Never Alone Again (Finished)

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  3.      I could never really keep myself in one place at a time, if I heard a noise, I would look for the source. If someone said not to look at something, I would look at it. This trait of mine did me more harm than good, often leading to me getting berated or lost. The bar in my town was the fire that kept my curiosity running, as it was a hub of stories and rumors, told from folks young and old. The newest rumor was of a haunted cave on the southern outskirts of town, which I had only managed to hear bits and pieces through the mans slurred speech. So, I headed home, grabbed a backpack, a flashlight, and the bicycle in my garage, and headed off to quench my thirst for the unknown.
  5.      After a 30 minute trip, I reached my location, a small opening to a cave under a hill. I set my bike by a tree, and lit up the darkness with my flashlight. I stared into the cave, which only seemed to go deeper, as if it was a tunnel. I stepped in, and went forth into the the dark abyss, lighting my way through, hoping I would find something in this cave. I felt colder as I continued on, and I began to feel uneasy, was going into a cave outside town at night a good idea? No, but I wasn't going to let my anxiety get the best of me, so I kept going.
  7.      Pointing my flashlight in the darkness, something shined near a wall in the cave. I naturally investigated it, and walked over to the shining object, and picked it up. It was a gold coin, I couldn't believe my luck, was there treasure in this cave? I went further, and my question was confirmed, there was more gold, lots of it. A trail of gold led to what seemed like a pile of golden coins, chalices, hell even swords. I started to put the gold in my backpack, overjoyed my curiosity led me to riches. A slow, deep moan shook me from my excitement. This is why the guy at the bar said haunted.
  9.      The moan came from a corner of the cave, but it was getting closer, I could hear coins moving. I flashed my light over the source of the sound, and there it was. It was a hulking figure, must be at least 7 feet tall. However, I took no time to continue looking at the figure, as I turned to run down to the exit.
  11.      "Maaaaaaannnnn......mmmaaaaaaaaannnnnnn"
  13.      The thing was behind me, repeating the same word over and over. I had to keep going, I could see the opening at the end of the tunnel. What I didn't was a rock I tripped on, in which the last thing I saw was another rock hit me=y head as I fell, and then everything faded, as I blacked out.
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17.      I opened my eyes slowly, in which I was greeted by darkness, a cold stone floor, and a tight embrace. I was being held by someone, two large claws around my chest, and two giant orbs pressing into my head, a girl. I wiggled out of the claws, lowering myself under them, and slipped into the darkness. I was still in the cave, and whoever was holding me, was sleeping, judging by the loud snoring. I tried to stand up, feeling a pain in my pelvis, a feeling like was drained of all energy. I resorted to sitting down, I pulled out my phone, shining the light over the sleeping figure.
  19.      Big, everything about her was...big. She was definitely female, her large chest was defined, large hips that emphasized her round ass, and silver hair, lined with streaks of gray, covered her face, extending down to her lower back. Large, torn grey wings extended from her back, black, bony horns stood up from her forehead, along with an equally bony tail, and large claws to go with it. These characteristics all pointed to one thing, a dragon, but something was off about her, something dead, I could tell from her grey skin.
  21.      The girl fidgeted around, moving in her sleep, her claws reaching around her body, looking for the missing figure she had been holding so tightly in her sleep. I ran, and hid in the shadows, hoping not to be found by her. The girl awoke with a start, shaking her head wildly. She pawed at the ground around her, and hit nothing but the cold stone.
  23.      "Maaannnnnn? Maannnn?"
  25.     The girl started to shriek, looking around, hoping to find me. However, the shrieking died down, and it was replaced by tearful, pained sobbing. The girl fell to her knees, curling up in a ball, crying out, repeating the same words. Seeing her, such a menacing figure, look so small, so sad, tugged at my heartstrings. I walked out, and broke through her sobbing with a simple "Hello?".
  27.     Her head swung towards me, and she launched herself up, bounding towards me. I was met with a wall of softness, as her body collided with mine. The girl nuzzled her face in my hair, embracing me tighter as time went by. I looked up to her face, seeing no tears coming from her violet eyes. Instead, I saw the big, dopey smile, as she continued to hold me. She fell asleep, and I, welcomed by all her softness, soon joined her.
  29. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31.      This all happened two weeks ago. Currently, I was in my house, once again being embraced the large girl. It wasn't easy getting out of the cave, as every time I told her I had to go, she wept and held me tight, not letting me go. I eventually convinced her that she could come with me, to my home. Naturally, she was ecstatic, and followed my with a bounce in her step. She was simple, by no means an insult, but she always followed me, whined when I had to go, almost like a dog. I asked her if she had a name, she shook her head, so I gave her one, Selena.
  33.      Selena's behavior really through me off, she was totally unlike any dragons I knew. While most were haughty and prideful, she was goofy and carefree. When I tried bringing the gold from her cave, she merely through it at the wall, looking at it as if were trash. Isn't gold a dragon's treasure, which they hold with the highest regard? Whenever I asked her about her past, she always started sobbing, telling me "I don' wanna remember that", as if it was a painful memory.
  35.      As I spent more time with her, I began to feel happiness. Whether if it was teaching her things, like that time when she tried getting the tiny people out of the TV, or whether if it was in her embrace, I felt happy, and she did too, coming from her always present smile. It seemed she was getting her intelligence back too, always saying new words, to fully formed sentences, sometimes even handling full on conversations. Her voice even changed, going from the slow, sluggish speech sounding much like someone who had one too many to drink at the bar, to a honey voice that was sweet, almost music like on the ears. She still was clingy when I had to go back to work, but instead of the slow moan of "Maaannnn" I had heard back at the cave, I was greeted with "Welcome back, Husband" along with a smile sweet smile.
  37.      I wanted to get her a gift, to show her how important she was to me. So I bought her a gold necklace, nothing to flashy, just a golden chain, with a gold heart at the middle. I was sure she would love it, dragons love gold.
  39. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41.      I stepped through the front door, greeted by the sounds of sizzling and the aroma of steak. I smiled, remembering the days I would step into my home meeting only silence and prepackaged food waiting for me. As soon as I shut the door, Selena ran out of the kitchen and embraced me in her arms.
  43.      "Welcome back husband! How was work?"
  45.      God she was so sweet, greeting me, cooking for me. The way she always looked overjoyed just by me returning, it made me melt in her arms.
  47.      "Husband?"
  49.      I broke from my trance, "G-great! How are you?".
  51.      "Well, today was boring. But now your here! So everything's good! I think dinners ready, here, sit down."
  53.      She guided me to the table, handing me a plate of steak and sauteed vegetables. So long ago she had trouble cooking scrambled eggs, now she had the skill of a high class chef. I really had to thank the kitsune that ran that cooking class some time. The steak melted into my mouth, the vegetables, to die for. She just giggled at my state of ecstasy as I enjoyed her food. She didn't really need to eat, she just ate my cu-spirit energy, man, I always mixed those two up.
  55.      I finished my meal, putting my dish into the sink. I turned to my wife, getting a lewd smile in return. "Isn't it time for my dinner?"
  57.      I chuckled "Yeah, I guess it is. First, I have a gift though."
  59.      "A gift?" she asked, surprised.
  61.      "Yeah, but you'll need to close your eyes, okay?"
  63.      She smiled, covering her eyes, "O-okay".
  65.      I pulled the box out of my pocket, opening it to reveal the golden necklace. I took the necklace in my hand, and ever so carefully, put the chain around her neck. As the chain touched her skin, she flung her claws up, throwing the expensive necklace at the wall, so hart that it even made a little dent.
  67.      "Wha-what the hell?" I said, shocked.
  69.      I stared at Selena, who usually had a happy composure, was now shaking, wide eyed, looking at the necklace on the otherside of the room.
  71.      "You don't like it?" I croaked.
  73.      Instead of a real answer, Selena tackled me, throwing both of us on the floor. I noticed tears stream down her face.
  75.      "Selena, whats wrong?" I asked her.
  77.      "Gold is is is bad" she mumbled.
  79.      I grabbed her claw, leading her into the bedroom, having her sit on the bed. I pat her hand, slow, gentle motions from her head to her back. After a few minutes, she calmed down, now hugging me tightly. "I'm sorry, its just gold is..." she rambled.
  81.      She looked up to me "To explain it, I need to go back. Tell you about my past, e-even if it hurts to remember. You need to know."
  83.      I nodded "Okay, go on, its alright." I said, continuing to stroke her hair.
  85.      "Long ago, when I was a young girl, I loved gold, I cherished it, it was my treasure. I slept on it, I tasted it, I played with it, it was....everything to me. I got gold by raiding castles, trading caravans, anything. Nobody would challenge a mighty dragon. However, gold was everything to me, so I started ignoring everything else, food, drink, even love, all I wanted was gold. I grew old, weak, hidden in my cave from the outside world. I even abandoned gold, curled up in a ball of sadness and loneliness, until, well, I died. I remember my last moment, holding a golden coin, only feeling its cold and hard exterior. However, I would not lay dead forever. My loneliness manifested itself, keeping me alive. I was alone for so long, centuries, my mind long gone. As I slept, I heard you, and immediately chased after you, and fed on your spirit energy. You saved me, saved me from loneliness, from that dark cold place in my mind. Gold is cold, and hard. But you, are warm, soft, and kind, and loving. You made me sure I was never alone again, you gave me your love, and that's all i'll ever need, not that useless piece of metal. I love you."
  87.      I started to tear up. So that's why she was so clingy, she was alone for so long, in that darkness. I latched on to her holding her tight, as if she was the last thing holding me down. She responded in kind. I was going to make sure she was never alone again.
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