R63 Thread Bumpers [MLO]

Apr 26th, 2013
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  1. >”Ah, mornin’ son!”
  2. >”Come to help yer old pops applebuck?”
  3. >”Welp, we need ter clear out a section of the south field, with t’e market being tomorrah and all!”
  4. >”Blitz said thar’s gonna be some rain around noon.”
  5. >”Well, just means we’re gonna hafta work hard and fast!”
  6. >”Let’s get to it!”
  7. ~ ~ ~
  8. >”Dammit Blitz! He bumped t’e rain schedule up without tellin’ nop0ny!”
  9. >”Well, no point in cryin’ over it now. Guess we’ll just have ter rough it here in t’e barn”
  10. >”Whatch’r tryin’ to hid thar partnah?”
  11. >”Oh, it’s alright, s’only natural, stallions around yer age to be like this, hormones and t’e such.”
  12. >”Yer sure you want to get into it with yer old man? Just cuz yer younger doesn’t mean I can’t keep up.”
  13. >”Well, tain’t nuttin wrong with a roll in the hay, release some stress, all that doo howdy.”
  14. ~ ~ ~
  15. >”Uph, I’m yer first, aren’t I?”
  16. >”Put some spine into it, I tain’t no sissy!”
  17. >”Yer a fast learner for aren’t ya-ahhh.”
  18. >”Ah ya sure you can keep It up? I tain’ even close yet!”
  19. >”Ahn, clever use of rope thar. Yer an Apple for sure!”
  20. >”Naaah-getting’ close here now. Don’t be afraid ter finish inside…”
  21. >”Ahhh, so full. Been too long fer me.”
  22. >”Ya got t’e stamina of an Apple fer sure, but I get ter be top next time, show you how it’s done!”
  23. >”Ahh, looks like t’e rains clearin’. Round 2 will have ter wait til’ we’re done. Back ter Applebuckin’!”
  24. ~~~
  25. >”Well, looks like none of your friends could make it son.”
  26. >”It’s alright though, you got me and your uncles here!”
  27. >”Here, have some hard cider, loosen up a bit. Applejack hoofmade it himself!”
  28. >”Pffthahahah! I haven’t seen dancing that bad since I got Dusk drunk that one time!”
  29. >”Hahaha, here, have some cake, it’ll help with the tipsiness!”
  30. >”Bye guys! Come on, we need to clean everything up buddy.”
  31. ~ ~ ~
  32. >”Another great Bubble Berry party if I say so myself!”
  33. >”The worst part of a party is cleaning up though! But it’s got to be done.”
  34. >”I’m sorry your friends didn’t show up though. Things happen, I know better than anyp0ny.”
  35. >”Don’t look so down son! Here, let’s have our own little after party.”
  36. >”Teehee! Here, lemme show you how to dance the right way!”
  37. >”Back and forth, just follow the rhythm. Come on, don’t be afraid to bump and grind if you need to!”
  38. >”Oh my, I did this? Well, I do have another present for you…”
  39. ~ ~ ~
  40. >”Hehe, you like the socks? Your party pole says you do~.”
  41. >”Oh, stop teasing me, just put it in!”
  42. >”Ahhh, so big, so full!”
  43. >”Mmmm, so rough and fast. Feels sooh gooooooood~”
  44. >”Nah! Fire off your party cannon in me! Fill me with your frosting!”
  45. >”Haah, so much. You really did a number on me this time, I’ll be walking funny for days!”
  46. >”Hehe, don’t worry, I don’t mind. Your dad always wants to make you happy, he’s your friend after all!”
  47. ~~~
  48. >”Oh, hello son. Have fun with your friends?”
  49. >”Playing hoofball again, hmm? I never really bought into sports when I was a colt.”
  50. >"Oh, my, your wings look awful! Look at all those feather sticking out!”
  51. >”When was the last time you preened your wings?”
  52. >”What do you mean, you don’t like preening? It’s very important for your wings, and yourself!”
  53. >”Get over here mister, I’m going to preen your wings, and that’s an order!”
  54. ~ ~ ~
  55. >”Here, lie down and spread your wings out.”
  56. >”Oh dear, they look just awful. There’s feather’s sticking out everywhere, and they look so grimy…”
  57. >”Mpphph. Pftah. See, they’re already starting to look better!”
  58. >”Now, let me get those flight pinions. It’s really important that they’re well cared for, son.”
  59. >”Are you sure I’m not hurting you, you seem to be squirming a lot.”
  60. >”Oh my, I did this to you? Uhm, m-maybe I can h-help you with that…”
  61. ~ ~ ~
  62. >”Roll over b-buddy, on your back. Now spread out.”
  63. >”Y-yes, we press them together, rubbing t-them like this. Just like me and Blitz use to.”
  64. >”I-I’m going to thrust harder n-now! Oh Solaris, t-that feels s-so good!”
  65. >”Aahnnh! I’m g-g-gonna-!”
  66. >”O-oh my! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, oh my! All over your face, too!”
  67. >”See? Preening can be fun! S-sorry about the accident…”
  68. ~~~
  69. >”Ah, hey son! You’re just in time!”
  70. >”What, you forgot? It’s the best day of the year!”
  71. >”No, it’s not your birthday. It’s re-shelving day!”
  72. >”No, Barbara isn’t here, she’s in Canterlot helping Solaris study dragon magic.”
  73. >”Oh wipe that look on your face. It’s not that bad!”
  74. >”And here we go!” *THUD*
  75. ~ ~ ~
  76. >”See, this isn’t so awful!”
  77. >”Oh come on, humor your old man. I know you like reading as much as I do.”
  78. >”Let’s see here...Fiction, Non-Fiction, Consultary, Adult…”
  79. >”Well, I guess you’re old enough to look over the last section, just make sure it gets shelved!”
  80. >”Hey, you’ve been in here for a long while. Are you alright son?”
  81. >”What’s this? ‘Oral Techniques for Curious Colts’. Why would you be into this so suddenly?”
  82. >”…Well, it’s a good idea to get some first-hand experience instead of just reading about it, you know?”
  83. ~ ~ ~
  84. >”Don’t be nervous, I’ll be helping you.”
  85. >”Every stallion is different, but most prefer if you start with the balls. Ahhn, yes, like that, cup them softly and play with them.”
  86. >”Now, you gently take the tip in your mouth. Haaah, you’re on the right track.”
  87. >”Wet up the shaft a bit before you go any deeper. And watch the teeth. I made that mistake myself one too many times.”
  88. >”Fhaaaa, you’re catching on fast. Dang, I can feel myself hitting the back of your throat.”
  89. >”Wha-nyaaaaaaah! Oh Solaris, I can feel your throat! I’m gonna-“
  90. >”Wow. Just wow. You swallowed it all. Uhm, well, that was a good first lesson.”
  91. >“Practice makes perfect though, so come and ask anytime you want to more pointers.”
  92. ~~~
  93. >”Ah, oui! Please, come over here son.”
  94. >”Here, put this on.”
  95. >”Yes, I know it’s mare’s clothes, but you’re almost an exact match to my customers sizes, and working on a mannequin only does so much.”
  96. >”Don’t give me that look, put on the clothes, and get on the stand.”
  97. >”I swear, why are you making such a big deal of this? You loved playing dress-up when you were a little colt.”
  98. >”Tut tut, you’ve got it ruffled everywhere. Here, let me straighten it out for you.”
  99. ~ ~ ~
  100. >”Don’t bite the bit like that! You’ll leave marks.”
  101. >”Oh stop twiddling, I need to re-check the measurements.”
  102. >”Ah yes, more frills would look nice here…”
  103. >”Need to pull in the saddle straps here…”
  104. >”Hmm, need to bring up the stockings…”
  105. >”For Artemis’s sake, stop writhing!”
  106. >”Oh bouche bée! Such a naughty colt, being turned on by wearing mare’s clothes. Looks like I’ll just have to punish you…”
  107. ~ ~ ~
  108. >”Tsk Tsk.”*THAP*”Stay still, or I shall have to keep punishing you. Or is that what you want?”
  109. >*THAP* “Now darling, don’t go biting the bit. It’s rather difficult to repair with magic.”
  110. >”Look at you. You’re almost there, and I’ve just been spanking you. Whatever shall I do with you, my cross-dressing sissy?”
  111. >”You look so nice in those clothes, and you’ve been so good, I think you deserve a reward…”
  112. >”Nhaaah-You like the feeling of my cock buried in your ass? Do you feel like a pretty little filly wearing those clothes, with me on top of you?”
  113. >”Phaanha! Ahhhh, I bet you feel so full with my cum in you, you lewd little colt.”
  114. >”Mhmhaha~Such a sloppy little sissy. Clean up the mess you made on the floor, I need to go clean these clothes before the customer comes for them~”
  115. ~~~
  116. >”Remember to pull that right wing in on that downward spiral!”
  117. >”Don’t forget to pop them open 50 feet from the ground! That’ll give you plenty of room to pull it in before slam into the dirt!”
  118. >”Remember, it’s not just about flapping, use thermals and updrafts. You’ll tire yourself out faster if you just flip and flop your wings all the time.”
  119. >”Alright, try a free fall. Gravity is your friend for picking up speed.”
  120. >”Come on, don’t give up on me now. Let’s do it one more time!”
  122. ~ ~ ~
  123. >”Haha, pretty sweet moves little dude.”
  124. >”You’ll be better than Scooteroll soon. Maybe even as good as me one day.”
  125. >”Haha, that was a pretty good practice, son.”
  126. >”We’re all sweaty, aren’t we, guess we should go hit the lake, hmm?”
  127. >”Wow, you really like sweat don’t you? You got hard just smelling me and my stallioness, huh?”
  128. >”Well, you did well enough. I guess you deserve a reward.”
  129. ~ ~ ~
  130. >”Man, why do I have to be the bottom? You’re lucky I love you squirt.”
  131. >”Mhmmm, stop grinding it between my plot. Teasing just isn’t cool.”
  132. >”Nyaanah! Damn, all in right off the bat. You’re ambitious, aren’t you?”
  133. >”Wait, what are you doin-hey, hold on, why are you flipping me over? Wa-no! Not my hoof!”
  134. >”Ohooohoh, so deep! Please, I’m so close…”
  135. >”Dammit, why did you come inside? Solaris it felt good though. I almost envy Applejack...”
  136. >”Alright then! Last one to the lake is a moldy hay eater!”
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