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  1. # ProBuilder 2.6.0f1
  3. ## Features
  5. - Add `Bevel Edges` action.
  6. - Add `Fill Hole` action to quickly insert a face in a mesh hole (with option to fully select and fill hole or just the selected parts).
  7. - Completely rewritten documentation:
  8. - Add `Select Hole` menu action to quickly select the edges of any hole touching a selected vertex.
  9. - Add a preference to disable "Precise Element Selection."  When disabled edge and vertex modes will always select an edge or vertex no matter how far from the element they are.
  10. - Add "Break Texture Groups" button to UV editor.
  11. - Add non-manifold edge extrusion pref to Extrude Edge settings window.
  12. - Replace mesh optimation functions with faster and more accurate versions.
  13. - Improve performance of topology query operations (Grow Selection, Shrink Selection, Edge Loop, Edge Ring).
  14. - `Center Pivot` action now available in Basic.
  15. - Add Generate UV2 toolbar entry when "Disable Auto UV2 Generation" is enabled.
  16. - Add a delegate in `pb_EditorUtility` to notify subscribers when a new pb_Object has been initialized.
  17. - New API example `Tools > ProBuilder > API Examples > Log Callbacks Window` demonstrates hooking into various editor delegates.
  18. - Adds an experimental new option to store Mesh objects as Assets in the project so as not to clutter the Unity scene file. Use with a prefab for maximum scene lean-ness.  Enable this feature in Preferences/ProBuilder/Experimental/Meshes Are Assets.
  19. - Add support for local/common toggles in Edge Debug mode.
  20. - Add `Select Holes` action to editor toolbar (selects all connected open edge paths).
  21. - `Connect {Edge, Vertices}` re-factored for speed and more robust edge case handling.
  22. - New "Options" button for toolbar icons.
  23. - Improve performance of `Delete Faces` action.
  24. - Improve performance of `Subdivide` action.
  25. - Add `Alt-S` shortcut for `Subdivide` action.
  26. - Add option to `Mirror` action to either duplicate or move the selection when mirroring.
  28. ## Bug Fixes
  30. - Fix some instances where modifying a mesh would result in NaN warnings.
  31. - Fix icosphere audio example scene in ProBuilder Basic.
  32. - Add `Center Pivot` action to menu.
  33. - Bypass sRGB sampling for icons, fixing dark appearance in pro skin.
  34. - Fix regression where switching between icon mode and text mode in toolbar would sometimes not immediately reload the toolbar.
  35. - Fix an issue where meshes would be discarded and rebuilt on every instance id change, which Unity does a lot.  The result of constant mesh rebuilds being invalidating the lightmap, making getting a decent bake very difficult.
  36. - Ignore API examples in any build target that hasn't been tested (which is all of them save for standalones).
  37. - Fix edge extrusion leaving black geometry when extrusion fails.
  38. - Add extrude settings button to edge extrude toolbar item.
  39. - Add a single context-sensitive Extrude shortcut so that super+e works properly in both edge & face modes.
  40. - Fix 'KeyNotFound' exception when centering pivot sometimes.
  41. - Fix UV3/4 assignment and getter functions reading out of bounds channel index.
  42. - Fix Delete key notification not showing.
  43. - Fix editor toolbar "leaking" due to incorrect hideflags in Unity 4.
  44. - Fix cases where user could provide bad input to Arch generator.
  45. - Fix `Weld Vertices` not welding vertices in some cases.
  46. - Set detail pb_Objects with ReflectionProbeStatic flags.
  47. - Fix key shortcuts for hidden but enabled menu actions not working.
  48. - Don't show hover tooltips if mouse is outside window bounds.
  49. - Fix some edge cases in `Conform Normals` action.
  50. - Fix `Grow Selection` itererative field incorrectly being disabled when "Grow by Angle" is off.
  51. - Fix issue where n-gons with > 90 degree angles would not auto UV unwrap correctly.
  52. - Fix some cases where subdivide would fail due to non-planar vertex positions on a face.
  53. - Fix bug where extruding edges or faces would sometimes align the inserted face normals incorrectly.
  54. - Hide geometry actions when in object mode.
  55. - Fix edge selection when mouse is hovering an object not in the selection but a valid edge is within distance of mouse.
  56. - Fix bug where subdividing a face with an adjacent concave n-gon would break the adjacent face.
  57. - When generating the menu item text for shortcuts always use lower case, since Mac doesn't recognize upper case as shortcuts.  Fixes an issue with shortcuts not working on OSX.
  58. - Support cases where texture groups on pb_Object aren't in linear order.
  59. - Clear debug lines when a selected object is deleted.
  60. - Fix bug where `Detach Faces` to submesh would incorrectly split all the detached selection vertices.
  61. - Put UV Editor in namespace, preventing errors where common function names would be confused with other assets.
  62. - In `pbUndo` use each individual object vertex count when deciding whether to diff or store object state for undo.  Fixes hang when performing actions with small selections on large objects.
  63. - Lower UV toolbar buttons by 1px when not using the Command GUIStyle since Button style adds 1px padding.
  64. - When building ProBuilder delete user generated folders so that upgrades don't overwrite them.
  66. ## Changes
  68. - Menu toolbar re-arranged for consistency.
  69. - Remove UV2 generation parameters from pb_Object.
  70. - Add a public function for setting tangents on pb_Objects.
  71. - Deprecate GenerateUV2 extension method since mesh optimization is now an intertwined process.
  72. - Improve hashing function in IntVec3 and Edge.
  73. - Suffix pb_Math.Approx functions to make implicit casting of vectors more difficult to do accidentally.
  74. - Move "World Space" toggle up in the Auto UV editor
  75. - In Auto UV mode rename the scale property `Tiling`.
  76. - `Detach Selection` now behaves like toolbar option panel instead of popup.
  77. - Remove unnecessary option to save duplicates of selected gameobjects when using `Merge Objects` action.
  78. - In addition to changing the icon and text, also show a brief explanation of the current handle alignment mode in the tooltip.
  79. - Move Mirror to object level, making it an action instead of panel popup.
  81. # ProBuilder 2.5.0f0 (r4241)
  83. ## Features
  85. - Toolbar redesign now adapts to both vertical and horizontal layouts (swap between Text and Icons by context clicking in the Inspector).
  86. - New tooltips show inline documentation and keyboard shortcuts.  Hold `Shift` to instantly view hovered tooltip, and turn off tooltips on hover in Preferences menu.
  87. - New `Subdivide Edges` action inserts vertices along selected edges.
  88. - GUI items are no longer stored in Resources.  Changing the location of the ProBuilder directory is still supported.
  89. - Add option to collapse vertices to the first selected vertex instead of always averaging.
  90. - Mark the current mode and floating state in the toolbar context menu.
  91. - Add preference toggle to disable Dimension Overlay lines.
  92. - New Color Mask setting in Vertex Painter Editor enables painting only to specified component.
  93. - Vector4 UV{3, 4} channels can now be stored in pb_Object (use pb.SetUVs(index, List<Vec4>)).
  95. ## Bug Fixes
  97. - Fix shortcut editor modifier keys not being correctly stored.
  98. - Fix Freeze Transforms moving objects when selection contains hierarchies of meshes.
  99. - Entity visibility toggles no longer interferes with Collisions, as well as remembers all manually changed object visibility.
  100. - Fix Element Toolbar placement in Scene view on Retina display Macs.
  101. - Fix UVs all being set to {0,0} when using Weld in the UV Editor.
  102. - When extruding an edge check that the new face winding order is equivalent to the face of the donor edge and flip if necessary.
  103. - Fix shortcut editor not recognizing all keycode values (notably Alpha0-9).
  105. ## Changes
  107. - Remove option to display Mode Toolbar in the Inspector window.
  108. - ProBuilder2.Math namespace removed, pb_Math now belongs to ProBuilder2.Common.
  110. # ProBuilder 2.4.11f0 (r4081)
  112. ## Bug Fixes
  114. - Fix regression in 2.4.10f2 that broke assigning materials in ProBuilder Basic.
  116. ## API
  118. - Add `onEditLevelChanged` delegate to pb_Editor to notify other classes of edit level changes (Polybrush compatibility).
  120. # ProBuilder 2.4.10f2 (r4027)
  122. ## Features
  124. - Shape and Material windows are now dockable (context click in window and select Window/Set {Floating, Dockable}).
  125. - Add "Snap to Face" shortcut when dragging the move tool (hold 'C' while dragging to snap tool to the nearest face).
  126. - New ShaderForge compatible Standard Vertex Color shader on ProBuilder default material.
  128. ## Bug Fixes
  130. - Unity 5.4 compatibility.
  131. - Workaround for Unity crash "Check DisallowAllocation Error"
  132. - Fix most cases of meshes going completely black when modifying them in any way.
  133. - Fix NullRef error when scaling a single selected edge.
  135. ## Changes
  137. - Remove various `Get{Vertices, UVs, Triangles}` functions from `pb_Object`.  Use `pbUtil.ValuesWithIndices` directly instead.
  138. - Remove Instantiation API Example (there's nothing special about instantiating ProBuilder meshes anymore).
  140. # ProBuilder 2.4.9f1 (r3978)
  142. ## Features
  144. - New "Flip Edge" tool swaps the direction of a connecting edge in a quad.
  146. ## Bug Fixes
  148. - Fix bug where Trigger or Collider entities could remain visible in play mode when using source.
  149. - Fix slowdowns when inserting edge loops due to undo.
  150. - Fix missing namespace errors in Unity 5.3.
  151. - Increase the resolution with which vertex positions are compared to avoid incorrectly merging distinct vertices (often causing trouble when modeling at very small dimensions).
  153. # ProBuilder 2.4.8f1 (r3764)
  155. ## Features
  157. - Enable Set Pivot, Delete, and Vertex Painter in ProBuilder Basic.
  158. - New Standard Shader with vertex color support (thanks to Unity Forum user @defaxer).
  160. ## Bug Fixes
  162. - Add tooltips for every action in the ProBuilder toolbar.
  163. - Fix consistent horizontal scrollbar showing in ProBuilder window.
  164. - Smooth edges of curved  stair sides, and align step UVs to match rotation.
  165. - Use white text color in Dimensions Overlay when Unity Personal skin is used.
  166. - Ensure DLLs retain GUID between releases, enabling simpler upgrades.
  167. - Fix poor UV editor precision when working with small distances.
  168. - Fix ~10px vertical offset image when rendering UV template in Unity 5.
  169. - Fix slightly offset image when rendering UV template from docked UV Editor window.
  171. ## Changes
  173. - Increase minimum allowed zoom in UV editor.
  174. - Make warning shown when connecting edges or vertices fails a bit more descriptive.
  175. - Don't show tangents and bitangents when Show Normals is enabled in the smoothing editor.
  176. - Prototype becomes ProBuilder Basic.
  178. # ProBuilder 2.4.7f0 (r3664)
  180. ## Changes
  182. - New upgrade procedure skips complicated Upgrade Kit in favor of a slightly more manual but more reliable approach.  See FAQ or ProBuilder Documentation for more information.
  184. ## Bug Fixes
  186. - Fix possible null reference error when working with prefabs that have been duplicated.
  187. - Additional error checking when stripping pb_Objects from scene added.
  188. - When ProBuilder-izing objects, ask user whether or not to traverse children.
  190. # ProBuilder 2.4.6f0 (r3616)
  192. ## Features
  194. - Add preference to set default Entity type.
  195. - Add preference to set dedicated keyboard shortcuts for entering Object, Face, Vertex, and Edge mode.
  196. - New Curved Stair generator, and stairs now produce manifold geometry.
  197. - Add "Batch Upgrade" menu items to Upgrade Kit, allowing users to run one action for an entire project.
  198. - New GUI slider allows un-clamped input to the float field in Shape Tool.
  200. ## Bug Fixes
  202. - Alt + E shortcut now works with only 2 vertices selected.
  203. - Fix bug where colliders would be incorrect when instantiating trigger entities.
  204. - Fix some cases where "Connect" would result in incorrect geometry.
  205. - Fix UV editor not recognizing shortcuts sent from scene view.
  206. - Fix occasional "Non-finite value in mesh vertices" error when extruding.
  207. - Account for inconsistently sized vertex color arrays when ProBuilder-izing meshes.
  208. - Fix null reference errors when Shape Creation Tool is open with preview enabled and a script reload takes place.
  209. - Fix null reference sometimes caused by a Mirror action.
  210. - Fix bug where merging objects would always add a MeshCollider, even if one already exists.
  211. - Fix mesh bounds not refreshing when adjusting vertices with Quick Offset tool.
  212. - Fix mis-calibrated drag selection wwhen first entering element mode after moving an object.
  213. - Fix issue where duplicating GameObjects with child pb_Objects would leave references to original meshes intact, resulting in odd behavior when deleting objects.
  214. - Fix bug where prefabs would not "Apply" changes to all children equally.
  215. - Improve performance when editing scenes with many ProBuilder object prefabs.
  217. # ProBuilder 2.4.5p0 (r3531)
  219. ## Bug Fixes
  221. - Fix bugs in Copy UV Settings and Quick Apply Material shortcuts.
  223. # ProBuilder 2.4.5f1 (r3519)
  225. ## Features
  227. - New Torus shape.
  228. - Greatly improve editor performance when working with medium to large meshes.
  229. - New skin for scene info label, including more data about selection.
  230. - Automatically batch vertices even if they don't belong to a smoothing group (actual mesh vertex is now shown in scene info box).
  231. - Add mesh dimensions overlay (ProBuilder > Object Info > {Show, Hide} Dimensions Overlay).
  232. - Make vertex colors button extend-able, with the option to set which color editor the shortcut should open (Palette or Painter).
  233. - New option to show element/object mode toolbar in scene (default), including positioning parameters.
  234. - Improve vertex painter performance with large meshes.
  235. - Unity 5.2 compatibility.
  237. ## Bug Fixes
  239. - Fix bug where reverting a prefab with non-prefab ProBuilder children would throw errors.
  240. - Fix hangs when performing various actions.
  241. - Merge now retains the GameObject properties of the first selected object.
  242. - Axis snapping with ProGrids now translates correctly when object rotation is non-identity.
  243. - Performance improvements in UV editor for large meshes.
  244. - Fix bug where OBJ exporter wouldn't properly write submeshes.
  245. - Fix one possible cause of "Mesh.{uv, colors} is out of bounds" errors.
  246. - Catch null reference errors when creating wireframe overlays for meshes exceeding Unity's max vertex count.
  247. - Fix issue where Merge objects would cause meshes to lose their graphics, requiring a refresh.
  248. - Fix menu items showing as enabled when not applicable.
  249. - Add pb_Entity in ProBuilderize if the RequireComponent attribute fails to do so.
  250. - Fix bug where ProGrids wouldn't affect elements when PB is built to a DLL.
  251. - Fix bug where the cube shortcut would ignore material preference.
  252. - Fix vertices merging incorrectly in Optimize function when colors don't match.
  253. - Recalculate mesh bounds after moving the pivot.
  254. - Always refresh/rebuild meshes after making them assets, fixing issues with duplicate mesh references.
  255. - Fix a few more causes of leaks in the mesh and line rendering systems.
  256. - Fix bug where scaling a new object in the shape tool wouldn't take effect until after first refresh.
  257. - Fix bug where Insert Edge Loop and ConnectEdges would sometimes select too many edges after application.
  258. - Fix ProGrids over-zealously collapsing vertices when in axis snapping mode.
  259. - Correctly set element toolbar position when toggling between scene and editor window placement.
  260. - Re-enable user set vertex handle color preferences.
  262. ## Changes
  264. - Move default textures out of resources folder.
  265. - On pb_Object::Start, call ToMesh before Refresh since Refresh could try to set UVs or Colors to a mesh that has inconsistent vertex counts.
  266. - Remove most functions accepting a pb_IntArray[] sharedIndex cache and replace with Dictionary versions.
  268. # ProBuilder 2.4.4p1 (r3425)
  270. ## Features
  272. - Add scale shortcut toolbar for Auto UVs.
  273. - Add Control+Shift+Left-Click when UV editor is open to copy auto UV settings (including texture).
  275. ## Bug Fixes
  277. - Fix errors when building a project with geometry containing null materials.
  278. - Fix rare null reference error when switching scenes.
  280. # ProBuilder 2.4.4f1 (r3385)
  282. ## Features
  284. - Where possible* indices are now collapsed to share a single vertex.
  285. - Add context menu to swap between dockable window modes in vertex painter.
  286. - Unity 5.1 beta compatibility.
  287. - New Icosphere shape.
  288. - New API example shows a deformed icosphere with FFT spectrum.
  289. - Grow Selection is now roughly one gajillion times faster.
  290. - Grow with Angle can now optionally select all faces on a plane instead of just the ones near the perimeter.
  291. - New vertex handle gizmos are now culled (and much faster).
  292. - Add option to select only visible elements (Select All or Select Visible toggles this).
  293. - New Repair/pb_RepairMeshReferences script fixes duplicate mesh references.
  294. - Improve edge selection logic, making edge selection much easier.
  295. - Add a preference to enable backface selection on meshes.
  296. - Re-enable 'NoDraw' faces (now implemented as a shader replacement at compile time).
  297. - Improve subdivide action performance.
  298. - Improve performance when editing large numbers of vertices.
  299. - Smooth Normals Window now displays vertex normals with culling, and much faster.
  300. - Repair Missing Script references is now cancelable.
  301. - Add option to extrude elements as a group or individual.
  303. ## Bug Fixes
  305. - Improve Flip Normals shortcut selection context handling.
  306. - Enable Subdivide shortcut in Top mode.
  307. - Fix arch geometry that broke when subdividing caps.
  308. - Fix bug where setting arch radius would also set the thickness to 0.01.
  309. - Add option to toggle cap generation on/off in arch tool.
  310. - Fix bug where extruding multiple adjacent faces with a shared center point would not correctly translate the shared center vertex.
  311. - Fix bug where Smoothing Window would not repaint on selection change.
  312. - Improve performance of MergeVertices function, helping to address lag after modifying large objects.
  313. - Fix bug where selecting faces obscured by a culled face would sometimes not register.
  314. - Remove obsolete preference entries.
  315. - Add Undo support when a click drag changes the selection in the UV editor.
  316. - Fix 'Quaternion Look Rotation is Zero' log spam when a face contains degenerate triangles.
  317. - Fix most instances of mesh and material leaks in Editor.
  318. - Fix bug where applying prefab changes to pb_Objects with the Editor closed would not propogate changes to instances.
  319. - Hide some internal MonoBehaviours from the Scripts menu.
  320. - Fix bug where deleting a face with 'delete' key shortcut would change static flags.
  321. - Fix null ref when entering play mode with collider entities sporting boxcollider components.
  322. - Fix bug where Connect Vertices would fail on thin isosceles triangles.
  323. - Fix bug where Connect Edges would mangle adjacent long skinny faces.
  324. - When adding colliders via pb_Entity toolbar, scan current collider components for isTrigger values and apply to new collider if found.
  325. - Fix some instances where convexity and trigger for EntityType.Collider & EntityType.Trigger types would not be set on initialization.
  326. - When detaching faces to a new object, make the detached object selected.
  327. - Fix bug where exiting to Top or Plugin level would not clear the selection mesh.
  328. - Copy userCollisions field when serializing pb_Object.
  329. - Fix regression in Unity 5 that causes prefabs to lose instance modifications on save and entering playmode.
  330. - When mirroring objects, make the mirrored results the new selection.
  331. - Fix bug where setting entity type then undoing wouldn't catch changes to collider.
  332. - Fix bug where duplicating multiple objects would leave pb_Object references pointing to same object.
  333. - When probuilder-izing objects, perform the action in-place (and add undo support).
  334. - Catch errors when repairing missing script references on objects with null materials.
  336. ## Changes
  338. - Remove dependency on ProCore lib to communicate with ProGrids.
  339. - Rename scripts to uniformly follow pb_ prefix and pascal case for runtime, underscore case for editor.
  341. ## API
  343. - New `Optimize()` method calls CollapseSharedVertices and GenerateUV2.  Replaces GenerateUV2() in most cases.
  344. - Move most of remaining scripts into proper namespaces.
  345. - ProBuilder2.GUI namespace become ProBuilder2.Interface to avoid conflicts with UnityEngine.GUI.
  346. - Move Triangulation code into pbTriangleOps.
  347. - Significantly improved performance of RefreshNormals() function.
  348. - New VerifyMesh() function in pb_EditorUtility guarantees good mesh reference and geometry.
  349. - Add ability to delete unfixable components in pb_MissingScriptEditor.
  350. - New PointIsOccluded() check in pb_Handle_Utility tests if a point is visible in editor.
  351. - Significantly improve performance of pbUtil.RemoveAt().
  352. - Significantly improve performance of many pbMeshOps methods.
  353. - New pb_LineRenderer and pb_MeshRenderer provide fast gizmo drawing in the SceneView.
  355. * Vertices must be smoothed, and have the same texture coordinate to qualify for weld.
  357. ## f1 Patch Notes
  359. - Fix ProGrids not affecting vertices / faces / edges in Edit mode.
  360. - Minor tweak to vertex handle color.
  362. # ProBuilder 2.4.3p0 (r3216)
  364. ## Features
  366. - Weld distance now adjustable in UV editor.
  368. ## Bug Fixes
  370. - Fix weird arch geometry near caps, noticeable when inserting edge loops.
  371. - Improve 'Flip Normals' shortcut context awareness.
  373. # ProBuilder 2.4.3f0 (r3202)
  375. ## Features
  377. - Add preference to enable back-face selection.
  379. ## Bug Fixes
  381. - Remove 'here' console log.
  382. - Fix regression in 2.4.0 that broke Undo when used with ProGrids.
  383. - Fix 'Look Rotation is Zero' console logs when selecting a face with degenerate triangles.
  384. - Fix bug where sometimes clicking a face would not register due to a culled face intercepting the raycast.
  386. # ProBuilder 2.4.2f0 (r3202)
  388. ## Features
  390. - New debug window visualizes mesh information in the sceneview.
  392. ## Bug Fixes
  394. - Fix regression that broke prefab editing applying to instances.
  395. - Fix latency in SceneView when selecting elements in the UV window.
  396. - Fix bug where selecting elements in the UV window would not Undo correctly.
  397. - Fix regression that caused UV handle to not update its position when right-click dragging.
  398. - Fix bug where texture rotation handle in the scene view would not snap correctly on finishing a UV adjustment.
  399. - Fix bug where drag selecting edges or faces could select elements behind the scene camera.
  401. # ProBuilder 2.4.1f1 (r3174)
  403. ## Features
  405. - New "Export UV Template" function saves a PNG of your UV maps.
  406. - Add new preference to show object vertex, face, and triangle count in the scene view (Preferences/Show Scene Info).
  408. ## Bug Fixes
  410. - Edge wireframe no longer renders the material preview wells.
  411. - Fix performance issues when editing large objects in the UV editor with Auto UVs.
  412. - Fix bug where 'Push to Grid' from ProGrids would not Undo correctly.
  413. - Fix lagging wireframe when running "Freeze Transforms" action.
  414. - Fix null ref when deleting multiple faces.
  417. # ProBuilder 2.4.0f4 (r3132)
  419. ## Features
  421. - Unity 5 support.
  422. - New wireframe shader overrides Unity default when ProBuilder Editor is open.
  423. - New 'Merge Faces' geometry action combines selected faces to a single face.
  424. - Add `Missing Script Reference` repair item.
  425. - Show color name in vertex tools instead of RGBA info.
  426. - When creating an mesh Asset, also create a prefab with the new mesh and materials already wired up.
  427. - Cull hidden edges when in Edge mode.
  428. - Fix spotty face selection highlight rendering when using Deferred Rendering.
  429. - Add preference to disable automatic UV2 generation while modeling (improves editor performance).
  430. - When selecting a texture-grouped face in UV editor, show an indicator of all faces in group.
  431. - Improve performance when modifying geometry & UVs in Unity 5.
  432. - New dark background in UV editor for Unity light skin users.
  433. - Improve performance when selecting objects with large vertex counts.
  435. ## Bug Fixes   
  437. - Fix crash when a face material is null (defaults to Unity Default-Diffuse).
  438. - Fix incorrect results when extruding multiple faces sharing a single center vertex (usually seen on the top of a cylinder).
  439. - Save vertex colors when ProBuilder-izing a mesh.
  440. - Fix occasional null ref when continuing UVs.
  441. - Support Undo in UV Editor Auto panel.
  442. - Support Undo for `Push to Grid` events from ProGrids.
  443. - Fix occasional `Index out of range` errors when subdividing, triangulating, and setting pivot.
  444. - Fix crash when running `Fix Missing Script References` in Unity 5.0.0b18 (big thanks to Michael N!)
  445. - Improve the performance of Planar Mapping manual UVs.
  446. - Create Material data asset path if it doesn't exist (fixes errors when saving Material preferences).
  447. - Fix bug where dragging UVs in Unity 5 would sometimes corrupt the mesh.
  448. - Disable Continuous Baking when dragging elements or making continuous changes to the mesh, fixing corruption issues in Unity 5.
  449. - Fix occasional erroneous error message when subdividing faces.
  450. - Fix null ref error when Auto UV panel is open with nothing selected.
  451. - Allow `V` key usage when not in Element mode.
  452. - Fix regression where instantiated objects would not respect ProGrids alignment.
  453. - Fix leaks when deleting or duplicated pb_Objects.
  454. - Fix occasional null ref errors when welding or collapsing vertices.
  455. - When double-clicking a texture grouped face in UV editor, select the entire group.
  456. - Fix regression that caused performance spikes when deleting or instantiating objects.
  457. - When detaching faces to a new object, copy all of that objects properties.
  458. - Add Undo support to Shape creation tool.
  459. - Fix bug where running Flip Normals from the Menu would not immediately update the mesh graphics.
  460. - When serializing pb_Objects, save color and material information (materials are now loaded by name).
  461. - Fix bug where the texture handle tool would sometimes (most times) move UVs in the wrong direction.
  462. - When entering Texture Blending mode in Vertex Painter, set the color to a solid variant of one of the available textures.
  463. - Fix bug where projected UVs in manual mode could potentially be placed very far from the current handle.
  464. - Fix lag when drag selecting edges on objects with large vertex counts.
  465. - Fix bug where setting entity type would not immediately refresh the mesh.
  466. - Fix minor edge selection bug that would break edge highlighting when not directly hovering a mesh.
  467. - Improve appearance of Grow and Extrude foldouts in editor window.
  468. - Fix bug where clicking on a vertex could sometimes select the object behind it.
  469. - Fix compile errors when building to WebGL target.
  470. - When creating a mesh asset, ensure that the source object mesh is not referenced by the new mesh asset.
  472. ## Changes
  474. - Remove 'NoDraw' feature (necessary for Unity 5 compatiblity).
  476. ## Beta
  478. - Rudimentary Boolean tool added - this is very early in development.
  480. ## Bug Fixes (since 2.4.0f1)
  482. - Fix issue where "Repair Missing Script References" script could get stuck on prefab instances.
  483. - Silence cast exception error in pb_Object_Editor.
  485. # ProBuilder 2.3.3f1 (r2970)
  487. ## Features
  489. - Significantly improve performance of Subdivide action.
  491. ## Bug Fixes
  493. - Fix incorrect language in Plane generator.
  494. - Fix bug that resulted in mangled vertices when Welding.
  496. # ProBuilder 2.3.2f2 (r2947)
  498. ## Features
  500. - Add a toggle in pb_Entity to turn off automatic collision generation.
  501. - Improve UV editor grid logic (now follows camera and resizes at far zoom levels).
  502. - New PostProcessor automatically strips ProBuilder scripts when building executables (toggle-able in Preferences).
  504. ## Bug Fixes
  506. - Respect ProGrids `X` key shortcut when translating faces.
  507. - Fix build errors with Static Batching enabled.
  508. - When applying Smooothing Groups, if no face is selected apply group to entire object.
  509. - Static Flags now initialized with `Occluder Static` unchecked.
  510. - Pressing 'F' while a single vertex is selected no longer frames the entire object.
  511. - Vertex colors are now copied when stripping ProBuilder scripts.
  513. # ProBuilder 2.3.1f1 (r2900)
  515. ## Features
  517. - New Vertex Painter tool.
  518. - New 'Triangulate ProBuilder Object' action for facetized poly-world look.
  519. - Significantly improve UV editor performance when drawing many elements.
  520. - ProBuilderize action now preserves UVs.
  522. ## Bug Fixes
  524. - Fix error when opening Material Editor after assigning a Substance Material.
  525. - Fix bug that caused pb_Editor to freeze when editing prefabs made from ProBuilder objects.
  526. - Remove prefab dependency on ProBuilder.Instantiate or RebuildMeshOnWake.
  527. - Fix mesh leak in Shape Tool.
  528. - Enable Alt+NumKey material shortcut when in Object level.
  529. - When shift-extruding faces in Edge mode, default to face extrusion over edge.
  530. - Fix leaking mesh and material in Face editing mode.
  531. - Fix install script bug that would incorrectly delete non-ProBuilder files.
  533. ## Changes
  535. - Handle position is now calculated as the center of selection bounding box.
  537. ## API
  539. - New 'HueCube.cs' API example script demonstrates changing single vertex colors.
  540. - New 'pb_SerializableObject' class provides serializable storage for ProBuilder objects.  Add 'pb_Object::InitWithSerializableObject' constructor.  
  542. ## Beta Notes f1
  544. - Fix install script bug that would incorrectly delete non-ProBuilder files.
  546. ## Beta Notes f0
  548. - New Vertex Painter tool.
  549. - Fix error when opening Material Editor after assigning a Substance Material.
  550. - Handle position is now calculated as the center of selection bounding box.
  552. # ProBuilder 2.3.0f14 (r2861)
  554. ## Features
  556. - New UV Editor window.
  557. - New 'Material Editor' window for quickly applying materials to ProBuilder objects.
  558. - Completely redesigned ProBuilder EditorWindow.  Dynamically displays only relevant action buttons.
  559. - Editor: New 'Select Edge Loop' command (double click on an edge, or shift+double click to ring selection).
  560. - Editor: New 'Detach to Object' action creates a new ProBuilder object from a face selection.
  561. - Editor: New 'Shrink Selection' command.
  562. - Editor: 'Invert Selection' command now works for Edges and Vertices in addition to Faces.
  563. - Editor: Performance improvements when editing large meshes.
  564. - Editor: 'Grow' settings allow for a user set maximum angle between adjacent faces to limit selection growth.
  565. - Editor: New extendable GUI settings for 'Extrude' allow for user-set extrusion distance.
  566. - Editor: Add 'Distance' setting to Weld tool.
  567. - Editor: Remove requirement that all pb_Objects be scaled to (1,1,1).
  568. - Editor: Add context menu to swap between floating / dockable windows.
  569. - Editor: New 'Conform Normals' geometry operation.
  570. - UV: New 'Continue UVs' action.  With the UV Editor open, select a face then Ctrl + Click an adjacent face to seamlessly match UV coordinates.
  571. - UV: Right click translation handle in UV editor to set a new pivot point (Ctrl snaps to grid, Shift key disables proximity snapping).
  572. - UV: Merge Auto UV and Manual UV editors to a single ALL POWERFUL editor window.
  573. - UV: New Box projection UV unwrapping.
  575. ## Bug Fixes
  577. - Editor: Fix bug where toggling NoDraw would sometimes fail.
  578. - Editor: Fix issue where Undo would sometimes cause actions immediately following to fail with 'Index Out of Range' exceptions.
  579. - Editor: Fix Quick Apply Texture shortcut regression from last version.
  580. - Editor: Fix bug that caused 'Undo Change Face Seletion' to delete faces.
  581. - Editor: Fix bug where ProBuilder.Instantiate() would not properly traverse prefab hierarchy when initializing ProBuilder objects.
  582. - Editor: Catch yet another 'Look Rotation is Zero' warning that would slow the editor to a crawl.
  583. - Editor: Fix inconsistent Undo operations on Unity 4.3+ installs.
  584. - Editor: Catch NullRef errors when dragging non-Material type objects into the SceneView.
  585. - Editor: Fix NullRef errors on 'Connect Vertices' actions with multiple faces selected.
  586. - Editor: Fix bug where handle rotation with multiple vertices and no faces selected would be incorrect, resulting in strange behavior.
  587. - Editor: Fix bug in QuickStart script that would install Unity3.5 DLLs for Unity 4.3+ versions, breaking Undo operations.
  588. - Editor: Fix ProBuilder SceneView toolbar positioning when Deferred Rendering is active.
  589. - Editor: Improve Edge selection consistency.
  590. - Editor: Fix incorrect zoom behavior with fewer than 2 vertices selected.
  591. - Editor: Fix 'Set Pivot' moving selected pb_Objects all ova' the place.
  592. - Editor: Fix regression that broke Lightmap channels on Prefab objects.
  593. - Editor: Frame selection now takes all selected pb_Objects into calculations.
  594. - Editor: Fix regression which broke instanced Prefab geometry when running "Apply".
  595. - Editor: Implement 'Undo' when drag selecting elements.
  596. - Editor: Window now implements a scroll bar when necessary.
  597. - Editor: Switching to Rotate or Scale tool no longer resets the handle alignment to 'Local'.
  598. - Editor: Fix bug where Subdivide / Connect Edges / Connect Vertices would not set the selection to match the newly created sub-objects.
  599. - Editor: Fix Mirror Tool incorrectly placing mirrored object pivots.
  600. - Editor: Fix bug where sub-object selection highlights would be left behind when modifying an object's transform via Inspector.
  601. - Editor: Always refresh an object's materials when Undoing modifications to the SharedMaterial array.
  602. - Editor: Face selection graphic now sits flush with faces.
  603. - Editor: Fix bug where ProBuilder-ized meshes would instantiate disabled.
  604. - Editor: Fix incorrect behavior when scaling multiple ProBuilder objects at once.
  605. - Editor: When exiting AutoUV mode (formerly Texture Mode) remember the previous Edit Level, Selection Mode, and Handle aligment.
  606. - Editor: Fix 'Weld Vertices' action failing to properly compare all vertices.
  607. - Editor: Fix incorrect behavior when attempting to modify pb_Objects with children, or children of pb_Objects.
  608. - Editor: Replace deprecated code for Unity 5.
  609. - Editor: ProBuilder-ized objects now inherit donor mesh name.
  610. - Editor: Catch null-ref when closing pb_Editor with Smoothing Window open.
  611. - Editor: Register Undo when creating new objects (with Merge or Mirror actions).
  612. - Editor: When Alt key is held, do not allow handles to capture mouse.
  613. - Editor: Fix leaking mesh preview object when entering Playmode.
  614. - Editor: Allow submeshes to reference Null materials.
  615. - Editor: Fix z-fighting face highlight in Deferred Rendering path.
  616. - Editor: Setting EntityType is now undo-able.
  617. - Editor: Fix bug where extruding from faces would not inherit the correct winding order.
  618. - UV: Retain UV modifications when Subdividing, Connecting, or otherwise noodling around with a face.
  620. ## Changes
  622. - 'Top' and 'Geometry' modes become 'Object' and 'Element', respectively.
  623. - Remove drill-down interface for pb_Object dimensions in favor of just always showing them.
  624. - No longer show element highlights when generating shape previews.
  625. - Smoothing editor now accessible via main Editor window and Menu items.
  626. - Remove Lightmapping window shortcut button from Editor window.
  627. - When setting a pb_Object to EntityType::Trigger, also toggle 'isConvex' on the collider.
  628. - Texture Window becomes AutoUV Window, and no longer houses material placement tools (Material Editor window replaces this functionality).
  629. - Smoothing Editor Normals is now a float field, allowing users to set the size of debugging mesh normal lines.
  631. ## API
  633. - Move all menu and editor commands to pb_Menu_Commands class.
  634. - Add ProBuilder::Instantiate(GameObject go) overload.
  635. - Slightly improve pbMeshUtils::GetConnectedFaces() performance (still incredibly slow).
  636. - New methods for caclulating point inclusion for complex polygons in pb_Math.
  637. - pb_Handle_Utility is new and has some super cool stuff in it, and I think I forgot to mention it in the last changelogs.
  638. - Add a Repair script to fix missing UV or Vertex caches.
  639. - Improve performance of `GetUniversalEdges` by approximately 3x.
  640. - Move `ProjectionAxis` to `pb_Enum`, and it's associated methods to `pb_Math`.
  641. - Remove `ProjectionAxis.AUTO`, add entries for all other axes.
  642. - New pb_Material_Editor window.
  643. - New pb_Bounds2d class adds some functionality for AABB calculations.
  644. - Improve frequency of expensive caching in pb_Editor.
  645. - Removed most naughty words from the codebase.
  646. - New pb_MenuCommands class synchronizes behavior between MenuItems and Editor buttons.
  648. ## Beta Notes: f14
  650. - Editor: New 'Conform Normals' geometry operation.
  651. - Editor: Fix bug where extruding from faces would not inherit the correct winding order.
  652. - API: Add new 'GetWindingOrder(pb_Face face)' extension for pb_Object.
  654. ## Beta Notes: f13
  656. - API: TranslateVertices now operates in local space.  Add TranslateVertices_World for backwards compatibility.
  657. - API: Extrude now optionally outs the appended faces.
  659. ## Beta Notes: f12
  661. - Change "Ledge Height" to "Door Height" in Door creation panel.
  662. - Omit Entity information from instantiated pb_Object's name.
  663. - Fix bug where duplicate faces could be selected when using Grow Selection without an Angle parameter set.
  665. ## Beta Notes: f11
  667. - Fix sometimes incorrect results when selecting UV islands.
  668. - Show UV popups in UV Editor window.
  670. ## Beta Notes: f8
  672. - Fix bug where faces with flipped normals would extrude with incorrect winding order.
  673. - Merge Entity and Visgroup toggles.
  674. - 'J' key toggles UV editor open / closed.
  675. - Visgroup status is now retained during playmode state changes.
  677. # ProBuilder 2.2.5f5
  679. ## Features
  681. - Add 'Arch' tool to Shape Creation Panel.
  682. - New parameters for Door shape generator.
  683. - New 'Selection / Select All Faces with Material' menu item.
  684. - Add a Selection menu item to select all faces with current material.
  685. - New live information update show face movement information.
  686. - Fancy new install script automatically detects previous installations and forgoes the need for user interaction in most upgrade cases.
  688. ## Bug Fixes
  690. - Fix inconsistent Undo for face selection on ProBuilder objects.
  691. - Clean up Shader warnings on initial import.
  692. - Fix ProBuilder.Instantiate() ignoring position and rotation parameters.
  693. - Don't force rename objects when changing the Entity type.
  694. - Fix face selection highlight being incorrectly affected by Fog.
  695. - Fix bug where handle alignment preference would be lost occasionally.
  696. - Fix bug where Grow Selection (non-planar) would allow duplicate faces to be selected.
  697. - Fix bug where prefab objects would throw "Shader wants normals" warnings and sometimes not initialize in scene.
  698. - Fix issue where UV2 channel would not correctly initialize on prefab objects.
  699. - Fix bug where rapidly clicking to add faces would frequently result in the deselection of all faces.
  700. - Fix bug where MirrorTool would incorrectly affect source object's transform.
  701. - Fix duplicate and mirrored objects affecting the original mesh geometry.
  702. - Fix null-ref error when using Edge Ring tool on a non-circuital ring.
  703. - Fix bug where mesh colliders added via Entity component menu would incorrectly have the 'Convex' flag toggled.
  704. - Fix bug that caused mirrored objects to lose the source object's entity type.
  705. - Remove the ability to select non-ProBuilder objects when in Geometry or Texture mode (toggle-able via ProBuilder/Preferences).
  706. - Lower distance threshold for mouse distance to line to be considered selectable.
  707. - Fix bug that broke scaling objects when not in PB editor.
  708. - Fix regression that broke deep copying objects when duplicating or copy/pasting.
  709. - Clean up Shape Creation interface to consistently show build button at bottom of screen, and provide scroll bars when necessary for parameters.
  710. - Duplicate entire GameObject (including attached components) when running 'ProBuilder-ize' action.
  711. - Fixed bug with cone shape generation not using radius parameter.
  712. - Enable NavMeshStatic and OffMeshLinkGen flags by default on new pb-Objects.
  713. - Add pb_Object component check in addition to pb_Entity check in Repair / Validate Components.
  714. - Fix install script breakage on Unity 4.3+
  715. - Fix Mirror Tool incorrectly modifying donor object's normals.
  716. - Fix issue where applied changes to ProBuilder prefabs would not immediately update all other instances.
  717. - Fix inconsistent extrusion with Edge and Vertex selections.
  718. - Fix bug where TextureWindow would not initialize with current selection.
  719. - Automatically clean up degenerate triangles caused by vertex merge/weld operations.
  720. - Enable 'Push to Grid' support for ProGrids users with vertex, edge, and face selection.
  721. - Fix bug that caused vertices behind the scene camera to be selected incorrectly in some cases.
  722. - Fix object incorrectly instantiating off-grid with strange pivot placement.
  723. - (Beta) Rename AboutWindow to avoid namespace conflicts.
  725. ## Changes
  727. - Rename 6by7 root folder to ProCore.
  728. - New ProCore.dll replaces SixBySeven.dll (shared classes between ProCore products).
  730. ## API
  732. - pb_Object.SelectedTriangles is no longer guaranteed to contain only unique indices.
  733. - Convert pb_Preferences_Internal::GetEnum<> to use ints instead of strings, modify pb_Editor to match.
  734. - pb_Object.SelectedTriangles is no longer guaranteed to contain values corresponding to uniqueIndices array.
  735. - Remove deprecated pb_Face::DeepCopy.  Implement copy constructor.
  736. - Move many of ProBuilder's classes to namespaces (ProBuilder2.Common, ProBuilder2.MeshOperations, etc).
  737. - New ClassesEditing segment of Classes folder contains all non-essential files.  This allows for a single ProBuilderCore.dll that can be redistributed with ProBuilder objects allowing users without ProBuilder to view and load ProBuilder objects.
  739. # ProBuilder 2.2.4f0
  741. ## Bug Fixes
  743. - Fix 'Null Reference Error' when editing objects at runtime.
  744. - Fix crash at runtime when ProBuilder object is selected.
  746. # ProBuilder 2.2.3f0
  748. ## Features
  750. - New 'Grow Selection Plane' which expands the selected face to nearby faces on the same plane.
  752. ## Bug Fixes
  754. - Fix regression where handle tool would not default to Top level editing in Geometry mode when no vertices were selected.
  755. - Fix bug where colliders would be lost on upgrading PB install.
  756. - Enable multi-object editing for pb_Entity inspectors.
  758. ## API
  760. - Move and rename pb_Object::MeshWithMesh to pbMeshUtils.DeepCopyMesh.
  761. - Fix PlaneNormal not returning a normalized vector (yikes!).
  763. # ProBuilder 2.2.2f4
  765. ## Features
  767. - New 'Texture Groups' UV setting.  Select faces and group to project seamless UVs.
  768. - New 'Make Asset' Action allows users to save ProBuilder objects as Mesh objects.
  769. - New 'Subdivide' command.
  770. - New 'Connect' command (edges, faces, vertices).
  771. - New 'Insert Edge Loop' command.
  772. - New 'Select Ring' command.
  773. - New 'Grow Selection' command (Alt-G).
  774. - Significant performance improvements when working with large objects.
  775. - New preferences to set vertex handle colors and size.
  776. - Improve performance when drag selecting edges.
  777. - New 'Remove Degenerate Triangles' Repair menu item.
  778. - New snap to nearest vertex feature.  When moving vertices, hold 'V' to snap handle to nearest vertex.
  779. - New 'Quick Offset' tool in pb_Object inspector window.  Set a value and immediately move the selected vertices by that amount (thanks to Matt1988 for initially developing this feature).
  781. ## Bug Fixes
  783. - Override Frame selection to focus on only selected vertices (thanks @nickgravelyn for this tip).
  784. - Fix inconsistent keyboard shortcuts on Mac.
  785. - Tool buttons are now respected by ProBuilder handle.
  786. - Fix bug where ProBuilder GUISkin wouldn't correctly initialize when left open during a Unity restart.
  787. - Fix bug where double clicking a pb_Object to select all would not properly select all Edges.
  788. - Fix bug where ProBuilder would affect other EditorWindow GUI layouts.
  789. - Fix bug where Mirror Tool would fail to correctly initialize objects with pb_Entity.
  790. - Drag selection box now more closely matches Unity's default drag box.
  791. - Update and improve ProBuilderize Action (now attempts to create faces instead of just triangles).
  792. - Fix Rotation handle incorrectly updating to match selection when dragging (occasionally throwing Quaternion.LookRotation == Zero warnings).
  793. - Fix Scale tool incorrectly using world coordinates when translating vertices.
  794. - Fix weird Prism geometry.
  795. - Fix bug where setting an object pivot with ProGrids enabled would sometimes move the object's vertices off grid.
  796. - Edges may now be shift-deselected.
  797. - Update Undo defines to check against Unity versions 4.1 -> 4.9.
  798. - 'Use' events when shortcuts are detected.  Seems to work about 60% of the time on Mac.
  799. - Fix bug where pivot would instantiate offset from grid when used in conjunction with ProGrids.
  800. - Fix bug that broke OBJ export when attempting to export more than one model per session.
  802. ## Changes
  804. - Vertex Color shortcuts are now declared in ProBuilderMenuItems, allowing users to edit them without installing Source.
  805. - Reorganized Menu structure.
  807. ## API
  809. - Selection management at object level is now entirely set in pb_Object, using new SetSelected[Faces, Edges, Triangles].
  810. - New naming and placement guidelines for Menu items (see pb_Constant).
  811. - New ShiftExtrude() method in pb_Editor removes duplicate code in Handle functions.
  812. - New pb_Editor_Graphics class replaces calls to UnityEngine.Handles in pb_Editor.
  813. - Move most MenuItems to ProBuilder2.Actions namespace (exceptions being Windowed items).
  814. - New pbUndo class replaces #if > UNITY_4_3 junk.
  816. # ProBuilder 2.2.0f4
  818. ## Features
  820. - Update Undo code for Unity 4.3 compatibility (Install Interface will determine the correct package for your Unity version automatically).
  821. - Add Rotate and Scale tool when editing faces or vertices (accessed by 'E' and 'R' shortcuts, respectively).
  822. - Add EditLevel toolbar in sceneview for quickly viewing and setting EditLevel. @Genstein suggested improvement.
  823. - New Edge selection mode.
  824. - New 'Bridge Edges' action.  Selected 2 edges to create a face bridging them.
  825. - New 'Collapse Selected Vertices' action.  Select any number of vertices and merge them to a single point.
  826. - New 'Split Selected Vertices' action.  Splits the selected vertices.
  827. - New 'Weld Selected Vertices' action.  Checks if any selected vertices share a point, and if so, merge them.
  828. - New 'Invert Selection' action. (ProBuilder -> Edit -> Invert Selection).
  829. - New 'Extrude' action (ProBuilder -> Edit -> Extrude).  Works for single or multiple faces, as well as edges.  Hold shift while moving a face to automatically extrude (works for translate, rotate, and scale).
  830. - New Install / Upgrade interface provides options to install Release and Source versions, as well as older packages.
  831. - Source code is now included as an installation option.
  832. - New Door primitive type in Shape Generator.
  833. - New Pipe primitive in Shape Generator.
  834. - New Sprite primitive in Shape Generator.
  835. - New Cone primitive in Shape Generator.
  836. - Improved Runtime Example scene demonstrating face highlighting.
  837. - New "Default Material" user preference.
  838. - New "Select Faces with Material" tool.
  839. - New API example scene showing object and primitive instantiation
  840. - New GUI buttons for 'Flip Normals', 'Mirror Object', 'Set Pivot', 'Vertex Color Interface' and 'Extrude Face'.
  841. - Add ability to select vertex by clicking on it.
  842. - Add preference for turning off sceneview notifications (Preferences/ProBuilder).
  843. - New preference item allows you to specify the 'Force Convex' field of a 'Mesh Collider' if it is set to default collider.
  844. - New 'Reset Projection Axis UV' repair tool.  Resets all UV settings to use the 'Auto' face projection.
  845. - New 'Force Pivot to Vertex' and 'Force Pivot to Grid' preferences allow for easier grid snapping.
  846. - New default material for ProBuilder objects.
  848. ## Bug Fixes
  850. - Fix system beep on Mac OS when using keyboard shortcuts (this could be a headling feature).
  851. - Fix bug where detaching or deleting a face wouldn't always reset the _uniqueIndices array, causing bugs in the handle selection code.
  852. - Add undo functionality to DetachFace action.
  853. - Fix bug where vertex color information would be lost on duplication, refresh, build, or just about any other action you can imagine.
  854. - Fix bug where detaching a face could result in empty entries to the pb_Object->_sharedIndices member, throwing null-ref.
  855. - Fix InvertFaceSelection not correctly updating the pb_Object->SelectedTriangles list.
  856. - Don't show 'Nodraw Face' notification if in Top Level editing mode.
  857. - 'G' key now exits Texture Mode.  
  858. - Texture window shortcuts now show notifications.
  859. - Fix button sizing in pb_Editor window.
  860. - Show notification when toggling Selection Mode from GUI button.
  861. - Fix error in 'Detach Face' where occasionally a null shared index array would survive the rebuild.
  862. - Fix compile errors in Editor code when exporting to Web.
  863. - Fix bug where notification for Selection Mode handle would be incorrect.
  864. - Fix bug where deleting a face, then undoing so would result in a NullReferenceError
  865. - Fix bug where 'Fix GameObject Flags' would improperly exit on failing to find a pb_Entity component.
  866. - Fix vertex selection mouse icon drawing when not in Vertex Editing mode.
  867. - Fix vertex color interface losing user preferences across Unity launches.
  868. - Fix issue where pb_Upgrade_Utility would break installation on failing to run.
  869. - Fix bug where rotated UVs would not move in the proper direction when dragging with texture move tool.
  870. - Enable z-testing for face selection graphic.
  871. - Don't show notification post-installation of Static Flag fixes if no fixes were performed.
  872. - Fix bug where texture handles sometimes wouldn't match the selected face's transform.
  873. - Refactor shortcut code to differentiate between modal specific actions. Fixes bug where entity assignments would incorrectly be applied in Geometry level and not Top level.
  874. - Fix incorrect skin colors in Unity Free on 4.3.
  875. - Fix bug introduced in 2.1.4 that broke texture handle toggling (thanks, H. David).
  876. - Fix bug where UV rotate tool would be incorrectly calculated on selection change.
  877. - Change UV scale and rotation behavior to no longer operate in world coordinates.
  878. - Fix bug where extruding would occasionally corrupt the pb_Object.uniqueIndices cache, resulting in 'NullRefError' in pb_Object::GetVertices.
  879. - Adjust minSize of pb_Editor window to completely encompass buttons.
  880. - Re-word toggle select mode and edit level notifications and make them consistent between the different access points.
  881. - Fix bug where 'Axis Constraints' toggle in ProGrids would not be respected when translating faces.
  882. - Fix bug where UV and Smoothing group changes would not immediately revert on Undo operations.
  883. - Fix regression that broke Ctrl-Left click to copy UV settings to face.
  884. - Fix bug where ProBuilder Editor skin settings would "leak" to other Editor windows.
  885. - Fix bug where collisions would sometimes not respect user preference when creating new geometry.
  886. - Fix bug where SceneView would sometimes not refresh on an Undo event.
  887. - Fix bug where pressing 'W' key in the SceneView Fly mode would lock the camera to forward movement.
  889. ## Changes
  891. - In pb_Entity, switch the 'Sphere Collider' option for 'Remove Collider'.
  892. - Change verbage in Geometry shortcut description.
  893. - Add tooltip for selection mode toggle button.
  894. - Show HandleAlignment text when using shortcut to modify.
  895. - Move DetachFace to Edit menu.
  896. - StaticBatchingFlags.BatchingStatic is now set by default on Occluder and Detail entity objects, and toggled appropriately when NoDraw is detected.
  897. - Move "Create ProBuilder Cube" to "GameObject->Create Other" menu
  898. - Re-organize ProBuilder menu.
  899. - New "Fix GameObject Flags" utility to address static batching issues.  Users experiencing issues with missing ProBuilder objects at compile time should run this command once (per scene).
  900. - Remove 'Faces' menu item, merge with 'Geometry'
  901. - Move 'Mirror Tool' and 'Vertex Color Interface' to Editor Core.
  902. - Repair scripts now live in their own folder.
  903. - Tool scripts (any Action with an interface) now live in their own folder.
  904. - Remove unused beta upgrade script from Install folder.
  905. - Drag selecting faces now (optional; defaults to true) limits face searching to selected objects.
  906. - Remove 'Seamless' mode.
  908. ## API / Internal
  910. - Add get/set for pb_Obect->_sharedIndices.
  911. - Use ProBuilder.Actions namespace for all non-window requiring functions.
  912. - When initializing a pb_Object with a pb_Object, use the vertex cache instead of accessing the mesh.
  913. - Remove per-vertex smoothing methods in pb_Object.
  914. - Remove _smoothIndices member from pb_Object.
  915. - Move pb_Profiler to ClassesCore, allowing usage at runtime.
  916. - Add 'color' property to pb_Face.  Used when setting Mesh.colors32.
  917. - New pb_Edge class (not currently in use).
  918. - New ProBuilder.Instantiate(GameObject go) method.  Behaves exactly like UnityEngine.GameObject.Instantiate() and may be used with ProBuilder and non-ProBuilder objects.
  919. - Move math methods from pbUtil to pb_Math.
  920. - Added List<> overrides to many of the more commonly used pb_Object method calls.
  921. - Clean up face selection graphic rendering code (small editor performance improvement).
  922. - New FixDegenerateTriangles method (handy when merging vertices or faces).
  923. - CombineObjects method re-built for faster combine operations.
  924. - New ProBuilder2.Common, ProBuilder2.MeshOperations, and ProBuilder2.Math namespaces.  Partially integrated.
  925. - New pb_Editor_Enum class and namespace.
  927. ## Known issues
  929. - With Unity 4.3 and up, undoing a Collapse Vertices operation is slow.
  930. - Merging rotated objects does not account for UV rotation.
  931. - OBJ export, something broken, etc.
  932. - Unity inserts an additional Undo when selecting a new face on an already selected object.
  933. - Can't shift-click to deselect edges.
  935. # ProBuilder 2.1.4
  937. ## Features
  939. - Notifications are now displayed when a shortcut is recognized.
  940. - New preview feature in Geometry Interface.  Interactively create and place shapes.
  941. - Remove dependency on concave MeshCollider for face selection.
  942. - New MenuItems for opening the Texture Window, and assorted editor commands.
  944. ## Changes
  946. - Move GUI folder to Resources, allowing 6by7 root folder to be placed anywhere in Project hierarchy.
  947. - Decouple collisions from ProBuilder API entirely.
  949. ## Bug Fixes
  951. - Fix bug where Mesh.Colors32 property would be lost on duplication.
  952. - Clamp values in Geometry Interface to sane values.
  953. - Fix plane generation pivot location when segments < 0.
  954. - Fix bug that caused Unity to no longer recognize numberical input.
  955. - Fix regression in 2.1.3 that caused MeshColliders break on entering playmode.
  956. - Fix bug where shortcut keys would sometimes not be recognized.
  957. - When updating ProBuilder, the editor window is now force-reloaded.
  958. - Editor window is now sized correctly for both dockable and non-dockable frames.
  959. - Fix compile errors when building project in Unity 4.1.2+
  960. - Fix bug that caused merged objects to incorrectly snap vertex points while ProGrids window is present.
  961. - Fix NullReferenceError when clicking Merge button with nothing selected.
  962. - Fix GUISkin issues in Unity 3.5.
  963. - Fix GUISkin modifications affecting pb_Geometry_Editor incorrectly.
  964. - Fix 'Delete Face' notification incorrectly displaying on OSX.
  965. - Fix merged objects losing collisions.
  967. ## API
  969. - ProBuilder.Shortcut is now pb_Shortcut.
  970. - Add pb_Upgrade_Utility as a base class for all updating operations.
  972. # ProBuilder 2.1.3
  974. ## Features
  976. - New Vertex Color Interface.
  977. - New 'Detach Face' action.
  978. - New 'Toggle Mover Visibility' button.
  980. ## Changes
  982. - pb_Mesh_Extension renamed to pb_Object_Extensions.
  983. - Transition default shader to Diffuse Vertex Color.
  985. ## Bug Fixes
  987. - Fix pb_Object breakage when upgrading to 2.1.2+ from <= 2.1.1.
  988. - Fix bug where switching to Geometry mode would not always correctly set Tool.current to Tools.None.
  989. - Fix bug where calling the distinctIndices member of a pb_Face would sometimes throw an exception.
  990. - Fix null reference errors when deleting object faces.
  991. - Fix regression in 2.1.2 that caused non-cube type primitives to lose entity data and mesh information.
  992. - Fix regression that caused Nodraw Visiblity Toggle to break.
  994. ## API
  996. - Remove unnecessary calls to the mesh reference when accessing vertex information (most notably in UV mapping functions).
  997. - Cache distinct indices in pb_Face, replacing pb_Face::DistinctIndices() with pb_Face.distinctIndices.
  998. - Add pb_Edge class, and accompanying methods to retrieve all face edges and selectively perimeter edges.
  999. - Add SetColors32(Color32[] colors) to pb_Object class.
  1000. - Add DetachFace(pb_Face face) to pb_Object class.
  1002. ## Internal
  1004. - Update to SVN 1.7, small adjustments to build scripts.
  1005. - Add shell script to build distributable packages on OSX.
  1007. # ProBuilder 2.1.2
  1009. ## Features
  1011. - New interface for pb_Entity class in Inspector.
  1012. - Scale transform now supported.
  1013. - Double click pb_Object face to select all faces.
  1014. - New ProBuilder/About window provides more build information.
  1015. - Full prefab support (removes "Create Prefab" button from ProBuilder editor).
  1017. ## Changes
  1019. - Rewrite context tip for Lightmapping button to reflect it's new purpose.
  1020. - Automatically freeze scale transform when applying any change to vertices.
  1021. - Always ZTest for selection graphic in face mode.
  1022. - 'G' key now toggles between Edit Levels.
  1023. - Remove face vertex handle information from scene view.
  1024. - Remove install script from package.
  1026. ## Bug Fixes
  1028. - Fix bug where user would be allowed to add multiple collision components to pb_Object.
  1029. - Fix bug where geometry would shift on Undo/Redo incorrectly.
  1030. - Fix leak when deleting pb_Objects.
  1031. - Fix regression in 2.1.1 that introduced a leak on switching pb_Objects while in ModeBased vertex editing.
  1032. - Fix bug where selection graphics would occasionally not update on undo, redo, or prefab apply / revert.
  1033. - Fix bug where setting EntityType would destroy transform parent/child connections.
  1034. - Fix incorrecty window sizing in pb_Editor.
  1035. - Fix rare error log when duplicating prefab objects.
  1037. ## API
  1039. - Add OnVertexMovementFinished event to pb_Editor.
  1041. ## Internal
  1043. - Implement SixBySeven shared library.
  1045. # ProBuilder 2.1.1
  1047. ## Features
  1049. - Add MirrorTool action.
  1050. - Add Prism primitive.
  1051. - Add ProBuilderizer action (API example).
  1052. - Add Flip Winding Order action (flips face normals).
  1053. - Add dimensions parameter to Prism and Cube in Geometry Interface.
  1054. - Add ability to delete faces (select faces and press backspace)
  1056. ## Changes
  1058. - "Auto NoDraw" becomes "NoDraw Tool", and features a vastly improved interface.
  1059. - Scroll bars added to ProBuilder Preferences panel, allowing for unlimited preference additions.
  1060. - Add undo support to Set Pivot action.
  1061. - No longer force rename pb_Objects post-initialization.
  1062. - Comment out menu item for Project Wide Nodraw utility, leaving action available for advanced users.
  1064. ## Bug Fixes
  1066. - Fix bug where handles in Seamless editing mode would not draw.
  1067. - Fix bug where selected objects would disappear at runtime.
  1068. - Fix bug where drag selection would not be recognized in Seamless editing mode.
  1069. - Fix Unity crash when importing packages while ProBuilder window is open.
  1070. - Fix regression in 2.1 where a MeshCollider would always be assigned to pb_Object, regardless of Collider settings.
  1071. - Fix cylinder generation code to properly account for height divisions (now accepts 0 as a parameter).
  1072. - Fix bug where undoing texture modifications would not consistently refresh pb_Object to original state.
  1073. - Fix bug where pb_Objects would disappear at runtime with static batching enabled.
  1074. - Add overload to TranslateVertices that accepts bool forceDisableSnap.
  1075. - Fix bug in PivotTool that caused vertices to incorrectly be snapped when setting new pivot with snapping enabled.
  1077. ## API Changes
  1079. - Add pb_Object::InitWithObject
  1080. - Add ProBuilder::CreateObjectWithObject
  1081. - Add pb_Object::GetName
  1082. - Add ProBuilder::CreatePrimitive(ProBuilder.Shape shape)
  1084. ## Internal
  1086. - Add DrawAllFaceNormals to #DEBUG flagged pb_Editor.
  1087. - Update Sublime Extension to version 3.
  1089. # ProBuilder 2.1
  1091. ## Features
  1093. - Add Smoothing Group support.
  1094. - New face selection graphic system respects depth order + speed boost.
  1095. - Add drag selection support for faces.
  1096. - UV2 channel generation now totally automated.
  1097. - New Lightmap Window exposes UnwrapParam properties per-object for fine-grained UV2 generation control.
  1098. - Add smart object naming, with the convention "pb(Shape Type)([Entity Type])-(Object ID)" - ex: pb-Cube[Detail]-1701)
  1099. - Add new "Mover" entity type, which is non-static and allows complete control at runtime.
  1100. - Add support for n-gon faces.
  1102. ## Changes
  1104. - 'World' is now default handle alignment.
  1105. - Update default materials with dedicated textures.
  1106. - Update QuickStart window with more explicit options.
  1107. - Default values for Cylinder are now slightly more sane.
  1109. ## Bug Fixes
  1111. - Fix ProceduralMaterials throwing errors in Texture Editor.
  1112. - Fix rare bug where incorrect vertex indices would be selected in an UpdateSelection() call, throwing a NullReferenceException.
  1113. - Fix bug where toggling selected faces would not correctly remove vertices from internal selection list.
  1114. - Fix bug where pivot would center at 0,0,0 on merging objects.
  1115. - Hide ACG property in Inspector window.
  1116. - Fix bug where merged objects would lose EntityType information.
  1117. - Fix bug where prefab creation would not account for pb_Group data.
  1118. - Fix bug where merged objects would lose normal data.
  1119. - Fix bug where exiting Texture Mode would not consistently set Edit Mode to Top.
  1120. - Fix bug where generating UV2 channel would incorrectly hide NoDraw faces, breaking synchronization with pb_Editor UI.
  1121. - Fix bug where ListenForTopLevelMovement would incorrectly fire, significantly slowing scene navigation.
  1122. - Fix bug where duplicating multiple objects would result in referenced pb_Objects.
  1123. - Fix bug in pb_Group where SetActive would incorrectly be called in Unity 3.5.
  1124. - Fix bug where collision meshes would not correctly update after an Undo / Redo event.
  1125. - Fix bug where drag selection would not exit properly if a function key is pressed mid drag.
  1126. - Fix bug where vertex handles would incorrectly be drawn in Top level editing mode.
  1127. - Fix bug where deleting a pb_Object would occasionally cause a NullReferenceError in UpdateSelection().
  1128. - Fix bug where Occluder objects would not allow textures to be applied.
  1129. - Fix bug where box colliders would not properly inherit trigger boolean value.
  1130. - Fix bug where merging objects or creating groups would not snap pivot point to grid (this also introduces centered pivot points).
  1131. - Fix rare bug where get_localRotation would fail.
  1132. - Fix white flash in Texture Window preview.
  1133. - Fix bug where ProBuilder would not remember Handle Alignment setting.
  1134. - Fix bug where editor selection property would not correctly update on object deletion.
  1135. - Fix minor bug where vertex handles would sometimes not immediately draw on entering Geometry editing mode.
  1136. - Fix bug where closing Texture Window manually would not always exit EditLevel.Texture.
  1137. - Fix bug where an Undo/Redo event would sometimes cause pb_Editor to attempt to refresh every pb_Object in scene.
  1138. - Fix bug where exiting EditLevel.Texture to Geo Mode would not correctly remember the previous SelectionMode.
  1139. - Fix bug where cylinder object sometimes initialize with un-even side lengths.
  1140. - Fix bug where on deleting a pb_Object's MeshCollider, ProBuilder would not immediately re-initialize it (prevents common PEBKAC error).
  1142. ## API
  1144. - Integrate Doxygen (Still a work in progress - feel free to drop by the forums with any questions).
  1145. - Add SharedTrianglesWithFacesExclusive for extracting shared triangle indices exclusive to passed faces.
  1146. - VerticesWithIndiceArray is now VerticesWithTriangleArray.
  1147. - Remove pb_Object::CreatePrimitive.  Use pb_Shape for object creation, or pb_Object::CreateCube(float scale).
  1148. - Add OnVertexMovement EventHandler to pb_Object.
  1149. - pb_Object::CreateObjectWithPointsfaces is now pb_Object::CreateObjectWithVerticesFaces.
  1151. ## Actions
  1153. - Update AutoNodraw to cast from all vertices + center point when determining hidden flag.
  1154. - In PivotTool.cs, snap pivot point to grid if no vertices are selected.
  1155. - Refactor EntityType.Brush to EntityType.Detail.
  1157. ## Internal
  1159. - Add pb_Profiler class
  1160. - Add UVee window + ProBuilder specific modifications
  1161. - Add internal preference to force update preference when necessary (usually means adding shortcut items).
  1162. - Significant performace improvements in handle drawing.
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