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[FR]Old Request: Fluttershy has a Sad

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  1. >"What?"
  2. >Fluttershy stares at you, confused
  3. >You are Anonymous
  4. >For the past 8 years, first thing in the morning, every single morning, a yellow horse has been trying to guess your fetish
  5. >You've cunt-punted her far enough to set a few records, but she still comes back
  6. >You even learned the sacred art of appleslap in an attempt to dissuade her, but she just came back for more
  7. >You honestly just want it to end
  8. >So you decided to try something different today, and caved in
  9. That's my fetish, Fluttershy; thighsocks. Especially when they do that little indent thing.
  10. >You take a sip of your coffee, waiting for your assault to come
  11. So, what now?
  12. >"Y-yes! I..."
  13. >Fluttershy drops her gaze to the ground
  14. >"I..."
  15. >And with that, she walks away
  16. Huh. Should've done that years ago
  17. >You go back inside and make a bagel, dancing a little as you spread the cream cheese
  18. >Today is a good day
  19. 1/?
  20. >One week later in Equestria
  21. >This has arguably been the greatest week of your life since moving to this saccharine horse land
  22. >Without Butterstutter forcing you awake with her inane fetish guesses, you've actually been able to get a decent amount of sleep
  23. >Your boss stopped docking your pay for showing up late, too
  24. And look! I even have some extra money left over this week!
  25. >You dangle your bitbag in front of Spike
  26. >Three bits clack against each other inside
  27. I'm basically rich!
  28. >"Easy there, Filthy Rich!" Spike laughs as he pushes your bag away
  29. >"So you're sure you haven't seen Fluttershy, Anon?"
  30. Spike, please. The next time I see that yellow demon it'll be too soon.
  31. >"Alright, just let the girls know if you do see her. Nobody's heard from her in a week, and we're getting kinda worried."
  32. >Spike hops down from the threshold and waddles his way back to town
  33. Haven't heard from her in a week?, you ask yourself
  34. >Could it-
  35. >Nah
  36. 2/?
  37. >2 Weeks Later in Equestria
  38. >Wake up
  39. >Do the Triple-S
  40. >Sit down for a nice, heatly bowl of Scootaloops
  41. >"Stays crunchy, even in Milk!", the little mascot cheers
  42. >As you lift the spoon to your mouth for the first bite, you hear a knock at your door
  43. Ugh
  44. >Trudging over to the door, you slide on your cuntpunting waders from the coat rack
  45. Goddamnit Fluttershy, I thought I tol-oh.
  46. >Standing outside your door is not Fluttershy, but one of those other horses, the purple one
  47. >"Anon? Why are you wearing waders?"
  48. Uhh
  49. >Shit, why ARE you wearing waders?
  50. Bit of a leak in the basement, but I've got it under control.
  51. >Twilight stares at you with a look that says "You dumb monkey, I built this house for you. It doesn't have a basement."
  52. >"Rrright. Anyway, Anon, I just came over to let you know how Fluttershy is doing, since you two were so..."
  53. >She cocks an eyebrow
  54. >"Close, and all."
  55. Eugh. So what is it? Was she trapped in the bathroom by a spider again?
  56. >"No, thankfully. She's just really REALLY sad. Won't even get out of bed, poor thing."
  57. >What
  58. >"I'm absolutely certain she'd cheer up if you went to visit her though!"
  59. >Yeah no
  60. Maybe another time Twilight. Got a busy day ahead in the basement!, you say as you shut the door.
  61. >You head back to your Scootaloops, ready to savor the delicious crunch
  62. >But they feel soggy in your mouth
  63. 3/?
  65. Come on, come on....
  66. >You rush downstairs and throw open the door
  67. >But no one is there
  68. ARGH!
  69. >You slam the door and head to the kitchen, taking a seat at the table and holding your head in your hands
  70. >It's been a month since Fluttershy holed herself up in her house
  71. >And it's been a week since you've been waking up to phantom knocks at the door
  72. >Sometimes you even hear her voice outside, but it always ends up being Pinkie or one of the other girls asking you to visit
  73. >It almost makes you feel bad for her
  74. I don't feel bad for her.
  75. >The house is silent around you
  76. I don't! That little molester made life hell for me and my wallet! I'm glad she's gone.
  77. >"But then why do you feel so alone?", the house responds with its quietude
  78. I'm not alone! I can make new friends! She wasn't even a friend, she was just the first pony to find me in this world!
  79. >...
  80. Fuck you house, quit judging me.
  81. >...
  82. >...
  83. >You stand up violently, sending your chair a few feet behind you
  85. 4/?
  86. >You don't know quite how you managed it, but your aimless walk led you right to Fluttershy's cottage
  87. ...damnit.
  88. >The shutters are all drawn, and no lights are on
  89. >Discord is in the backyard trying to get one of the bears to jump through a flaming hoop
  90. >You turn around, hoping nobody noticed you walk up yet
  91. >"Hellooo, Anonymous!"
  92. Holy shit! H-hey Discord.
  93. >In front of you floated Discord's head
  94. >His neck was stretching to where his body stood in the backyard
  95. >"So you've finally come to pay Shy a visit! Oh, happy day!"
  96. >His smile seems to stetch beyond his face
  97. >Fuck, gotta get out of this
  98. >You put on your fakest smile
  99. Y-yup! Just here to pay a visit!
  100. >You march your way up to her front door
  101. Knock knock! Oh gee, well I guess she isn't home!
  102. >The door creaks slowly open
  103. >Discord stares at you, chesire smile still plastered on his face
  104. WELP! I'll just pop in to make sure if she's here, then!
  105. >You step inside and close the door, maintaining eye contact with Discord the whole time
  106. >The lock clicks into place, and then silence
  107. >After a few seconds, you hear a whoosh noise as Discord moves away from the door
  108. Hah. Sucker.
  109. >You reach for the knob, only to find it isn't there
  110. >In fact, the entire door has been replaced with a mural of a door
  111. >Shit
  112. You damn luney toon, you hiss under your breath
  113. 5/?
  114. >Taking a breath, you find your nose assaulted by the smell
  115. >A musty mix of stale air, B.O., and old take-out containers
  116. >If it wasn't a smell you were familiar with, you'd probably had thrown up
  117. >Instead, you crack the windows to let some fresh air in.
  118. >It's the least you could do.
  119. >You try to head out the kitchen door, but it too is replace by a mural
  120. >An irritated Discord with a sign reading "Not 'till you talk."
  121. Shit.
  122. >You head back into the living room and park yourself on the couch
  123. >From upstairs, you can hear the faint noise of television
  124. >Taking a deep breath, you muster the courage to head to her room
  125. >You tread lightly on the steps, slinking your way up
  126. >With each step your apprehension grows
  127. >When you reach her door, time seems to slow down
  128. >The faint television noise is a dull roar in your eyes
  129. >You reach your hand up to knock, but something stops you before your knuckles touch the wood
  130. >You turn around, hoping to shimmy out of a win-
  132. ...
  133. >You can hear a shuffling inside the room
  134. >"Twilight? Twilight I already told you I don't want to go outside.", the voice says as it opens the door
  135. 6/?
  136. >You hold still, hoping her time spent in front of the t.v. messed with her vision
  137. >"Anon?"
  138. >Well, there goes that plan
  139. >You turn around to face the object of your...something
  140. Hey, Shy. Twilight said you weren't feeling too good, so I thought I'd drop by to see how you were doing.
  141. >"Oh. I'm doing...fine."
  142. >Fluttershy adjusts a blanket draped over her back
  143. >You cough
  144. >"Would you like to come in? I'd like someone to hang out with for a bit...if that's okay with you?"
  145. Uh....sure.
  146. >Against your better judgement, you walked into her room and took a seat on her bed
  147. >The floor was covered in pizza boxes
  148. >She sits next to you on the bed and wraps herself up in more blankets
  149. >The t.v. was playing an oldie called "I Love Lyra."
  150. >Lyra was busy at the soda factory, racing back and forth to keep bottles from breaking on the floor.
  151. >She didn't remember she was a unicorn until her hooves were loaded up with bottles though, and ended up dropping the lot of them
  152. Heh.
  153. >"Yeah."
  154. >The silence returned, painfully loud
  155. >You had to say something
  156. So, Flu-
  157. >"Anonymous I'm sorry if I bothered you these past few years."
  158. >What
  159. 7/?
  160. >Your emotions swirl in your gut: a mix of rage, relief, and disbelief
  161. You're...sorry?
  162. >You must have laid the venom on a bit thick, because she winced a little when you spoke
  163. >"Yes. I should have noticed a long time ago that you weren't happy with what I was doing, and I'm sorry. You don't have to forgive me, I'd understand if you didn't."
  164. >There's a lot you want to say in this moment
  165. >A million scenarios playing out in your head, all perfect in their own ways
  166. >But you know what you've really come here to say
  167. I forgive you, Fluttershy.
  168. >She seems to brighten up a bit at that
  169. >"Th-thank you, An-"
  170. But I have one question for you: what was your endgame with all those fetish guesses?
  171. >"Endgame?", she asks, confused
  172. >She turns off the t.v. with a soft click of the remote
  173. >"I guess at first I just wanted to be your friend, but then I just...I don't know."
  174. >Her voice falls as she continues talking
  175. >"And when you told me your fetish I was so excited at first, but then I realized I didn't have a plan for what to do after."
  176. >The room goes silent again, aside from Fluttershy's cracking voice
  177. >"And then I realized just how much of your time I must have wasted, and all those new d-doors you had to buy, and...", her voice dies out, a stifled sob in the back of her throat
  178. Well if it makes you feel any better, I kinda miss having you bug me.
  179. >She looks at you thorugh her tears, confused
  180. >"W-why?"
  181. >You scratch the back of your head
  182. I don't know, you've grown on me, I guess.
  183. >You draw her close and turn the t.v. back on
  184. Don't read too much into it.
  185. >She stays solid for a moment, wary, but slowly begins to rest her head on your shoulder
  186. >The soft weight makes you feel a sense of...something
  187. >But it's a something you could get used to
  189. 8/8
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