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  1.  RPGTutorial2:
  2.     name: RPG Tutorial (Combat and Classes)
  3.     npc-giver-id: 8
  4.     ask-message: This quest will walk you through the basics of the RPG combat and skills system.
  5.     finish-message: Congratulations! You're one step closer to becoming the hero you
  6.       were meant to be.
  7.     requirements:
  8.       quests:
  9.      - RPG Tutorial (Crafting)
  10.     stages:
  11.       ordered:
  12.         '1':
  13.           custom-objectives:
  14.             custom1:
  15.               name: DXL Finish Objective
  16.               count: 1
  17.               data:
  18.                 Finish Obj: Finish dungeon
  19.                 Dungeon Names: tutorial
  20.           objective-override: Select a class and complete the combat tutorial, don't
  21.             forget to look for loot!
  22.           start-message: Click on the "END" sign to end the dungeon after choosing a class, and  searching
  23.             for loot.
  24.           complete-message: Congratulations, you've chosen a class, and are ready
  25.             for the last step!
  26.     rewards:
  27.       commands:
  28.      - mmocore admin exp <player> main 200
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