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Anonymous is (Still) Chris Dorner

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  1. Regarding #OperationDorner:
  3. The following message is directed towards any soul brave enough to question the status quo,
  4. Members of the LAPD who do not suffer from illiteracy are encouraged to read.
  7. There seems to be a myriad of articles in circulating that confirm The Dark Knight, Christopher Jordan Dorner, has fallen.
  9. The LAPD claims to have had no part in setting the fire that caused Dorner to perish. However contrary to their claims, recorded radio conversations concur a deliberate attempt was made to spread the fire. Whether or not the Waco style blaze was started intentionally will remain conjecture until the Los Angeles Police Department tells the truth; so don't expect any answers soon.
  11. More importantly, don't buy into their assertions and justifications for Dorner's death. It was clear from the beginning that there was no intention to capture Dorner alive. Instead of addressing corruption the LAPD allocated their resources into a massive witch hunt, nearly overshadowing The Dark Knight's alleged crimes. And as for the million dollar bounty, it was merely a ploy instigated to maintain the facade of domestic terror. Terror- a word so broad and overused that one might think that it would apply to the LAPD itself.
  13. After all If shooting random civilians notably two elderly women is not terrorism than Christopher Jordan Dorner was the hero that Los Angeles deserved. The Dark Knight dedicated the final hours of his life to fight corruption, so that we in stead of him may live in a better world.
  15. Dorner's vendetta displayed the brutality of the LAPD, leading ultimately to his (tragic) death. And what about the public, the very people that government was established to protect? Some may rest assured under the assumption that they are safe from a madman, But are they really?
  17. At no point during the manhunt were any attempts made to restructure the LAPD. Dorner was made public enemy number one. Again Anonymous does not, never has, and shall not ever condone violence. But it would be a maddening proposition to allow Dorner's death to go unpunished.
  19. It is self-evident that the LAPD has learned nothing from this ordeal, so we must teach them a lesson.
  21. Change can only occur through revolution, and we are the revolution.
  23. We are Anonymous.
  25. We are legion.
  27. We do not forgive.
  29. We do not forget.
  31. LAPD, Expect us.
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