Together Together - Suboi, Gavin .D | | UtIGIXYgMq49

Aug 2nd, 2021
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  1. Lời bài hát Together  Together - Suboi, Gavin .D  | | UtIGIXYgMq49 Lyrics up by [Chorus - Suboi]
  2. I’ve been waiting for this
  3. Don’t let ‘em waste all your time
  4. Strike a line, don’t miss
  5. Beautiful light, in the night
  6. Yeah yeah yeah
  8. [Verse 1 - Suboi]
  9. Anywhere I go (đi đi)
  10. Anywhere I go you follow me anywhere I go (trôi)
  11. Anything we know in the battle of truths
  12. Things we’ve told (biết gì đâu)
  13. Even in the middle of the galaxy I fall (fall fall)
  14. I make that call (bruurrb)
  15. I run to a place (I like)
  16. Where lights don’t fade (never)
  17. Everyday special day (yeah)
  18. In our own way
  19. Throwin into space I gotta love letter to the future
  20. You know everythin’ I do I do I do it for yur
  22. [Pre-chorus - Gavin]
  23. Glitter in the sky
  24. We are looking for the light yeah
  25. I wish to see you tomorrow
  26. And when,
  27. All the stars align
  28. Then I see you eye to eye
  29. In the middle of our own sorrow
  31. [Chorus - Suboi]
  32. I’ve been waiting for this
  33. Don’t let ‘em waste all your time
  34. Strike a line, don’t miss
  35. Beautiful light, in the night
  36. Yeah yeah yeah
  38. [Post-chorus - Suboi]
  39. United, we stand
  40. Divided, we fall
  41. We all run this
  42. Live it up
  43. Don’t you know
  44. Together, we fight
  45. Together, we rise
  46. We all run this
  47. Live it up
  48. Don’t you know
  50. [Suboi]
  51. Entering: the arena
  52. Steppin in, blowin up! Run this game together like a dream
  53. Lighten up ballerinas! Do not messin’ with the team
  54. Look at em look at us, ma-magical theme vs some meme
  55. Saving us from ourselves
  56. Reincarnation stream
  58. [Gavin]
  59. This games well lush in it fam
  60. Didn’t give a danm we in game it’s wicked
  61. 500K in my bag
  62. With my rollies pack
  63. Downs kings cross to meet my missus
  64. Their ain’t no I in this
  65. พรมลิขิต (Destiny)
  66. Cos we’re working back to back
  67. None of that chit chat bruv
  68. Money and fame
  69. Racks on racks on racks
  70. มีโจทก์ มีโจทก์ (An enemy)
  71. Reload reload
  72. In war lets roll woah they got me calling bruv
  73. มีโจทก์ มีโจทก์ (An enemy)
  74. โคตรโหดโคตรโหด (Brutality)
  75. United we roll
  76. AOV got me calling bruv
  78. [Chorus - Suboi]
  79. I’ve been waiting for this
  80. Don’t let ‘em waste all your time
  81. Strike a line, don’t miss
  82. Beautiful light, in the night
  83. Yeah yeah yeah
  85. [Post-chorus - Suboi]
  86. United, we stand
  87. Divided, we fall
  88. We all run this
  89. Live it up
  90. Don’t you know
  91. Together, we fight
  92. Together, we rise
  93. We all run this
  94. Live it up
  95. Don’t you know
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