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  1. [16:15] <ShakeItUp> Hi. If I played my OST match b4 the predictions thing was done, do I have to rematch? Double01 had to last round so just wondering
  2. Session Close: Mon Dec 31 16:15:31 2012
  4. Session Start: Mon Dec 31 16:16:04 2012
  5. Session Ident: Kevin_Garrett
  6. [16:16] Session Ident: Kevin_Garrett (synIRC, ShakeItUp) (vhost@is.a.competitor)
  7. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> that is the precedent the worms set forth
  8. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> so i would say yes
  9. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> however
  10. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> if there are circumstances that would require you to play
  11. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> and if you opponent agress with full knowledge of the situation
  12. [16:16] <Kevin_Garrett> that is a different story
  13. [16:16] <ShakeItUp> ok
  14. [16:17] <ShakeItUp> So, if we both disagree, does the person who lost get to decide?
  15. [16:17] <ShakeItUp> or the one who won
  16. [16:18] <ShakeItUp> or do we both have to be in agreement to rematch
  17. [16:19] <Kevin_Garrett> if there is no agreement
  18. [16:19] <Kevin_Garrett> it needs to be redone
  19. [16:19] <ShakeItUp> ok
  20. [16:19] <ShakeItUp> thanks
  21. [16:19] <Kevin_Garrett> is this all hypothetical, or is there a situation i need to know about?
  22. [16:22] <ShakeItUp> Yeah I played Aqualouis earlier. We were going to play on Thursday but he vm'd me today asking if i could play. I said sure and we battled. We both forgot about the predictions thing I guess (I did), and if he didnt, he didnt tell me about it so we just played anyway. I lost, so I'm just wondering if I have to rematch. Double01 is my friend and this happened to him last round and he talked about it in #rarelyused so just wondering.
  23. [16:24] <Kevin_Garrett> That sounds like the kind of thing that would get rematched under EW's precedent
  24. [16:25] <Kevin_Garrett> Unless he absolutely had to play before the predictions
  25. [16:25] <Kevin_Garrett> which doesn't appear to be the case
  26. [16:25] <ShakeItUp> ok.
  27. [16:26] <ShakeItUp> "As you saw, we're paired for the r3 of the OST. As i have my finals next week (from the 8th to the 11th), i have to play this week, before friday if it's possible."
  28. [16:26] <ShakeItUp> he just had to play before friday
  29. [16:26] <ShakeItUp> not necessarily b4 predictions
  30. [16:26] <ShakeItUp> we scheduled for thursday originally
  31. [16:26] <Kevin_Garrett> ok
  32. [16:27] <Kevin_Garrett> yeah, run this by EW
  33. [16:27] <Kevin_Garrett> Include our chatlog
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