An Anonymous Werewolf

Jan 24th, 2016
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  1. >You're Non Anonymous, A secondary medical school graduate, working in the local Ponyville hospital.
  2. >Your parents would be oh so very proud, especially your beloved mother, whom had been the lead nurse for the Surgery department of the hospital.
  3. >She was the soul of the unit.
  4. >So she was the heart of your household.
  5. >Heck, you worked side by side with her after you've graduated.
  6. >But then it happened.
  7. >Your parents had took an indefinite forced vacation from this world, and you almost followed.
  8. >But you escaped from the gravedigger's shovel.
  9. >Scarred, scared and damaged.
  10. >Six months ago.
  11. >Five of which you've spent in the hospital on the bed and under the lancet.
  12. >Now, you're left with some large scars on your hands and back, small ones sent into oblivion by masterful skill of plastic surgery.
  13. >But there's something no plastic surgeon can fix.
  14. >Your heart.
  15. >"Hey Non. Wandering off again?"
  16. >You turn around, and see the leader of the Surgery department, Nurse Redheart.
  17. >You're at work, on a day shift, and currently sitting over paperwork in the nurse's office.
  18. >And behind you, Nurse Redheart.
  19. >She's been acting almost like a second Mother to you, and had supported you after your parents death.
  20. >If it wasn't for her, your recovery wouldn't be that swift.
  21. >Without her, you wouldn't probably heal as well as you've did.
  22. >Doctors said that it was almost a miracle.
  23. >And as soon you could work, you returned to the ride.
  24. >The surgery is a wild ride.
  25. >Be it the fact that the entire department tipples first league, or that this is the place where injuries that don't fit anywhere go.
  26. >Either way, there are no breaks on this train, and you're enjoying that, only the dead know the peace from this fun.
  27. "Yeah, sorry. Still hard to concentrate, I have to get into the rhythm."
  28. >"That's fine. The girl on three, Rainbow Dash, I think, needs her transfusion changed. Natrium Chloratum, in distilled water. You know the drill, physiological dilution."
  29. "Right I'll be there. Where's her card?"
  30. >"On my table."
  31. >You stand up from your chair, and walk over to the Nurse's table.
  32. >You pick up the yellow folder, and open it, taking a read through papers inside.
  33. >Alright.
  34. >Dehydration, broken left ulna, minor bruises and cuts. Some bigger ones though, those had to be sewn together, and a minor concussion in suspection.
  35. >Sporty girl, from the picture.
  36. >You can't miss that ridiculously dyed hair.
  37. >A rainbow dye.
  38. >Right, Physiological dilution.
  39. >You walk over to one of the cubicles in the room.
  40. >You grab a big glass bottle full of a clear liquid, check the label.
  41. > 0.9% Natrium Chloratum, in H20.
  42. >And a new infusion set.
  43. >Mhm.
  44. >You take a trolley, put the bottle on it, along with disinfection and a couple sterile gauze squares, along with rubber gloves.
  45. >Nice.
  46. >You push the trolley, walking through the white hallways of the hospital.
  47. >Room one, two and three.
  48. >You open the door and drive the trolley in.
  49. >Bed three.
  50. >A rainbow haired girl with the roughest hairstyle possible, a cannula in her wrist, and a few stitches on her arm, lies on the bed.
  51. >You roll the cart closer, whilst looking at the identification band on her other wrist.
  52. "Are you Rainbow Dash?"
  53. >"Yup, that's me, Sir..."
  54. >That voice sounds like the voice of a jet pilot.
  55. >Cocky, daring and not worried to go into the danger zone.
  56. >She peers a little to read over the name tag on your pocket.
  57. "Anonymous. I'm here to switch the transfusion"
  58. >"Right, go ahead!"
  59. >She pulls up the arm with the cannula in it, but you instead smile, and shake your head.
  60. >You walk over to the transfusion stand, and swap out the sets.
  61. >When you're about to connect the new bottle, the Rainbowed girl speaks up.
  62. >"Why did you exchange the entire set lf pipes and gizmos instead of only the bottle?"
  63. "It's a nursing standard." You kindly say and connect the full bottle onto the transfusion set.
  64. >"And what's your number?"
  65. >Surprised you turn your head at the patient.
  66. >Your. phone. number.
  67. >What. the. heck.
  68. "Why?"
  69. >"Well, you look like a decent guy, and I thought we could maybe hit up a few shots or something like that."
  70. >Alright. This is completely new.
  71. >And you didn't even try, she's trying to pull your phone number out of your throat.
  72. >Did she just pick you up?
  73. >Nah, she has to be joking, right?
  74. >A quick look on her face reveals that she isn't.
  75. >Urk.
  76. >You pull out the small notebook from your pocket, pull out a pen and scribble your number on the paper.
  77. >Then, you rip the page out, and give it to the girl.
  78. . . . .
  79. >Wasn't this supposed to happen in reverse?
  84. >You're sitting in the nurse's office, your morning shift coming to an end.
  85. >Hooray for low patient numbers, otherwise you'd be here until six in the evening.
  86. >Instead, the shifts exchange in faster intervals of six hours, instead of the usual seven, except for the night shifts.
  87. >The lead nurse Redheart sharing a similar level of enthusiasm, happy that she'll be coming home.
  88. >"Want a ride home, Non?"
  89. "Yeah, sure. Thanks."
  90. >"I'll finish this report and we can go."
  91. "Thanks, you're great."
  92. >She's been acting so nicely to you after your parent's death.
  93. >And she's continuing to be the second most important woman you've ever met.
  94. >Supportive, and nice towards you and all the people she had worked with.
  95. >Heck, she even stayed with you in the hospital when you were recovering from the wounds you've gained from you encounter with the wolf that killed your parents.
  96. >You see it like it was yesterday.
  97. >And shake your head and sigh, pushing the grim things out of your head.
  98. >Standing up, you make your way to the changing rooms, beyond the nurse's office, which is neatly connected with an elevator to the ground floor.
  99. >You make your way to the showers.
  100. >After a brief and cold shower, you put your uniform into the laundry basket in the corner of the room, and put on your civil clothes..
  101. >Taking the elevator, you walk out of the hospital, pulling out a package of smokes, walking over to one of the spots near the parking lots, marked as "Smoke Here"
  102. >With a trained jerk of your hand, you pull one out and light it, blowing out smoke.
  103. >Along with another trained move, you press down on the filter.
  104. >A popping sound echoes from the cigarette.
  105. >You pull out another load of smoke from the cigarette, finding it pleasantly flavoured with menthol.
  106. >Watching the clear blue midday sky, you blow out a smoke cloud, with a small sigh.
  107. >Pulling out another load of smoke from the cigarette towards your lungs, you see Redheart rushing out of the hospital with a handbag and her car keys in hand.
  108. >You chuckle at the sight, and manage to fall into a cough, pushing out smoke from your nose and mouth.
  109. >After you're finished coughing, and wincing, Redheart finally walks up to you, with a grin on her face.
  110. >"You know it's not healthy to smoke!"
  111. >With a smile and another pull out of your cigarette, you jokingly breath out the cloud of smoke from your lungs straight back at her.
  112. "Nor is drinking and taking medication healthy, especially for your liver and kidneys."
  113. >"Touche."
  114. "Let me finish this, then we can go." You say, smiling, along with another pull of the cigarette, and more cloud breathing.
  115. >Redheart always said you look like a tropical volcano when smoking.
  116. >She finds it hilarious.
  117. >Even now, she's grinning, leant up against the walls of the oncology department.
  118. >Wait, oncology?
  119. >The irony burns.
  120. >Grinning, you take in another smoke cloud, and breath it out, watching the hospital compound.
  121. >"What's funny?"
  122. "Just the irony. I'm smoking next to oncology."
  123. >Your friend chuckles.
  124. >"Say, want to stay over for lunch? I've made borscht and pancakes."
  125. "If I ever say no to this arrangement, you have the right to shoot me."
  126. >"Will do and remember."
  127. >You take in a last breath of smoke, dropping the butt of the cigar into a nearby trashcan.
  128. "Let's go, then." You say, and breath out the last cloud of smoke.
  129. >You follow the Nurse to her car, and once she unlocks it, you sit down into the shotgun seat, strapping in your seatbelt.
  130. >Leaning back slightly, you watch as Nurse Redheart leads the car out of the Hospital parking lot, and driving it through the half dead city streets, towards the block of flats she lives in.
  131. >The hospital buildings are quickly changed for the city streets, the last bits of snow lying about like miniature Alps, melting under the sun.
  132. >"You know, you're doing amazing, all things considered."
  133. "What do you mean?" You ask, as the car waits at traffic lights.
  134. >"Well, you know. The thing half a year ago?"
  135. "Yeah, I guess. Not enough time to think. I missed their funeral, you know. I was in a medically induced coma at the time. Not that there's anything to miss. I'm not a fan of funerals."
  136. >"I feel for you. But you're doing really well!"
  137. >An uneventful ride later, you're sitting in one of the chairs in Redheart's apartment, the pleasant smell of her cooking punching through your nostrils.
  138. >A large bowl of soup is set down infront of you, and you happily dig in.
  139. >A filling meal later, you an Redheart are sitting in the living room, watching television and enjoying a nice laid back day, like two really old friends.
  141. >When you're about to leave in the late evening, right before sunset, your friend accompanies you home.
  142. >you're walking through the city edge, forest taking over the area.
  143. >"Nice evening, isn't it? I'm sure the moon will be beautiful above the clear skies."
  144. "I never thought you were into stargazing."
  145. >"I enjoy it a bit. It's nice seeing that there are things beyond this earth."
  146. >You smile and look up.
  147. >The sun is setting, giving in to the dark and grimy night, the city to be soon covered by the veil of the night, only streetlamps daring to pierce it.
  148. >As the moon rises, your stomach spins.
  149. >You feel like you're going to vomit out your entire digestive tract.
  150. >Nausea, probably too much beer and pancakes.
  151. "I need a minute. A little headspin."
  152. >"Yeah, sure. Need help?"
  153. >Instead of replying, your head spins, and you stumble.
  154. >Nurse Redheart chuckles, and takes you by the shoulder.
  155. >"Here, I'll help you. See that bench?"
  156. >The nurse kindly walks over with you to the bench.
  157. >You sit down, and your nausea gets worse.
  158. >You lean over the edge of the bench.
  159. >And you puke your guts out.
  160. >Fuck.
  161. >Redheart surprised looks over to you.
  162. >"You okay, Non?"
  163. >You're sitting there.
  164. >Was the moon always this bright?
  165. >Was it always this mesmerising?
  166. >You're staring at the moon.
  167. >The moon looks like a giant white circle, floating above the night sky.
  168. >A sharp pain sends you into a giant cringe.
  169. >Your legs spas,the joints cracking.
  170. >The skin on your legs coats itself with black fur and your feet change into paws.
  171. >You cry out in pain as the changes progress to your chest, your chest expanding with new muscles.
  172. >Nurse redheart jumps back.
  173. >Your hand bones break and change, more muscle gain.
  174. >The black fur spreads over your arms, your finger nails expanding into claws.
  175. >You face bones break into a muzzle and force themselves out.
  176. >Your ears move upwards, just as a black layer of fur spreads over it.
  177. >A loud howl from your throat resonates throughout the area.
  179. >You turn around, and see a human with light pink hair tied into a top knot.
  180. >"N-N-Non?"
  181. >You slowly walk closer to her.
  182. >"I-I-It's me, Nurse Redheart, your friend!"
  183. >You're growling.
  184. >"You wouldn't hurt a friend, would you?"
  185. >You swipe your claw at her.
  186. >And miss.
  187. >"N-Non, I'll hurt you, if you get too close."
  188. >She steps back, but you get closer and closer.
  189. >Once you're around half a feet away, to your large surprise, she pulls out a bottle of something.
  190. >It smells awful, it smells like death.
  191. >You edge away, tail between the legs.
  192. >She opens it, and spills half of the bottle on you.
  193. >God, it burns!
  194. >You writhe under the pain.
  195. >As you're squirming on the ground, she dashes around you with the bottle, pouring it's contents on the ground around you.
  196. >Then, she leaps on your back and ties your neck to your arms and legs with a chain.
  197. >You can't move an inch.
  198. >She then leaps off your back, and steps into your head, springing up from it.
  199. >You're growling at her, but that's the only thing you can do.
  200. >"Silence, mutt."
  201. >You growl louder and bark.
  202. >She steps closer, and delivers a swift kick to your face, knocking you out.
  203. >In the morning, you awake with a splintering headache.
  204. >You want to rub your forehead, but you can't move an inch.
  205. >A look around, and you see you're in some sort of a stone room.
  206. >No windows.
  207. >Nothing, just a bare stone room.
  208. >You waddle over to one of the walls, and mange to stand up.
  209. >Your legs are bound above your knees, so you can slightly walk.
  210. >There's a massive door on one end of the room.
  211. >You grab once of the bars, and immediately let go of it.
  212. >Ow.
  213. >You look at your hands, a red bar in the spot where you held the bars.
  214. "Is anyone there!?" You shout out, banging on the door with your wrists.
  215. >"S-Sorry! I'll be right there!" A girlish voice says, and you hear steps on the stone flooring outside.
  216. >A pink haired girl, with the most halfhearted expression on her face stands outside.
  217. "Would you let me out?"
  218. >"I-I'll ask Dash."
  219. "Thank you."
  220. >The girl walks off, and soon a very familiar face shows up.
  221. >Well, more like a very familiar fluff of hair.
  222. >"Good morning, puppy." She says, and leans in closer.
  223. "Would you let me out?"
  224. >"Why, yes of course. But you have a lot of explaining to do."
  225. >The shy girl pulls out a big keying and unlocks the door.
  226. >She then walks over, and unlocks the chains that bonded you.
  227. "I can't tell you a lot, though. I don't even know what the hell happened."
  228. >"Well, look at yourself. Your clothes are torn and tattered, and you smell like a flower field." Rainbow Dash says.
  229. "I don't even know what happened after the moon risen yesterday."
  230. >"Oh, you do remember, I know it. You just don't want to tell us. I sure you're famished, how about a lunch?"
  231. >Instead of replying, your stomach grumbles.
  232. >"I take that as a yes. Follow me, please. We'll discuss the matter over lunch."
  233. >You're lead up a set of stairs, to some sort of a hall, big windows around both sides, the light piercing them, creating a colorful cascade.
  234. >You look outside.
  235. >You see Ponyville below you.
  236. >Wait, below?
  237. >Of course! This has to be Canterlot castle!
  238. >The castle from Princess Celestia rules over the land.
  239. >Still a monarchy.
  240. >The castle is standing on a mountain, slightly hanging off from it, creating almost a mythical atmosphere.
  241. >Along with a shadow over Ponyville.
  242. >You're introduced to one of the big chairs on the side of the massive round table.
  243. >"I'm sorry, I and Fluttershy have to attend to some important matter. We'll leave you here, but we'll join you for the lunch."
  244. >You nod.
  245. >The girls that accompanied you leave the room, but before they do, you shout over at them.
  246. "Can I smoke out here?"
  247. >"Yes, but try not to burn a hole through the flooring."
  248. >The girls leave and you stand up, walking to one of the windows, opening it with a doorknob.
  249. >Your pants and shirt are slightly torn in some places, but they hold, and aren't even dirty.
  250. >Heck, your swear your pants look better.
  251. >You hunt in your pocket with your hand, and pull out a package of your cigarettes, along with a lighter.
  252. >Now, let's recap what you know.
  254. >You pull out one of the cigarettes and light it.
  255. >So, what happened last night?
  256. >You pull in some smoke from the cigarette.
  257. >Redheart invited you for lunch, and you stayed for the day and left in the evening.
  258. >You sigh and breath out a cloud of gray smoke out of the window.
  259. >Then, you've gotten nauseous and managed to vomit out your stomach contents, what happened afterwards?
  260. >Do you really remember? The events of last night are shrouded in a veil of darkness, you can hardly remember anything.
  261. >Thinking, you press down the filter of the cigarette, a loud pop, and you're pulling on it again.
  262. >Black fur, paws, then pain and uncontrollable anger.
  263. >The memories are torn and tattered, you don't remember much.
  264. >Wait! How could've you forgotten! Redheart! What happened to her?!
  265. >You hunt in your possessions that lie in your pocket again, and manage to pull out your phone.
  266. >It's undamaged, only a little cool.
  267. >You unlock it, open the messaging app.
  268. >But there's no service out here.
  269. >Literally no phone signal.
  270. >Damn...
  271. >Hopefully the mysterious Rainbow Haired girl will explain more.
  272. >If not, you'll be seriously angry.
  273. >It's not like you've ever been good at fighting.
  274. >Not that you would ever hit a girl..
  275. >Just like dad used to say.
  276. >"Never hit a woman. Because they hit back harder than you can imagine."
  277. >You sigh.
  278. >Since that faithful evening six months ago.
  279. >Oh, how you miss them both.
  280. >How you miss your dad's jokes, how you miss your mom's cooking.
  281. >How much you miss the summer holidays you've spent roaming around the region, being to all the interesting sights possible.
  282. >How much you miss all the day and night shifts in the hospital with your mother, how many lives you helped to save.
  283. >And in the end, you couldn't have helped save two simple lives.
  284. >Oh, how you miss them both.
  285. >You pull down a load of smoke towards your lungs, trying to suffocate the wave of sorrow and sadness, but there's nothing you can do.
  286. >Nothing.
  287. >Nothing you could do now and nothing you could've done back then.
  288. >You breath out the last cloud of smoke, and throw the butt of the cigarette out of the window.
  289. >You close the window, and just as you're about to sit down, a tall figure in white clothing, followed by a slightly shorter one, in dark blue enter the room.
  290. >The taller one bears the sun, the sing of the ruler, the shorter one the one of the moon, the one of the dauphin.
  291. >But they're both in somewhat causal attire.
  292. >Can they be Luna Moon, and Tia Celest, the two regal sisters ruling over the land?
  293. >You never cared much. Nor neither of them ever went out to the public much.
  294. >Some even say they both practiced some occult and scary things.
  295. >Gossip, the supernatural is a joke.
  296. >They sit opposite to each other, both on one end of the table.
  297. >"Ah, our guest! Welcome to Canterlot Castle! Please, have a seat, the food will be here shortly." The taller one speaks up, her voice spilling with authority and responsibility.
  298. >You bow down your head slightly, and sit back down where Rainbow had originally seated you.
  299. >"You must be the man that Rainbow Dash was so talkative about! Please, do tell us!" The shorter one speaks up, obviously younger, judging both by her voice and the tone diametraly different from the one of her old sister had set.
  300. "Well, I'm not special. I work in the Ponyville hospital, I'm a good shot, look great in a tuxedo and mix a mean Martini."
  301. >"Ah, apologies. My sister had not asked properly. What's your alignment towards the supernatural? Miss Dash had mentioned lycantrophy, but perhaps you could shed some more light." The taller one asks, smiling slightly, as the service brings drinks and glasses.
  302. >Wait what? Lycantrophy, as if werewolf? You must be hearing things.
  303. "I must've heard something wrong. Did you say Lycantrophy? As if the wolfman curse?"
  304. >"Yes! Dash and Redheart said something that you were a very strong lycantrophe! Probably one with some sort of a long heritage!" The shorter of the two sisters says.
  305. "That's a joke, right? Everyone knows that the supernatural is just a joke, a scary story for the children. Nothing else."
  306. >"Then everyone is quite solidly mistaken. Or more accurately, we and the Vatican had allowed them to stay in a state of blissful ignorance. For more than five hundred years, the royal family had been cooperating with Vatican operatives in order to keep the city streets safe from the hell's servants. Vampires, demons, you name it. Including werewolves. But recently, the Vatican has began using willing lycantrophes as sort of hunting dogs. In exchange for keeping their curse in control."
  307. "And I'm supposed to be a werewolf!? That's bollocks. Neither of my parents, even if the supernatural was real, couldn't have any sort of alignment with it. Mom was a lead nurse of the Surgery department, and my father was a locksmith. Neither of them went anywhere towards any sort of occult practices."
  308. >"And how can you be so sure?" You turn around, to see Nurse Redheart standing in the doorway.
  309. >She sits down opposite to you and continues to talk. "I and your mother were the best monster hunters on the continent. But, your mother had left business because she was expecting you, with some sort of a royal descendant from a line of werewolves. You're a pure blood, Non. And yesterday, on your twenty second birthday, the curse had finally manifested itself. Thankfully, I was around, and managed to knock you out. Still weak as a puppy. But a puppy of a hunting dog, nonetheless. Then I took you here. Miss Tia and Luna had hidden you in the basements of the castle, until the morning. But we need to know what happened on that evening your parents died. Your mother was as clean as snow, she was a normal human, unlike your father. Even if you have took the curse after your father, there's no way that you could end up being so powerful."
  310. >This is a completely different Redheart than you know.
  311. >Not the friendly Nurse, the aging woman with a smile on her face, the devoted Nurse.
  312. >No, this Redheart is cool and calculated, focused on you and the problem at hand.
  313. >It's new. And you don't like it.
  315. "So you want to know the events of that faithful night six months ago? The night when I lost my dearest?"
  316. >"We all know it'll be difficult for you. But if it's vital to the matter at hand." The older one of the the two royal sisters says.
  317. >You sigh and look around.
  318. >Redheart's expression is as enigmatic as ever.
  319. >The younger one, the dark blue haired of the duo of sisters has a curious expression on her face, not even trying to hide her enthusiasm.
  320. >The elder one of the sisters has an aloof expression.
  321. "And if I'll tell you, you'll help me? Will you?"
  322. >"We'll try. I swear Non Anonymous, I swear to my honor. I'll try to help as much as my powers and authorities allow me." The currently ruling sister, Tia says.
  323. >You sigh.
  324. >One day, you had to talk.
  325. >That day would come sooner or later, that day when you had to speak of those events on that fateful night six months ago.
  326. >And the less time you'll have to let it boil inside you, the less it'll burn.
  327. "I see it like it was yesterday.."
  328. >You begin explaining.
  329. >It was a nice evening.
  330. >Six months ago, you were a year after finishing your studies.
  331. >Year in the industry, and year after your graduation party.
  332. >You invited both of your parents to a dinner, over at one of the local restaurants.
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