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  1.  Katy:  what's up?
  2.  Sent at 1:21 PM on Wednesday
  3.  me:  wat
  4.  Katy:  Lets chat for a bit ?!? Im bored and wanted to meet new people...  24,female..you??
  5.  Sent at 1:25 PM on Wednesday
  6.  me:  well i see where this is headed
  7.  Katy:  Just got online...busy week been working a lot! but i am feeling horny!! so what's up .... wanna have some fun ??  =)
  8.  me:  no
  9. im gay
  10.  Katy:  I need a guy that can make me squirt ....have you ever made a girl squirt?? hahaa
  11.  me:  that bot
  12.  Katy:  Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
  13. me:  i happen to lose women
  14.  Katy:  gonna change my panties.. wanna see ??   :)
  15.  Sent at 1:28 PM on Wednesday
  16.  me:  no thank you
  17.  Katy:  want to play on cam ?
  18.  me:  nah im good
  19.  Katy:  ok baby im gunna send you a invite to my cam, here www.iCumOnCam.com?freeInvite=xqwasd so we can go 1 on 1...just click the "Accept Invite" tab on the left..yup. the green 1!
  20.  Sent at 1:31 PM on Wednesday
  21.  me:  i see
  22. whats going on here
  23.  Katy:  i use this website to play on because i do not want to be recorded!.....this site doesn't allow members to record my cam! u know ??
  24.  me:  doesnt mean obama would
  25.  Katy:  credit card is just to verify ur age , you will get in for free thru my profile but you need to prove that you're not a minor .....can't show ass and nudity to minors ... u know??
  26.  me:  why cant you?
  27. Katy:  let me know when you're finished or if you need help .....I will be getting sexxy for ya ..K??  ;)
  28.  me:  well im married
  29. so i cannot accept your great offer mis
  30. me:  are you feeling it mr.krabs
  31.  Katy:  are u in yet ??
  32.  me:  is that a small penis joke to me
  33.  Katy:  well hey ,ya better gimmie some 'gold' when you are on the site haha....it's like a flurt and I would some from you  ..k ??
  34.  me:  you no touch my gold slut
  35.  Katy:  mhhm make me your slut ;)
  36.  me:  you already are when you first entered chat
  37.  Katy:  k
  38.  me:  does your mom know you're doing this
  39.  Katy:  ok
  40.  me:  do you know how to get a job
  41. instead of being a slut
  42.  Katy:  what's taking u so long sexy im in here waiting for ....
  43.  me:  i got my dick stuck in the ceiling fan
  44.  Katy:  show me your dick ;)
  45.  me:  but its stuck in the fan
  46.  Sent at 1:41 PM on Wednesday
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