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  1. <War_Clown> You already found him.
  2. <War_Clown> Right here. Talking to you.
  3. <longliveezioreturns> Well there's someone over you. How the chain of command always works
  4. <War_Clown> Hmmm. Who would they rather listen to? Me or you?
  5. <longliveezioreturns> IF there is a complaining customer then yes me.
  6. <longliveezioreturns> I mean whats the point of keeping up an AC Chat ifyour not going to be talking about AC in the first place?
  7. <War_Clown> There, you're unmuted
  8. <War_Clown> Now fuck off!
  9. <longliveezioreturns> whatever dude
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