the guy to do the job? I'm sure others have volunteered ?"
  47. "You've never had negative publicity have you?" Luna snarked
  48. >You suppress a laugh, if she only knew about bronies.
  49. Celestia interrupts once more "You prooved the best candidate because you have no history here on equestria"
  50. >An anon in equestria with history yeah completely unlikely.
  51. "Plus your schedule matches up perfectly, nothing will be missed in your old home" She continued
  52. "He also knows about hygiene and personal space unlike the other candidates"
  53. "Luna!"
  54. Just a statement of truth"
  55. >You are really trying to not laugh now.
  57. >>4694360
  58. >" seems our world came with a dress code." Celestias voice drags to a stop.
  59. "What?"
  60. >You turn to the left to be greeted by a Dark blue wing.
  61. > to be greeted by a Dark blue wing
  62. > to be greeted by a wing.
  63. >by a wing
  64. > a wing.
  65. > wing.
  66. >You can feel your eye twitching.
  67. >You freak out standing up as you land on your face.
  68. >Super spaghetti engaged
  69. "Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck, oh god"
  70. >You're stumbling over hooves, wings spazzing around as you circle yourself
  71. "Shit, shit, what the fuck happened!"
  72. >"This is why I was against this from the start" Luna holds her hoof to her face.
  73. >You're spazzing still, awkwardly alternating between trying to stand like a human and trying to figure out walking.
  74. >"Anon."
  75. >You keep spinning.
  76. >"Anon!"
  77. "Oh god oh shit oh fuck!"
  78. >"ATTENTION ANON" The entire room shakes halting you in your tracks at the sound of Luna's 'royal voice' "As amusing as it seems, cantering around in circles spouting your native obscenities will get us nowhere"
  80. >"Yes, you can get orientated as we go get your equipment" Celestia adds leading the way out of the room.
  81. >Luna waits til Celestia is out of sight. "Listen as I will only state this once." She says getting close "You're my assistant and body gaurd only, and I'm not obligated to like you."
  82. >Her face is inches from yours "I'm the younger sister, but I am not a child, so any attempt to treat me as such /WILL/ result in punishment. I didnt want this so I'm only tolerating you. Do not do anything to anger me or I shall see you banished so far away the moon shall sedm like afternoons stroll's distance. Do you understand, Anon"
  83. >Holy shit, you nod once shakily.
  84. >You just had to fucking die.
  85. >Fucking Liver.
  86. >Luna turns and guides you out as you catch up with Celestia.
  87. "So what will my duties be as her assistant and body gaurd exactly"
  88. >You ask that slowly starting to fall into the rythm of these new hooves of yours.
  89. >"accompany her during public appearances to start" Celestia says with a friendly intonation, "You'll also be expected to accompany her during her nightly outing to raise and lower the moon."
  90. >You're mostly aware of her talking but you keep stealing glances of...
  92. >Fan art does it zero justice.
  93. >"You'll also be expected to keep records for me when I ask" Luna adds turning her head to keep an eye on you.
  94. >Keep her protected in extreme moments of hostility." Celestia says as you turn to observe the large hallway. Observing the golden suits of armor, you feel a sudden state of sadness. Your still technically dead...maybe
  95. "If I can...what will occur at my home?"
  96. >You're not gonna like thd answer.
  97. >"You're pronounced missing or dead" Luna states bluntly halting you in your track.
  98. >It takes exactly five seconds before realising your holding your breath
  99. "So going back home..."
  100. >"Win't happen anytime soon" Luna replies.
  101. > lot.
  102. >Suddenly your not as interested in plot anymor
  103. >>4697037
  104. >They nudge you along into the small room.
  105. >The door shuts with a click, your alone.
  106. >You inhale shakily, the fact that your gonna be...a fucking pony...stallion. thing, Your gonna spend the rest of the known future looking like this!
  107. >You exhale trying to control the raging lump in your throat, knowing you're for all purposes dead on earth.
  108. >You didn't even get to say good bye.
  109. >No!
  110. >No,no, no, no!
  111. >You're not gonna cry.
  112. >You suck it up and go to the mirror placed in the corner of the room.
  113. >The stallion looking back at you has..a rather soft face. Very friendly looking but nothing rough or anything.
  114. >Not bad.
  115. >You look over more of your body.
  116. >Your rather thin..sorta, you feel lighter, but you know you have more muscle mass than you did as a human.
  117. >It's hard to put into words, but this body is suited for your new job.
  118. >You experimentally spread out those wings.
  119. >They're Wide and batlike. Yet more durable than you know actual bat wings are, definitely suited to feats of endurance.
  120. >Your body is also blue.
  121. >Very dark blue actually.
  122. >So much soo you'd probably blend in pretty well in the night sky.
  123. >Your mane.
  124. >Your mane Is the most outstanding feature.
  125. >And by that you mean, its fucking bright.
  126. >Compared to the rest of you anyhow.
  127. >A lighter blue color that will probably get you attention.
  128. >Then your eyes. yellow sclera.
  129. >Then a very dark navy looking color.
  130. >You look like a fucking demon.
  131. >A demon by pony standards anyhow.
  132. "Just holy fucking lord"
  133. >You mumble as all your features finally become familiarized.
  134. >....You gotta try those wings too!
  135. >You step into center of the room and focus on flapping.
  136. >The wings flap and move, stirring the air.
  137. >You feel it rush along your torso. A light rushing tingle in your hooves as you start to rise or the floor.
  138. >Holy shit this is amazing.
  139. >You get a few feet of the floor, finally easing your eyes open.
  140. "Oh wow"
  141. >You feel,,..alive!
  142. >Seriously you were afraid of heights before now.
  143. >But this feeling.
  144. >Just...WOW.
  146. >>4703960
  147. >"Are you done in there yet?" Luna's pounding on the door breaks your concentration as you suddenly fall down to the floor with a grunt.
  148. "Yeah, just...taking inventory"
  149. >You turn to the wall, looking at the silver and dark purple armor.
  150. >It takes a few trys before you figure out how to grab things with your hooves, but soon enough you've equipped the horse shoes and the chest gaurd.
  151. >Every thing but the helmet.
  152. > It reminds you of the Trojan and spartan helmets from greek and roman history.
  153. >Except the flourish looks like it was made from a spine from a reptile.
  154. >You...You are really nervous about putting on this thing.
  155. >You opt to just hold it under your
  156. >You walk slowly putting on a strong face before pushing the door open with your forehead.
  157. >You walk through seeing the princesses
  158. "How do I look?"
  159. >They both look at you moments passing before Celestia speaks "You look very good Anon. " She smiles "The blacksmith did a wonderful job constructing your armor."
  160. >You shift a little
  161. "It feels rather comfortable"
  162. >"We were lucky enough to have know your dimensions ahead of time" Luna states calmly as she walks a circle to inspect you.
  163. >You stand in place trying to keep from fidgeting
  164. >"You certainly look the part" she says stoping to make eye contact. with you. "You have the look of a lunar gaurd..but you will need traing to be my personal assistant and body gaurd"
  165. >Oh god that sounds painful.
  166. >Celestia clears her throat to gain your attention "I'll make the necessary arrangements with Shining Armor to train you." She says "Until then I'll leave Anon in your care Luna"
  167. >And with that Celestia turned and left leaving you and Luna.
  168. >"Well come along." She motions you to follow her.
  169. "Aren't we gonna find my room?"
  170. >She scoffs "You think we live with in the castle?" she asks sarcastically.
  171. >... Oh boy
  173. >Several moments mix and blur together as you find yourself secured to a chariot.
  174. >You're also told you're pulling 4 times your present weight.
  175. >You're also told you'd normally have a partner pulling but due to the accommodations You have to pull the thing yourself .
  176. >You're in hell
  177. >Royal moon butted hell.
  178. >But it's actually not AS bad.
  179. >Though this might be the arenaline, or the altitude,..or your old fear of heights.
  180. >"Higher!" Luna call to you from the chariot as you speed through the night sky.
  181. >"FUCK YEAH!"
  182. >You yell out the rush of air whipping against you sending thrilling jolt of more adrenaline through you as you ascend higher up the mountain
  183. >Then you see a platform sticking out of the side of the mountain.
  184. >"There it is!" Luna calls before instructing to dive at it
  185. >You listen pulling into a fast dive as the platform gets closer.
  186. >You land.
  187. >You land very roughly.
  188. "Take it easy will you!" Luna yelps as the chariot bumps over the ground before stopping.
  190. "Sorry."
  191. >The response is mostly mumbled as you stand transfixed by The.. house? Mansion?
  192. >Either way it is captivating.
  193. > built in to the side of the mountain, facing the moon.
  194. >You can't quite tell how big it is but the massive circular window towards the top gives you the impression that there's definitely more than one floor.
  195. >"Are you coming?" Luna asks having opened the door, patiently waiting on you.
  196. >You shake yourself from your fixation
  197. "Yeah"
  198. >You walk past her into the home.
  199. >The first room is the kitchen.
  200. >You have to ask.
  201. "How did you establish this?"
  202. > " Being royalty tends to hand most realestate issues" She says moving to a refrigerator, grabbing two cans, the snapping sounds making you think soda as one floats through the air towards you.
  203. >You awkwardly grab the can taking a drink.
  204. >Pony Cola.
  205. >Awesome.
  206. "You weren't even aware ponies had soda.
  207. "Well lets take a tour, shall we?" She says leading you out of the room, deeper into the house.
  208. >Yes.
  209. >It is a mansion.
  210. >Everything is night themed.
  211. >The ceilings is covered with little decorative stars. every room has been painted some dark shade of purple or blue and shades in between.
  212. >"So as established. this shall be your new home Anon." Luna states Leading you to the door of your new room. A half moon painted on the front at eye level.
  213. >"I'll be down the hall, two hours we leave to pull the moon down, so don't get to comfortable."
  214. >You watch her walk off.
  215. >You sigh nudging the door open pulling off your helmet. Your still not entirely sure how to feel about everything thats happened.
  216. >On one side your depressed that your dead as far as your old life is concerned, on the other. Your a pony...stallion. A flying one at that! That awesome all on it's own.
  217. >And your important. You were never important as a human...
  218. >Still gonna miss everything though.
  219. >You finally walk into your room not sure what to expect.
  220. >Actually it'd be neat if you were in ponyville. Then you'd have a party to look forward.
  221. >You room is...
  222. >Actually pretty cool.
  223. >Spatious.
  224. >Very fung shuy or how ever it goes...
  225. >you climb up on the bed and lay back a bit.
  226. >More stars on the ceiling.
  227. >Thats a constellation.
  228. >Orions belt. Wasn't that guy a warrior?
  229. >Your sorta one now right?
  230. >Or you will be.
  231. >You get up to look at yourself again.
  232. >...Everythings the same.
  233. >You have a moon with the silhouette of bats on it as your cutie.
  234. >...Is bats your talent?
  235. "Bats. Yeah, bats are a talent. "
  236. >You chuckle a bit. You'll have to figure it out eventually.
  237. >Probably flight related.
  238. >You look around the room noting the blue paint, it's calming.
  239. >You sip your can of soda.
  240. >You feel nervous.
  241. >Okay dont freak out!
  242. >Breath in! Breath out!
  243. >Breath in! Breath OUT!
  244. >Son of bitch where is this panic attack coming from!?
  245. >Falling over on your side you hyperventilate trying, to stop as the whole evening seems to rapid fire repeat itself.
  246. "FUUUUUUCKK!!"
  247. >You feel incredibly vulnerable.
  248. >>4732098
  249. >You have no idea when the panic attack subsided.
  250. >You Just laid on the bed trying to control the shakes and keep your thoughts focused on positive things as you waited for the two hours to pass.
  251. >Eventually the knock came.
  252. >"Anon, Time to go forth"Luna said as she pulled open your door.
  253. >You slowly crawl out of bed still feeling crappy
  254. "Alright" You inhale deeply "lets do it." You say mustering up all the motivation you can.
  255. >You soon find your self back out on the platform where the chariot is, your helmet secured As she stands next to you.
  256. >The moon is gigantic at this height.
  257. "That is..."
  258. >"Impressive?" Luna finishes the sentence
  259. "You certainly have an eye for location."
  260. >She nods moving to stand infront of you, her horn glowing "Hold still though, I've never performed this spell"
  261. "What" You tilt your head
  262. >"A spell to synthesize a microatmosphere around your body so you can breath in space." She answers
  263. "And if it doesn't work?"
  264. >"All the air in your body expands and you'll blow up."
  265. >You gulp nervously.
  266. >"Nothing that wouldn't happen with out the spell." She says...reassuringly you think. She closes her eyes a bit "Now don't move"
  267. >You freeze, nervously feeling sweat drip under your helmet. suddenly you feel.
  268. >Tingly.
  269. >You look down seeing a sparkling purple aura surround you body.
  270. >It glows as it shrinks down, just covering your fur.
  271. >"There we go" Luna says with satisfaction. She walks a circle around you "Perfect, it should also allow to keep up as we fly to the moon" She explained
  272. "Alright" you nod
  273. >She turns around "Just don't get lost."
  274. >She leaps up flying.
  275. >You copy the movement, your wings moving, propelling you forward as you both sigh through the air as you notice the sun slowly rising from the other side of the mountain.
  276. >The color of the sky shifts blue then back into blackened night as you break through the atmosphere.
  277. >A few second pass as you feel the moon pull you slightly as you land softly.
  278. >Luna stands waiting for you "Well good you're all in one piece." She says
  279. >You stare across the moon
  280. "Wow..."
  281. >"Not exactly pretty." She mumbles "I've developed a mixed attitude for the place"
  282. "I imagine a thousand years being forced to call it home would do that"
  283. >"And now you know why I don't live in canterlot." She snarks leading you up a hill "I'll never get tired of doing this though."
  284. >You reach the top of the hill. You not a small set of dug in hoofprints, obviously worn in from years of use.
  285. >You watched as Luna took the spot. She closed her eyes as her horn began to glow again.
  286. >Slowly dozens a dark blue tendrils began to extend from her. Gaining width and length as the quickly extended further than you could see, each one blanket over the environment.
  287. >Slowly you feel it.
  288. >The moon is moving.
  289. >Holy. Shit.
  290. >Again.
  291. >Holy. Shit!
  292. "Holy shit!"
  293. >You stumble about as the ground shakes and trembles beneath you. You can see the planet moving over the moon as the magic pulls it.
  294. >You watch in wonder as the magic twists and bends as the moon slows just now out of sight of equestria now sitting over another mass of land.
  295. >"Only impressive?" Luna's voice echoes when she speaks. The ribbons of cascading magic withdrawing into her slowly
  296. "Okay, amazing!" You correct yourself, feeling excited.
  297. >"Better than moping in your room, right?" The echo disappeared as she said 'room'
  298. "Who said I was moping"
  299. > "I found you curled up in a ball before you left," She smirked "I call that moping"
  300. >You shift around uncomfortably.
  301. >"Homesickness is normal, dont act like somethings wrong with that" She moves to tap you on the nose.
  302. You flinch. "I...yeah." You mutter " this is gonna be my life."
  303. >"Well you at least got somepony that understands losing a home" She added.
  304. >That...actually felt good knowing.
  305. >The flight back was longer than the flight there.
  306. >Of course it also led you both back to canterlot...
  307. >You're not tired, but you know after today, you will be.
  308. > After landing 4 royal gaurds escorted you to the far end of the castle as Luna stayed behind with Celestia to discuss who knows.
  309. >A few high classed ponies catch glances of you double checking.
  310. >Is that a demon surrounded by royal gaurds.
  311. >You smirk a little at how the attention give you a feeling of entitlement.
  312. 'Yeah that right, you see a fucking demon gaurd' you say in your mind.
  313. >Eventually the escorts led you to a large courtyard filled with various obstacles and training equipment.
  314. >The Royal Gaurd Training Ground.
  315. >You'd expected it to look less normal.
  316. >Your escorts dissapear as you cautiously walk out to the unoccupied grounds.
  317. "What the crap!" You yell suddenly as from some sort of pole vault leaps a stallion from nowhere!
  318. >"You must be Anon"He greets smiling
  319. >He's white furred and blue maned.
  320. >Fucking hell.
  321. >It's Shining Armor.
  322. >You stare a bit more.
  323. >"So Celestia says your gonna be Luna's Personal," He states looking around you stopping to look at your wing.
  324. >He grabs it with magic pulling it out to its full width
  325. "H-HEY, HEY!"
  326. >You freak as he explains himself "Excuse me but I just got to take a look" he takes a look at your wing "They rarely let the gaurds interact and I've been dying to get a look at the pegasi of the Lunar Gaurd." he says holding his hooves over your wing. "Wow, it's so leathery, but strong too"
  327. "Yeah, and nngh! Really sensitive!" You yelp eye twitching as you get all sorts of pins and needle sensations all over.
  328. >"Oh!" He immediately lets go, you feel you wing snap back causing you to shiver visibly
  329. "Fuuawwwk" You groan trying to shake the feeling out, flapping your wing impulsively.
  330. >"Sorrry" He mumbles
  331. "Just give a guy some warning, alright?"you say trying to not sound to hostile.
  332. >He nods "Well then" he grins "Lets get down to business"
  333. >To DEFEAT the HUUUNS.
  334. >Damn it Li Shang!
  335. >"First things first things first" Shining states pulling your armor off with his magic, elliciting a yelp from you. "You're not training with these on until at least a week from now."
  336. >The armor gets set aside and you find heavy weights attached to each of your hooves.
  337. >"Now run laps around the field until I tell you to stop"
  338. >Suddenly you get flash backs of PE from highschool.
  339. >You spend the next several minutes trotting a circle around the area.
  340. >You can pretty much tell he does this to every recruit.
  341. >The ground is worn and divoted, not an ounce of grass to be seen.
  342. >Your legs are burning by the 20th lap.
  343. >Fucking Liver
  344. >Failing and sending you to Equestria.
  345. >Fucking
  346. >Liver.
  347. >Shining stops you"Alright. We're moving onto wing training next" he says holding a wing harness.
  348. "...How long we gonna be doing training again?"
  349. >"Three hours a day for a month"
  352. --
  354. >"17...18...19...20...21,..Come on Anon you got this!" Shining armour goads you on.
  355. >You're current Strapped into what you can only describe as a bowflex for pegasi
  356. >You standing on your hind legs as your hooves are locked with straps to the handles on the side of the machine.
  357. >You're wearing a wing harness, every time you flap your wing in motion your lifting about 90 pounds for each one.
  358. >You're in hell!
  359. "I don't think my wings are made to do this"
  360. >"Nonsense, You flew to the moon and carried the charriot, You can do it!"
  361. >Argh, you can feel your shoulder blades screaming. You still press on.
  362. >"31..32..,33...34"He keeps counting "Come on, you got Captains blood, You got 20 more!"
  363. >His pep talk seems to actually be doing something. You keep pressing forward, feeling your muscles in your wings pulse and flex.
  364. >Feeling a bit less pained.... Yeah you got this!
  365. >"46...47,,,48...49...and 50" he say satisfied as the weights lower, he releases your wing from the harness and unstraps you.
  366. >You loose track of the next couple of hours.
  367. >Buck strength exercises, Reflex training. Some sort of wing based push up. All and more occur as your first day of training ends perfectly.
  368. >You're surprised how you don't feel completely like crap.
  369. >Probably due to not being as heavy as you used to be.
  370. >"Hey you two" A feminine voice speaks as the both of you trot into the castle carrying your armor in a sack. You both turn finding Cadence holding a tray with glasses of lemonade.
  371. >"Hey Cadence" Shining armor smiled.
  372. >"I was told you'd be training one of Aunt Luna's new gaurds. So I thought you two could use something lemonade to drink"
  373. You nod with out thinking, grabbing a glass and drinking it do- "GRERRRK!"
  374. >Your face crunches. together.
  375. >"Oh, I..ran out of concentrate so I had to use real lemons"Cadence explains holding her hoof to her mouth in embarrassment
  376. >"How much sugar did you use?"Shining asks trying to supress a laugh at your face.
  377. >"Same as the concentrate"
  378. You groan loudly "BWAAAAGH" Use more to compensate!"
  379. >They both bust out laughing at that.
  380. >"I actually wanted to bring strawbery milk, but Shining here has an aversion to it.
  381. >"I'd rather have Cider is all" He defends himself
  382. >"I've heard it's far healthier to stay away from apple drinks while exercising though" cadence responds
  383. "I wouldn't mind milk" You say as your face gets back feeling and feels less crunched up.
  384. >"Ahem, sorry to interrupt" Luna appears behind you. "We have errands to do in ponyville" She tells you "I thank you Shining Armor clearing your schedule for Anon"
  385. >"No trouble at all" He smiles before turning to you "One hundred wing up tonight before bed" He demands.
  386. >You begrudgedly nod as Luna leads you away.
  387. "So what will we do in ponyville?"You ask
  388. >Luna closed her eyes "I've grown fond of a few brands that are exclusive to the town" She answered quickly sounding not entirely proud. "So get dressed so we can depart."
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