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  1. (8:21:02 PM) xKamazhi: "Well then. This'll be fun." the Elf took a bow to his superior Fandral, turning away and making his respectful exit. In no time, he'd started sprinting down pathways, stopping at nothing. Until he arrived to the cousin's house, nearly two hours of running later. He pounded on the door several times, "Laurel? Open up, I need some help here!" he shouted, jiggling the door handle, giving a few more pounds and bangs to the door. "Your cousin Castien is in some serious legal trouble right now..."
  3. (Shortest starter ever ._.)
  4. (8:27:31 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  The Lunar was in his study combining potions. "Easy...easy" the two concoctions were quite unstable but if combined the right way, they would produce the fastest healing remedy to date. Laurel tipped the vial carefully, the necessary drop hanging on edge for what seemed like forever. Just as the small green drop was about to relent the pounding on the door made him jump, sending the entire contents of the vial into the other bottle. A small explosion could be heard and a minute late he opened the door with a growl, wiping splatters of purple and green off his pale face. “What?!” growled the smaller in an irritated tone. His emerald hues landed on the familiar face. “Oh. Kamazhi. What brings you here?” He was still pretty miffed, but a visit from the Night Elf was rare.
  6. (8:31:25 PM) xKamazhi: The Night Elf held up a small sheet of parchment paper. On it, in Darnassian script, were various writings and scribbles over it - intentionally illegible to any other brand, but in any case, the document didn't look like a positive one, and on it there was a brief sketching of Castien. He only held it forth for a couple of seconds before retracting it and folding it up into the bag hanging at his belt. "I already knew he was your cousin, but as of now he's quite literally one of the most wanted Elves for interrogation on behalf of my race. I'd love to stay and visit but it's urgent I speak with him over some ... questionably legal matters."
  8. (8:38:11 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  Laurel scanned the paper quickly. He didn't have to really read it through to know that Castien was in trouble. “Honestly this doesn't surprise me.” Handing back over he let out a sigh. “Let me guess, you want me to bring him to you?” The silverette crossed his arms and stared long and hard at Kama. “Castien and I have a rocky relationship but he trusts me above anyone else in our family. While I do love him if he's done something wrong he needs to own up to it. So if you want or need my help, I will give it to you.”
  10. (8:41:29 PM) xKamazhi: "Very well. My kind does not believe in punishment without proof the suspect is of guilt, he's safe." the Elf said, "I'll be here." but that didn't exactly mean he had to say anything in relation to the interrogation processes. He turned around, facing away from the door. Fidgeting with his belt, the small strap-based buckle in the very front could be heard unclacking. Ready to be used as a makeshift pair of hand restraints should the need arise.
  12. (8:47:24 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  “Duva will be able to track him in no time. We won't be long.” Laurel grabbed his cloak and called out to his silent husband. The shapeshifter appeared without so much making footsteps and the two were off. As promised it had only taken them fifteen minutes before the three could be seen walking down the path toward the house. Both Laurel and Duva held neutral expressions, giving the impression that Castien didn't know what awaited him. Laurel opened the door to his home and gestured the two in before entering and closing the door behind him. “Castien...whats this about you being in trouble with the Night Elves?” His voice was stern and sincere. The brunette shifted uncomfortably. “Oh that. Eh, you don't need to worry about that short stuff.”  Castien ruffled the silver locks. “So whats this about you having a new healing potion?”
  14. (8:55:54 PM) xKamazhi: While the Lunar went off, the Night went in, stepping in through the door and pulling his belt from the loops, fastening it around itself into a loop. A rather small one, but not so to prevent him from quickly slipping it over Castien's hands when they returning. He faded from sight, and leaned against the nearest wall, waiting, watching, in dead silence. His long ears finally heard them approaching. He took a long, deep breath as they entered and, as soon as he was telling the other 'not to worry about that stuff', he'd revealed himself directly behind Castien and, in one quick motion, had the belt tightly around both of his hands, behind his back - then locked into place. "Yeah. Don't worry about any of that kind of stuff." the Night Elf said, leaning inn to whisper directly to his ear. "It's not that big of a deal." he said, and even quieter, "nor do they need to know."
  16. "I'll be taking him with me for the next... fourish days, tops." he said, pulling a decently-weighted and rather valuable chunk of gold from his pocket, and handing it to Laurel. "Spend it wisely." he chuckled. "We're off, now."
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  23. (9:08:35 PM) xKamazhi: I... didnt get it ._. )
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  28. (9:15:47 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  Castien growled as the belt slipped over his wrists. His honey colored eyes glared daggers at Laurel who buried his face into Duva's chest. “I fucking trusted you Laurel. Thats right. Hide your shame.” The silverette glared back at his cousin and snapped, “You told me you were done with getting in trouble! I trusted that you did and now don't look at me like I betrayed you. You need to start taking responsibility for your actions.” With that the brunette was taken away. Laurel looked at the chunk of gold in his hand with a slight look of disgust before shaking his head. “He needs to learn. Its for his own good.”  
  30.  Castien struggled against the Night Elf. “Let me go you piece of shit. I didn't do anything.” Whether he had or hadn't, only he knew but he wasn't about to go quietly. The brunette was pissed as all hell, trying the best he could to hurt Kama in the difficult position he was in.
  32. (9:23:16 PM) xKamazhi: With his large hand clenched tightly over the belt that held Castien's hands together, there was no escape from him, though taking him away was difficult, one had to admit. He opened the front door, stepped out, kicking it shut behind him. As he was heading down the previous paths, he didn't make it more than 20 feet before he finally got fed up with it, slamming the other elf chest-first into a tree, and digging his shoulder into the other elf's back to shove him up against it. "Didn't do anything..? Did you? Then why have over 20 of my kind seen you snoopin' around enemy territory?" he held him there against the tree, quite uncomfortably for several moments before slamming his fist into the other elf's hip. "Now you calm yourself or by the goddess I'll choke you out and drag you back to my place." he ordered, but didn't let that go without a boomingly loud "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" right into his lengthy ear.
  34. (9:29:09 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  The smaller male grunted as he made contact with the tree, gritting his teeth as the shoulder dug into his skin. He was well aware of what he might have done but he wanted to know just what Kama thought he did. A bitter chuckle slipped passed his lips. “Is that all? God damn you guys are fucking dumb. If that's all you have against me then I'll be free in no time.” he blow to his hip made him cry out, groaning in pain and the loud booming voice in his ear made him cringe. “Aw fuck! Alright al-fucking-right. I can here you. Well not so much sincere theres an annoying RINGING IN MY EAR.” He may be in slight pain but he wasn't about to drop his attitude. “Where the hell are you taking me anyway?”
  36. (9:38:01 PM) xKamazhi: Kamazhi reached down into his bag with his free hand, tugging a small rag from it, and shoving it into the other elf's mouth. The question of where they were going was all that he had the right to ask, really. Farther and farther down the rocky path they went. "In my pocket I have an entire sheet of paper full of offenses you've committed. One tiny disrespectful act after another, you were ignored until it all built up and was brought to my attention. Finally at once I realized I know the perfect way to get you, that pretty little cousin of yours. To earn his trust I helped him out on those potion things he works on, and even seduced him at one point. That's none of your business, though. All you need to know is I got permission to interrogate you for the next three days. It's funny, though, I don't interrogate criminals. I play with them." he chuckled darkly, carelessly spitting onto the other elf's cheek.
  38. Several hours of walking, later, there was the entrance to the great city of Darnassus, and seeing as Kamazhi was well-known and respected, nobody so much as second glanced the fact that he was nearly abusing another Elf. "Lights out." he whispered, kicking at the other elf's feet to knock him down. Of course, he went down with him, arm wrapped around the other elf's neck to pull him out of consciousness so as not to remember just where Kama's personal enclave was within the city. Tighter, tighter, the Night Elf grunted and his arm shook with just how much force he had to put forth to stop the bloodflow.
  40. (9:49:44 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  He let out another grunt as the rag gagged him. Eyes narrowed in a glare that promised that he elf would pay. Still his face paled a few shades upon learning that Kama had a list. Now the Night Elf had his attention. Castien hung on every word that was uttered, growling menacingly when Laurel was mentioned. While he was mad at Laurel, he was still one of the few of his family members who cared for him. Castien didn't care what happened to him. He could die here as death was something he did not fear. But to know that this elf had used Laurel, well now it was personal and he was suddenly grateful for his cousin's marriage to the shapeshifter. He continued to listen to the other's ramblings, now fuled by anger. Castien hadn't exactly understood what Kama meant by “play” but he was sure he was about to find out.  
  42.  With little time to react to “lights out” he was caught off guard. The brunette struggled as best he could, clinging the the last bits of consciousness and fighting to stay awake. No avail, darkness surrounded him and he slipped into what would probably be the last few pleasant dreams he would ever have.
  44. (9:59:03 PM) xKamazhi: Citizens of the Darnassian city literally walked right past the larger Elf, straining as much as he did to knock the smaller one out cold. He laughed softly to himself just as Castien started to doze off and away, that was probably slightly easier than it should have been. He got up and off of the other Elf, resting his hand on the back of Castien's neck. "Ohohoh don't you fret." he said, giving the neck a light rubbing.
  46. "This'll be plenty fun." he said, then picking him up and off of the ground, literally carrying him away over his shoulder. Though the various districts and housing areas until he came up to one of the largest trees around, so big it actually was a spiral-staircase to underground. Through a large opening, down the steps inside of it, until finally he was in his 'home'.
  48. This wasn't so much where he lived, as he normally slept at whatever Inn was closest to him, but it was technically his residence. Castien was literally dropped on the floor near the entrance, and he made his way over to one of his tables, sweeping it's contents off and onto the ground - nothing more than a few books, really. He pounded on it a few times, testing it's durability. Good enough. Castien was lifted up and onto it, on his back, legs hanging off the edge of the table at his knees. He started to get to work pulling his belt off of the hands from underneath the other Elf, planning to use that very belt as well as another from his dresser to hold his arms up, attaching them to the legs of the table; and that he did.
  50. (10:17:58 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  Dreams of his family, his acquaintances and everyone he had met. How appropriate for his life to somewhat flash before his eyes in dream form. The other elf had knocked him into quite a deep unconsciousness that when he finally stirred he thought for a split second that he was back at the inn he'd been staying at. That is until he felt the bindings around his wrists. “Here I thought it was all a dream...well maybe I just had a fun-” his eyes fell on Kama, “-fuck.” was all he could say. Castien tugged on the restraints again before laughing. “Aren't ya supposed to take me to dinner first? I mean breaking out the kinky stuff on the first date is a little bold.”  
  52.  Yes he still held the attitude but someone as trained as the Night Elf would know it was a mask. Truth be told the half lunar was actually a little afraid. Being bound by someone he didn't know, and whom he was sure didn't want to fuck him (without killing him after at least) was a little unnerving. He shifted his legs a little to see if he still had his weapons on him, though he highly doubted it.
  54. (10:25:38 PM) xKamazhi: The other Elf still had everything on him, completely, indeed. He hadn't quite taken to stripping him down just yet. In fact, his hands were all that he'd managed to restrain so far. He made his way across the room, pulling out a large coil of rope, and setting it down on Castien's chest. He started plucking things right off of his own waist, each of his daggers, his bag, poison vials, coin sack. Everything came off. "Oh, it was a dream, but don't worry love, the fun night is yet to come." he said, patting Castien's chest. He could be as cocky as he wanted to, but at the end of the day, it was the Kal'dorei who had the bragging rights in this scenario.
  56. So as not to get kicked in the face, each of the other elf's legs were pricked with the tip of one of his daggers, which was thoroughly coated in a green fluid. The cut to his legs only went a good inch or so in, but the poison only took a good 30 seconds to act, severely reducing motor responsiveness. This made it easier for him to tie down Castien's legs to the tables, without the risk of.. resistance. "Don't worry about dinner though," he chuckled. "You won't be needing that. Figure taking you out for drinks will have to do." and with that, the second leg was tied, his mind already hatching too many ideas of things to do to even keep track of.
  58. (10:42:06 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  Castien was rather surprised that all his things were still on him. A man who didn't have to strip his capture of his weapons was either too confident or too killed. Kama looked like a cocky bastard and every time he spoke, Castien wanted to drive a dagger through his throat, but the Night Elf held an certain aura. The very aura that said he was not to be trifled with and the brunette was suddenly aware of what kind of situation he was in. Kama's tone of voice as he spoke sent chills up his spine and made him sick to his stomach.  
  60.  He jumped as his legs were pricked and felt the effects almost immediately. That was when the panic set in. He tried to thrash as wildly as possible but found that there was no response in his legs. 'Fuck fuck fuck' was all that went through his mind. The weight of the situation was bearing down on him and he it finally settled in just what was about to happen. “What exactly do you want?” his voice was calm yet there was a bit of a waver at the end.
  62. (10:53:14 PM) xKamazhi: The Elf literally ignored his question; because he was in no position to be asking them. He just shrugged in response to it, after standing him from the tying of his feet. A glance here, a glance there. "You won't be needing your clothes, so let's get those off first." he said, picking up the same dagger with a bloodied tip from it. First, whatever top he wore, a cur straight up the left side of Castien's torso, then the blade was set aside so that he could start tugging his top off. Carelessly grabbing a fist full of his brown hair to lift his head up so that he could pull his head through, then more cutting to get it off of his other arm after he'd pulled it up and over his shoulderblades. He stared down at Castien's chest for quite a while, before pulling one, then the other of his gloves off, setting those aside with the rest of his things.
  64. He rested his hand just over Castien's heart, feeling the beat of it, the intensity, then down to press and test the rigidity of his ribcage, down it slid to press down lightly on his stomach. "Well, 'least you're not malnourished." he chuckled. "Anyway, let's get this all set in stone." he spoke in a monotone almost, while plucking away whatever else the other elf had besides just weapons, preparing to literally and completely strip him. "I'm supposed to get you to admit guilt for the list of crimes you've committed, but... I don't do things like that. I know you're guilty and that's that. So before I send you off for capital punishment, I'm going to be administering some of my own." he chuckled, patting the other Elf on the crotch. Probably a little too hard, though not intentionally. "From me, to you."
  66. (11:14:23 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  The nervousness he was feeling spiked up upon learning that Kama was going to strip him. The other elf's cool nature of it all made him throw up his walls. “Here we go again with the advances. If ya wanted to see me naked ya should have just asked.” A shiver ran up his spin as the cool air hit his skin. Watching, the other inspect him, he gave a slightly nervous chuckle “No, I try to keep fed and fit.” Castien snorted a little and relaxed. The steady rise and fall of his chest indicated that he had calmed down a little.
  68.  “Should I even ask what I'm being charged with? Though its not like you care. You're convinced.” Kama seemed so sure that he was guilty and that blatant judge of hi character sparked a bit of anger in the half lunar. So the brunette waited until the Night Elf got a little too close. “Hmm, so you're going to punish me for something you -think- I did. That's a pretty fuckin' douchebag move. All I can say is bring it.” With that he turned his head and chomped down on the other's hand. He sunk his teeth in deep until a pool of blood flooded his mouth and dripped down the other's hand.
  70. (11:26:26 PM) xKamazhi: Kamazhi could have easily evaded the biting of his hand, but he didn't. Truth be told he'd be disappointed if Castien didn't take advantage of how dangerously close he'd gotten. But he didn't quite expect the bite to be so ... harsh. The side of his palm split open, and that was no easy task considering just how thick and even cracked his skin was. He pulled his hand back by force, a very small bite of his skin left between the other Elf's teeth. He held his hand up in front of his own face, eying over the blood-oozing rip in it. He was remarkably calm and cool over it all, smiling and sighing. "Alright, then." he whispered in a tone that said 'fine, I can play like that.'
  72. Away went the other Elf's boots, belt, leggings, undergarments. Everything. The larger Elf cracked his neck and each of his knuckles, lifting his own shirt up and off of his own torso, as well as his own boots. Leaving only his tight leather leggings. He hopped right up on the table, straddling the other elf and grabbing his hair again, pulling his head down to the table's surface. Just inches from his face. "That ..." he paused, his arm moving around just out of the other elf's field of vision. A loud shing-like noise could be heard. "kinda hurt." he finished, after stabbing his dagger clean through the other elf's hand and into the leg of the table.
  74. (11:53:09 PM) Barnaby Brooks Jr:  He spit out the small chunk he had taken off but did not hesitate to lick the blood of his lips. “Hmm your blood is amazing. I look forward to biting more chunks out of you.” he said with a snarl. He raised a brow when the other elf responded. Castien watched him undress and couldn't help but admire Kama's masculine form. Has this been another time, another place, he would not have hesitated to try and court him. Licking the remaining blood off his lips, his eyes followed Kama's every movement.  
  75.  A small moan slipped passed his lips as his hair was tugged, sending a jolt of arousal down to his groin. Of course he didn't see the other's arm disappear, he was too busy looking into his captor's eyes, his own shining with challenge. “Give me everything ya got, asshole.” Castien's grin was soon wiped from his face as the knife sliced through his hand. He let out a howl of pain and squeezed his eyes shut. “FUCK!” Hissing, he bucked up against Kama. Like a true masochist, as soon as the burning dulled to just pain, another moan emitted from his throat. “Is that all ya got? I know a big fella like you has more in him.” At this point he was just mocking Kama.
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  78. (12:06:11 AM) xKamazhi: I'm going to go cut my own hands off, now. BBL.
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  80. (12:06:25 AM) xKamazhi: I just typed four MASSIVE paragraphs, well over 1k words.
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  86. (12:07:53 AM) xKamazhi: "Yyyyep." he said quite a dull tone, pulling his injured hand back up from the mess at the leg of the table. In his cupped palm was a slight bit of Castien's blood, with his own still dripping off the side. The hand was held up and over the other Elf's face, and then turned the mixed mess of crimson spilled down over the other elf's face. Anywhere and, pretty much everywhere over it. "I'd normally love to skip right to my kind of fun, but I rather don't mind seeing you in the state you're in." he chuckled, pulling the dagger out of the elf's hand. That one, unpoisoned, was set aside. Two of his diamond-coated blades. One with a mess of red about it, the other a mess of green. The green, being his poison of course. That one was picked up, and held just off to Castien's lips. "I wouldn't advise trying to bite this if I were you. You'd loose a few teeth." he warned, quite literally.
  88. (12:08:04 AM) xKamazhi: Carefully, the blade was snaked around and about inside of the elf's mouth, not only giving him a taste of the disgustingly bitter green fluid, but mostly leaving papercuts about the mouth for the poison to sink into. But his main goal, was a light prick to the very back of each cheek, to nullify the muscles that allowed the other elf to bite down. The blade was retracted after that task at hand had been taken care of, and set back aside. "There we go, try and bite me now." he spat out, holding the broken skin of his hand up to the other elf's lips, and using his other hand to close his mouth and manually seal his lips around it. "It's not too bad, is it..?" he asked, sinking his clothed ass down onto the elf's crotch. "Bet you wish your blood was as bold and heavy as mine." he laughed, pulling his hand back and smacking the elf on the cheek - slow, but the momentum of his hand made it a heavy and rough impact.
  90. (12:08:11 AM) xKamazhi: "Now then." he said, sliding up higher and higher until now he was straddling the other elf at the chest, rather than crotch. He undid the small leather straps that held his leggings together at the crotch, and they split open to reveal the lower parts of his pelvic-V, and even the trace amounts of green pubic hair, though he still was cooped up inside his leggings. "Let's see if that also took out your gagging, hm?" he paused his current task, effortlessly slipping one of his hands down into the other elf's throat, past his tongue, rubbing at the soft flesh as deep as he could get at, observing the reactions.
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