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  1. Rules
  3. Any team not completing or forfeiting 3 matches in a row will be kicked off the league and all uncompleted and past matches against them will be forfeited 10-0,10-0
  5. Both teams must decide on a date and a time for this match (don't forget about time zones), that both are happy with. Allow at least 90 mins for the match to take place.
  7. If less than five players turn up to you match and the opponents have 7 then you automatically forfeit 0-10, 0-10.If five or more players turn up for the match then what happens next is decided by the team with the full 7 members. They can either decide that they automatically win the match 10-0, 10-0 or that you can field subs. Subs cannot be players already participating in the league, only someone entirely not on the list. If they choose to allow you to field subs and 30 mins after the agreed start time you don't have 7 they can either choose to play 7 vs your number. Or win 10-0,10-0 automatically.
  9. In the event of a player crash it is his teams responsibility to invite him back into the game or get an ermergency substitute. In the event of a server crash, if more than 12 caps had been scored then the game is counted as finished and the highest score is rounded up to 10 and the other score gets rounded up the same amount. If less than 6 had been scored the match is restarted and if between 6 and 12 were scored then a game is played with score limit 5 and time limit 10 and the score is added onto the last.
  11. Games should be 25 minutes long, the host should set the time for 30 minutes though allowing teams a 5 min warmup time (don't grab the flag in this time), and a 10 score limit. Two games should be played one hosted by each team, but if both team captains agree then a neutral host for both games can be chosen.
  13. For winning the whole match, by getting themost combined caps, you get 3 points, for a draw in number of caps 1 point and if you have less, 0 points.
  15. At the end of a game team captains should take a screenshot of the score as proof so that there are no disputes.
  17. Failure to comply with these rules may result in team penalties, player kicks and in severe cases whole team kicks. If you would like a referee to overwatch the match just send me or Battelstar a pm via this site with details of the match time and we'll try to arrange something. A referee cannot be in the same team as one of those competing in this particular match. Thanks,
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