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Mar 22nd, 2015
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  1. 03212329 <StreetHax> I keep getting emails about Equestrians
  2. 03212329 <Bumpk1n_away> back
  3. 03212329 <Elsmer> what do the emails say
  4. 03212330 <TheGary> also, now we can't take anyone that's 17 or younger, for legal reasons, they'll think we're doing bad things
  5. 03212330 <StreetHax> mostly it's just asking if any of us is realted to the tumblr drama...hood
  6. 03212330 <Bumpk1n_away> it is a pain in the ass getting these kids to quiet down after they get back from school.
  7. 03212330 <StreetHax> i dunno why you used that email to register the site anyhow
  8. 03212330 <~Hood> I didn't think it was an issue. the Equestrian thing was over so quickly it barely hit a radar
  9. 03212330 <StreetHax> apparently it did
  10. 03212330 <StreetHax> people are asking a lot about it, calling us hypocrites and intolerant
  11. 03212331 <~Hood> I was never hypocritical or intolerant.
  12. 03212331 <Bumpk1n_away> I'm not really involved in this.
  13. 03212331 <Bumpk1n_away> But we should say something.
  14. 03212331 * Bumpk1n_away is now knows as Bumpk1n
  15. 03212331 <StreetHax> like what? a press releas?
  16. 03212331 <neeerp> Man, I remember when I was 17.
  17. 03212331 <~Hood> Honestly, the purpose of the Commune is to escape from the horrible, terrible world outside and connect with people. I don't want the Equestrians thing to spoil that. It's why I registered new emails.
  18. 03212332 <StreetHax> you SHOULDN't have used them in the FIST PLACE
  19. 03212332 <~Hood> What's done is done, now we need to decide how to proceed.
  20. 03212332 <StreetHax> it's not all about YOU
  21. 03212333 <~Hood> Come on now, no need to be hitting the shift key. We're all adults here.
  22. 03212333 <StreetHax> Well, you did something stupid and now it needs to be fixed. So. Press release, Bumpkin?
  23. 03212334 <Bumpk1n> Maybe a second FAQ, and drop the question near the bottom
  24. 03212335 <Bumpk1n> That way the people who care right now will see it, the people who don't won't.
  25. 03212335 <~Hood> Alright, but don't make a huge deal out of it. The last thing I need is tumblr drama.
  26. 03212337 <StreetHax> no, the LAST thing you need is Horse FUCKING NEWS to attach you to tumblr drama
  27. 03212338 <~Hood> well, that too
  28. 03212338 <~Hood> There's still so much more work to be done.
  29. 03212338 <StreetHax> Yup, alwayas work to be done.
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