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  1. Full Name: Alex Mak
  3. Eubbo Name: Yeshyyyy
  5. Age: 15
  7. Skype Name: crazydj.
  9. How long have you played Eubbo? Since i been on holiday For a 'LONG' Time, And member of my family died so i had a hard time, (nothing to do with that but just informing you)
  11. Do you have a mic? Currently I don't But i am thinking of buying one
  13. How long do you play Eubbo Hotel daily? 14+ Hours
  15. What would you be willing to do for the team? I'd be happy to help people out with problems like Scamming,Sexual Behaviour,Bullying,Advertising Etc.. I Will have users with information and help people build (not giving out free stuff)
  16. If a user ask's a question id Be HAPPY to answer it any time. For the team i could Code-Abit of coding :P- I Would ask questions to the staff team As well. Have a Laugh (I'm not always Serious i can have a laugh as well :))
  18. Any previous experience? I Made a special Hamachi hotel, And got some people and practised for staff (Sounds a bit sad but that's how I roll :P)
  20. Any new ideas that you can suggest? I would set events (i will ask for permission First) Have a go at events All fun things
  22. Some extra things: Im VIP on Eubbo, And I 'WILL' buy a Mic I promise!
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