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  1. First Ellogian Excellency
  2. The Sphere of Speech is *poetic,* *creative,* and *always communicating.* She is *always eloquent,* even if others do not *understand her.* Her mastery of *metaphor,* *innuendo* and *allegory* are without peer among the Yozis, especially when used in a *narrative.* She is an *author* as much as she is an *linguist* and nothing entertains her more than *dramatic irony.* She is in all things a *romanticist,* owing to her flowery *prose* and her love for fantastic *melodrama.*
  4. He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word invented from his own blood the first *language* but he is no more. In his place lies a castrated, *idiosyncratic,* speaker of madness. Her words *misguide* as much as they *educate.* To hear the Queen of All Poets is to hear *great wisdom* *obfuscated* by *incomprehensible rambling.*
  6. Elloge is *character* and *caricature* as much as she is author. Her world-body is an always changing but repeating *story.* She carries a love for *motifs* and desires nothing more but to harvest *development* in her allies and enemies. She *wraps up those around her* in a glamorous narrative, only to *unveil the twist* and change everything. But that is not to say she has everything planned, an author needs to *improvise.* She writes in *broad strokes,* leaving the small *details to write themselves.* So it is that her story is *written but not determined.*
  8. This excellency may enhance any written social attack or action to write or draw, be it to paint an abstract painting or write detailed calligraphy. This charm may never enhance any actions where the character's actions can only be taken at face value, or maintain only a blunt meaning. Elloge need not be subtle, but she never means exactly what she says, or at least, that isn't all she means. The Sphere of Speech would prefer to illustrate the flaws in a rival with vague but meaningful comments than outright insults, and it would be downright boorish of her to inflict violence upon another without a deeper theme or meaning.
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