Uber Jason - Strength 8

Jul 8th, 2020
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  1. Before she could finish, a loud pounding struck the door to the hospital, then again, and again. Each time it dented the heavy metal inward a little more. Brandi pulled herself forward not believing what she was seeing. "Someone" she gasped, "is trying to get into the hospital by breaking through the door."
  3. Suddenly a sharp blade seared through the metal. Two hands covered in metallic gloves pushed into the opening and grasped the edges, pulling them outward, ripping the metal door up and down as if it were paper. The rip created a space that grew larger and larger before Brandi's hazy vision. She saw a face peer in, At Bella Morte, then swivel in her direction as if honing in on a warm body. Their eyes locked, hers warm, his cold, and the cold leeched away the warmth. "It's a man," she gasped to the log, making no effort to control her tone. "More than a man. He looks to have metallic parts but his flesh, his cold eyes, are... human."
  5. While she spoke, Jason X forced his way though the opening, into the room.
  7. Jason X: Planet of the Beast: Page 232
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