Tamako Love Story store bonuses

Aug 12th, 2014
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  1. Store bonus items for the Tamako Love Story DVD/Blu-ray release:
  3. Animaru: Mousepad
  4. Animate: Book cover
  5. Animega/Bunkyodo: A3 clear poster
  6. Amazon: Amazon Gift Card
  7. AmiAmi: Telephone card
  8. HMV: A4 portrait
  9. Canime: Advertisement posters (BD/DVD style)
  10. KyoAni Shop: Staff Love Letter Book
  11. Gamers: Microfibre towel
  12. Getchu: B2 tapestry
  13. Sofmap: Clear file
  14. Tsutaya Clear file
  15. Tora no Ana: Microfibre cloth
  16. Neowing: Large mousepad
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