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  1. In 1953, the use of atomic weaponry in the Korean war came as a shock to nearly all parties.  This demonstrated to an uneasy world that the United States was willing to enact total annihilation of any opposing force should they see fit.  To the rest of the world, America had just become the most terrifying force on Earth.  To the Soviet Union, however, she had become the very definition of a capitalist imperialist villain.  And like all villains, someone had to stop her.
  3. In 1955 the U.S funded French war on the Viet Minh came to the eyes of the public when France, fearing that they would be seen as weak to the Soviet Union and, most disturbingly, the United States, fully committed themselves to the Indochina War by stationing three carriers off the coast of Vietnam at all times, flying around the clock missions to pulverize any resistance.  Although conventional, so egregious were these bombings that China actually stepped in to defend its Communist brother in arms, which, by 1957, lead to an invasion of China by France and her closest allies.  The resulting conflict remains to this day the most lethal naval invasion in human history, and the resulting foothold that the French made in mainland China, despite the PLA's valiant efforts, was so detrimental to Chinese moral that a massive rebellion overthrew Mao Zedong and sent the country into violence.
  5. In 1958 to early 1962 the world was rolling with civil wars.  The U.S, now caught in a vicious loop, showed a naive civilian populace what only the Pentagon wanted them to see; 3rd world countries acting out their violent nature.  In reality these rebellions were a result of world powers forcing their views upon those who knew no better, those who did, and those who could do nothing about it.
  7. In  1962 and the advent of the Cuban Missile Crisis the world came so close to full scale atomic annihilation that it was almost enough for the two warring empires to realize their actions.  A rogue element of three American B-52 bombers, loaded out with a full nuclear payload, diverted their standard patrols from "ON-GUARD" to "ENGAGED".  As they passed over Pensacola Naval Base in Florida, ground control realized they were rogue and scrambled every aircraft with a gun to intercept them.  Fearing that the Americans had just put the final nail in Earth's coffin, the Soviets reacted by having all nuclear launch capable submarines within range of the U.S.A surface on standby - including a Golf class appearing in the dead center of a full-alert carrier group.  One by one the rogue BUFFs were thrown from the sky, their payloads spilling into the ocean, one even detonating in the Gulf, vaporizing five fishermen and their junk; at the same time, an uninformed Soviet sub commander gives the order to fire his full salvo of three SCUDs at Washington D.C.  An intense mutiny takes place but in the end a single state-of-the-art R-21 missile is let loose into the sky, where damage sustained in the mutiny causes it to disintegrate on reentry to the target, destroying a small pub and injuring just one American citizen.
  9. In 1963 the American    population nearly tore the country apart demanding that they withdraw from the Cold War.  Civil Rights protests combined with anti-war demonstrations and a recordbreaking level of opposal from both the civilian and even uniformed military personnel forced U.S high command to re-evaluate everything they knew about warfare and Cold War politics.  No longer could every problem be solved with nuclear annihilation or the threat thereof... but did the U.S.S.R feel the same way?
  11. In 1964 China pushed out the French invaders and claimed neutrality while still silently supporting the Vietnamese Civil War that had been raging for so long.  Too wounded to actively send armor and aircraft, China was forced to nurse its numerous wounds and dropped off the world stage unceremoniously.
  13. In 1965 with the Vietnam War in full swing, the unexpected happened; the Soviet Union officially jumped into the fight.  Armed to the teeth with a series of nuclear weapons, Vietnam itself became a Cold War with neither side willing to provoke the other by placing troops directly in Vietnam, instead massively funding and arming their respective sides.  The war had become a "monkey fight", a joke to the 1st world but a living hell for the Vietnamese people.  In the end nuclear weapons, now commonplace in the minds of everyone, turned a once gorgeous country into a rolling brown wasteland, devoid of order and humanity.
  15. In 1966 with the Vietnam War "solved", America went on to officially propose several agreements with the Soviet Union, including the removal and disposal of all but the bare essential ICBMs.  Nuclear weapons were to be either dropped from aircraft or limited in range to NOT be able to reach out across the world; these were graciously accepted by both sides.  However, unbeknownst to the American people was that Russia had undergone another uprising by a party that, although valued conventional warfare, also knew that America and her allies held too much "political and military energy" and that an invasion or nuclear strike was imminent.  They proposed to kick off the Soviet Invasion of Europe with a bang, surprisingly enough utilizing only small scale nuclear weaponry on targets that they warned ahead of time.  However, not every theatre was so lucky.  It was war, afterall, and there was only so much lee-way that one can give to the enemy.  So after much debating, the Neo Soviet Union decided that now was the time to put troops in the Pacific Isles.  
  17. At the same time, a handful of U.S reserve training groups were conducting exercises in and around the Solomon Isles.  Armed with the standard for air defense and a rather outdated fighter compliment, these forces were purely support in nature and were simply meant to bolster an actual combat group.  None the less, on August 3rd, 1966 a passing recon satellite picked up something disturbing moving at max chat towards the Solomons.  
  19. Two decades ago Japan savaged the islands with conventional munitions with lethal results.  Now, in the modern age, it would appear as though a reinvigorated Soviet Union and her flotillas wish to do the same.  But as the doomsday clock shivers closer to midnight, can such an unprepared yet centrifical force afford to show nuclear restraint against the almighty and ruthless Soviet Union? Or will the world finally end in a shower of fallout?
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