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Apr 12th, 2016
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  1. This is /ntg/'s Character Ideas Compendium, created for archiving purposes and to have a reference when modding becomes possible.
  2. If you want your ideas posted here just reply to any of the posts of [A E S T H E T I C S anon] and he will add them here.
  6. >Sniper
  8. >Active:
  9. >Line Up the Sights: become stationary for three seconds and fire three shots from your current weapon
  10. >Passive:
  11. >Scope: better accuracy, slower fire rate, camera pans with your curser
  12. >Throne Butt:
  13. >Crackshot: active only takes one second
  14. >Ultras
  15. >A: Deadeye: shoot six shots with your active
  16. >B: Run and Gun: move while using active
  17. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. >Necromancer (female because waifuism)
  20. >Active:
  21. >Make a green necromancer circle around the crosshair
  22. >You can use it once when you kill 25% of the enemies in the area
  23. >You can have 8 stacked at once
  24. >Passive:
  25. >All freaks are friendly
  26. >Throne butt:
  27. >25% Chance to spawn a friendly explo freak, 10% chance for a friendly rhino freak.
  28. >Ultra
  29. >A: Each corpse spawns two freaks instead of one
  30. >B: Only Explo freaks spawn
  31. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  32. >Mimic
  33. >unlocks by reaching the throne without opening weapon chests.
  34. >Skin B is a golden weapon chest that unlocks by storing all the golden weapons(not at the same time)
  35. >make up whatever backstory you want.
  36. >Active:
  38. >Can swap the weapon inside him/her/whatever
  39. >Passive:
  40. >can store 3 weapons
  41. >125% of normal reload time
  42. >After getting a weapon out you have to wait to 150% of that weapon's load time.
  43. >Other mimics are aggressive,but also drop one more mini-pickup
  44. >Throne Butt:
  45. >Weapons load 25% faster (i know that's not how throne butt is supposed to work but shut up)
  46. >Ultras
  47. >A: Broken teeth: removes having to wait when switching third weapon.
  48. >B: Paradox storage:lets you put a fourth weapon inside
  49. >with ultra B The 4 weapons would be in sets of 2,and using the special would change the set,and then you could change normally.
  50. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  51. >Vendor
  52. >A bandit who got stuck in one of the vending machines. Joins the mutants after they cut him some arm holes
  53. >Active:
  54. >Vend: Turns on the vending machine, dispensing one random weapon.
  55. >Unfortunately for the bandit, the gears of the machine tear him up pretty badly when he does this, so he loses half his current health.
  56. >(Guns dispensed this way will be of a rarity one level lower than your current level. Like a reverse version of Robot’s passive)
  57. >Passive:
  58. >Armored:Takes 1 less damage from all sources (Minimum 1 damage)
  59. >Throne Butt
  60. >Premium Stock: Guns dispensed from the vending machine will now be one level HIGHER than your current level (like Robot's passive)
  61. >Ultras
  62. >A: Anti-theft Measures: Reinforces the vending machine’s plating, reducing all incoming damage by 3 (Minimum 1 damage)
  63. >B: Jackpot: Vending machine now has a chance to drop a big weapon chest when used.
  64. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  65. >Crow Man
  67. >Active:
  68. >Flight: Slowly Reloadable flight. Allows travel to any chosen area and evades any form of damage in the meantime.
  69. >Passive:
  70. >Thief: All enemies have a small chance at dropping weapons at cost of the weapon difficulty dropping one tier.
  71. >Throne Butt:
  72. >Air Strike: Landing from his active creates a small radius of damage.
  73. >Ultras
  74. >A: Crash Landing: Possibly a much larger, explosive radius of damage upon landing
  75. >B: Arms Dealer: Much larger enemy weapon drop rate as well as normal weapon increased weapon tier.
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