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Fur Affinity 2014 fundraising GoFundMe announcement

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Nov 18th, 2014
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  1. Fur Affinity (FA) is one of the largest art online gallery sites on the 'net, and the single largest furry community in the world! We're in the top 10,000 sites globally and the top 2,000 sites in the US, top 1,000 in Norway and top 500 in Chile.
  3. We've been active since 2005 and have continued to grow and expand.
  5. Our underlying hardware is starting to age. With internet connections and resolutions sizes getting faster and larger, we need to retrofit our storage solution to allow for larger files. We want to upgrade our file storage servers to allow larger file sizes (removing the 10MB limit), allow users to upload video content, implement larger avatars (and files sizes) and to allow more room to grow.
  7. We've been working on expanding our gear, improve the UI and work in a full site recode (Phoenix). While we've upgraded the database server, our storage needs still need improving. We'd also like to introduce off-site cloud backups to ensure stability and long term file protection.
  9. In addition, if we raise enough money, we can invest in a better ticket tracking system (allowing email responses to tickets, prioritization) and help bring on more admins to handle the site's ticket backlog.
  11. Want to improve FA for the better, and need your help to do so!
  12. SELECT A REWARD LEVEL Or, Donate a Different Amount
  13. Supporter
  14. $10
  15. We'll post your name (and a link to your account) on our campaign page!
  16. Sponsor-Silver
  17. $25
  18. We'll send you a hand written thank you card (featuring an exclusive Fender art design).
  19. Sponsor-Gold
  20. $50
  21. Help support the site and get a unique FA shirt to show your support of the site.
  22. Care Package
  23. $100
  24. Get an FA care package (includes an FA shirt, lanyard and patch).
  25. Super Sponsor
  26. $250
  27. FA Care package (shirt, lanyard, patch) and an Elite sponsor reg for FA United 8.
  28. I Like Stickers
  29. $250
  30. FA Care Package and a life-size Fender wall sticker!
  31. The OMG Sponsor
  32. $2,000
  33. Get lifetime site advertising, FAU Super Sponsor + prime spot Dealer's Table, FA care package, wall sticker and a life-size Fender stand up display!
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