Fighters OP or maybe or Not

Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. This BR,, spawned discussion among fellow pilots and friends. Here are some "numbers" and analysis that I put together.
  3. Einherji on an Archon (without drone mods)
  4. damage from 5 = 500/1875
  5. speed = 3125m/s
  6. raw HP = 12,186 (resists not factored in)
  7. base tracking = .37rad/s (really good - for comparison light neutron blaster II tracking is .38 base - that's a frigate sized gun)
  8. sigrad = 100m (smaller than a cruiser - for comparison Thorx w/o prop is 120m)
  10. Einherji on a Nyx - Revenant (fit for shield hugging fighter assign shenanigans - actual mods may vary I've NEVER seen a loss mail for this - if someone wants to share/post their "skynet" (I didn't coin the term but it's the en vogue name at the moment) fit I'd be happy to supplant these numbers with those instead).
  11. damage from 15/10 = 7304/27,646 - 7790/29214
  12. speed = 5121m/s - 8997m/s
  13. raw HP = 24,375 - 48,750 (resists not factored in)
  14. tracking = .782rad/s
  15. sigrad = 100m - 50m
  17. Base comparison
  18. So, cruiser sized signature radius. Interdictor to interceptor level speed (which screws with the tracking formula to hit), interceptor level tracking and AF to cruiser level EHP.
  20. Super comparison
  21. Cruiser sized sigrad still applies. Speed is now pushed into the interceptor (implants, links, drugs) range. Tracking for these is better than anything else possible ingame (with the exception of Ares w/ lowest damage small blaster - light electrons @.821rad/s but insignificant damage and far less range). Additionally, in the in the case of the Nyx the fighter has better raw HP than the tankiest of battlecruiser hulls (prophecy has a base raw hp of 15,350 but a sigrad of almost 3 times the fighter @ 270m). In the worst case, the fighter has a base HP of well over that of battleship raw HP (abaddon has a raw hp of 29,375 with a sigrad @ 470).
  24. Damage graphing shows both supers hitting everything for full damage regardless of speed at over 7000dps. In other words, if the alpha doesn't pop the sub capital ship, the follow-up volley will in very short order (3.75s cycle time - faster than medium blasters).
  26. TL/DR
  27. For something that is supposed to be a 'drone controlled' frigate class vessel, the REAL observed capabilities far exceed anything achievable by an actual frigate class hull.
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