Rumble and Sweetie on the bathtube one-shot(EXPLICIT)

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. Be Anon
  2. >Be currently chasing Rumble through the entire house
  3. >The hallway, the kitchen, all places except for one place: the bathroom
  4. >Good the doors and windows were closed so he couldn’t fly away the house
  5. >"But Anon, I don't want to take a bath with her! Go away!"
  6. “Stop being a scared colt and be a stallion, this is your chance to shine with her! Don’t you like her?”
  7. >”I… kind of do… but that is so wrong!”
  8. >He keeps flying away from you as he answers
  9. “What’s wrong? Is your chance! I’m babysitting both of you and you shouldn’t waste this opportunity, back when I was your age I would have taken this opportunity and shoved my peepee right in her donut”
  10. >”Eww… that’s disgusting!”
  11. >Now Rumble was flying near the roof and you couldn’t catch him
  12. >Fuck, do you need to bring your swatter for this shit?
  13. “Get off the roof right now!”
  14. >”Make me!”
  15. >Rumble sticks out his tongue at you and raised his right hoof at you
  16. >Was he trying to give you the birdie?
  17. “What do you want; you want me to watch over you two as you bath or something?”
  18. >”I… wouldn’t mind” Rumble started mumbling and slowly nodding
  19. “So that’s a yes? Are you sure you aren’t into males? I swear you have a crush on that brown colt that plays videogames all day”
  20. >Rumble quickly flew almost in front of your face giving you a serious look
  21. >”I don’t like Button Mash! He… we… we are best friends! That’s it!”
  22. >He finishes his dialogue with a scrunchy face
  23. >How cute, he sure must love that colt then
  24. “Riiiight. If you want, next week I can ask his mother to take care of him so you two can ‘play’ together”
  25. >Rumble flies almost at your side getting angry at your implications
  26. >”Anon! I said that-“
  27. >You take advantage of the situation and catch him with your two big hairy ape arms
  28. >”Wah!”
  29. “Gotcha!”
  30. >”Aaaaaaanooooon” Rumble started to give you more scrunchy reactions as he tried to escape
  31. >There is no escape.jpg
  32. ”What? Isn’t he your best friend? Alright, I won’t invite him over; let’s go to the bath then. There is a filly waiting for you”
  33. >Rumble muffled some words as you walked right to the bath
  34. >You bet he was cursing you or something
  35. >His brother shouldn’t say bad words around him
  36. >Or maybe he stalked him and learned some stuff
  37. >Imagine if Rumble stalked his big brother meanwhile Thunderlane had sex with those two sisters… Damn is Thunderlane lucky. You bet he is having a threesome right now with them on his house
  38. >Why aren’t you a horse? Or at least a donkey? That way your dong would expand through the skies and penetrate all the horse pussy
  39. >Nah, you are already an ass
  40. >At least Rumble won’t fly away; neither will he escape with his wings on water when he takes his bath with Sweetie Belle
  41. >”…I kind of like him too… But like a best friend!”
  42. >D’aww. How cute, little colt got a crush on someone with his same sex
  43. “Is okay buddy, all is good if you say ‘no homo’, trust Uncle Incognito”
  44. >Rumble looked at you with a confused face
  45. >”Wasn’t your name Anonymous?”
  46. “No no, that’s what my uncle said. Although he was like the black sheep of the family and nobody listened to his shenaningas”
  47. >Sweetie Belle’s house wasn’t very big; you two arrived at the bathroom very quick
  48. >And in the bath was already Sweetie Belle taking her bath
  49. >She was playing with the bubbles of the bath as waiting for you and Rumble
  50. >Damn she looks so adorable playing, so innocent, so childish
  51. >You’d tap that
  52. >Too bad you aren’t a filly or a colt to do lewd things with her
  53. >One of these days you should ask Twilight and see what happens
  54. >…
  55. >Nah, you’re good. You like being the last human in this world
  56. >Sweetie didn’t mind taking a bath with Rumble, but Rumble… oh boy, sure he is a coward
  57. >”Mmfmmmfmm….”
  58. >Yep, more mumbling coming from him
  59. “Hey Sweetie Belle, little Rumble is shy so I’ll give him some company. You don’t mind being in the same bathroom with big ol’ Anon?”
  60. >”Nope! Don’t mind you mister Anonymous!” she said, with her squeaky voice
  61. “’aight, time for some bathing Rumble”
  62. >Rumble doesn’t responds as you put him carefully in the bath near Sweetie Belle
  63. >He was starting to glow a bit red in his cheeks
  64. >You sit near the bath and watch them
  65. >Not creepy at all, right? Thanks Rumble, you big coward
  66. >”Is the water hot, Rumble? Your face is getting a bit red…”
  67. >Sweetie Belle started approaching Rumble, but Rumble backed away a bit
  68. >”I’m fine! Just fine! No need to touch anything…”
  69. >Rumble gave Sweetie a nervous smile and a squeak
  70. >”Okay then! No touching!”
  71. >Sweetie Belle started using her magic, levitating a brush near her and she started brushing her mane
  72. >Rumble was looking around as if trying to search a way to escape
  73. >Just take the damn bath already; this is just a waste of time
  74. >YOUR precious time of course
  75. >Then you heard a ‘beep’ coming from the kitchen
  76. >Ugh, smells like beans
  77. >…
  78. “The beans! I left them and forgot about them! I’ll be right back in a few minutes, kids!
  79. >Rumble already gave you a sad look, one that said ‘you betrayed me!’
  80. >Hell if you weren’t lying! The beans are important too!
  81. >You stand up and start exiting the bathroom
  82. >As you exit the bathroom, the door closes behind you with a tiny ‘click’
  83. >The fuck?
  84. >You put your hand on the knob and try opening the door
  85. >It was stuck. But how? Who? Did Sweetie close the doo-
  86. *Beep beep beep beep*
  87. “God damn the beans are burning!”
  88. >Questions later! Beans now!
  90. Be Rumble
  91. >Anonymous just betrayed you!
  92. >He left you for beans! Single and simple beans!
  93. >And you are alone with Sweetie Belle now…
  94. >Why did she used her magic to close the door all of the sudden? No… she locked us in the bathroom! Was that on purpose? What she wanted to you with you?
  95. >W-well, nothing can go wrong, right? RIGHT? Just the two of you alone in a bathroom naked, right!? …Well ponies don’t often wear clothes, so…
  96. >”Hey Rumble~”
  97. >You take a gulp. Sweetie Belle was starting to give you some romantic bedroom eyes as she was getting closer and closer to you
  98. “Y-yes, Sweetie Belle?”
  99. >”You are cute, you know that? Just like your brother…”
  100. >You don’t answer as she swims closer and closer to your side like a predator going for his prey
  101. >You take a gulp again. You were sweating bullets every time Sweetie got closer to you
  102. >You wanted to fly away, but you couldn’t get your wings in a comfortable position to fly. You were doomed, weren’t you?
  103. >Sweetie Belle now was at your side, eyeing your body from up and down
  104. >Well, she only eyed the visible parts of your body, your territory and safe zone was pretty much hide underwater
  105. >”Rumble… do you spy over your brother, don’t you? We are curious kids after all… You know what he does in his private times right? I do know what my sister does…”
  106. “You mean… when my brother plays with Flitter and Cloudchaser to the cowboy?”
  107. >”Ye- wait”
  108. >Sweetie Belle looked at you with a confused look on her face
  109. >”Cowboy?” she squeaked
  110. “Y-yeah! I sneaked one time to his room and I was under his bed, trying to surprise him. Then he started to yell from time to time ‘Baby I’m your cowboy, call me cowboy!’ with Flitter answering in a weird tone ‘Daddy, you’re my cowboy~’” you tried to imitate her tone so Sweetie Belle could understand “Pretty weird, uh? I think Cloudchaser was holding a camera and I think she got sick because she was sweating under her hind legs”
  111. >Sweetie Belle started processing everything you said
  112. >”…okay, you pretty much know what’s up then?”
  113. >What’s up? Well… your brother was up to Flitter if they were playing to the cowboy, so maybe you know what’s she asking
  114. “Yeah, I guess”
  115. >”Good, then let’s play like them!”
  116. “Are we gonna play to the cowboy? On the bath? Wouldn’t that be weird?”
  117. >”No, no, no. /We/ are going to play a game my sister was doing one time with his coltfriend…”
  118. >Playing something in the bath? That’s weird. There is no way you could get to play in he-
  119. >Wait what’s that sensation
  121. >Sweetie Belle horn started to glow and you started to feel… funny in some parts
  122. >As you turn down you see a green glow surrounding your belly
  123. >Was she trying to tickle you with her magic? No no, no, no! Everything but tickles!
  124. >You started to giggle a little and started moving around rudely in the bath as a convulsed cat
  125. “Stop that! S-stop! I can’t hold my laughter! Hahahaha!”
  126. >Sweetie Belle started to giggle vilely as she covered her mouth a bit with her left hoof and watched you twist in laugh
  127. >The only sound that was heard in the bathroom was the sound of your laugh and the splash of the water as your hooves slammed the water continually
  128. >She leaned close and started using her hooves to give you even more tickles
  129. >Tickling your neck, belly and ears
  130. >You don’t like this game anymore!
  131. >Then Sweetie belle stopped tickling you, but her horn was still glowing
  132. >You started to calm down a little, stopping to laugh every second
  133. >You look down and your belly wasn’t with her magic anymore, but underwater you could see the green glow surrounding something
  134. >Oh no! She found your troyan horse! Which was out of his little shed…
  135. >What is she going to do?
  136. >”Seems that I hit the good spot… how do you feel, Rumble?” Sweetie Belle said, getting her head on your belly
  137. “I… feel wei- mmn!”
  138. >She then surprised you with an unexpected kiss
  139. >You close your eyes to feel the moment
  140. >Your first kiss…
  141. >It was… pretty normal. You just tasted her lips as she tasted yours
  142. >She broke the kiss and looked at you with a big smile
  143. >”Did you like it?” she squeaked as her horn started to glow even more than before
  144. “Y-yes… I think that- Ouh! Ah!”
  145. >You started to feel pain in your little horse as the green glow started to intensify underwater
  146. >Sweetie Belle gasped as the beast made his entrance
  147. >’Hey guys, who called’?
  148. >That’s what it would say if it could talk. But that was coming from your imagination of course
  149. >”So that’s your…”
  150. “Y-yes…”
  151. >Sweetie Belle started to get more curious and got closer to it, starting to poke it with her hoof
  152. “Sweetie… could you stop… your magic? Is hurting… me…”
  153. >But she didn’t listen to your words as she kept poking your private area, a transparent liquid coming from there as it gets attention from her
  154. “Ah… please… Sweetie… your… magic…”
  155. >By the curiosity of Sweetie Belle, her magic was getting stronger for some reason
  156. >You could feel something coming from inside of you
  157. “Sweetie… I feel weirder than before…”
  158. >She ignored you and went directly to stroke your member with her two hooves
  159. >That sudden movement startled you and you really wanted to move away Sweetie for touching your private area
  160. >But you didn’t want to make her stop… your body didn’t! It was rejecting your decision!
  161. >You were biting your lower lip as Sweetie continued stroking your member
  162. >”What do you feel?” she asked and wondered, curious of your reaction
  163. “Ah… I…. don’t know!”
  164. >Your ears and cheeks were burning and your mind was racing over thousand of thoughts of this situation
  165. >Then you felt something coming from it and a white fluid emerged
  166. “Hnn… ah…” you said in pleasure, looking at the ceiling and resting on the bathtub
  167. >Sweetie Belle saw in awe as your seed went like a fountain, right directly to the bath
  168. >You could see on her head her horn had stopped glowing. Her magic finally stopped and you could take a breath of relief
  169. >”Whoa, how did that feel, Rumble?”
  170. “Weird, very weird” you say taking short breathes and gasping
  171. >Oh dang, some of that white fluid went to her face!
  172. “You got some of that white liquid on your face” you pointed on her with your hoof
  173. >Sweetie Belle touched her face to feel the sticky liquid on her face
  174. >”This is pretty sticky… Oh I got an idea!” Sweetie Belle said as she lowered her head to where your member was placed “I’ll suck your thing and clean my head under the water of the bath! That way I can get my face clean and we can continue with this!”
  175. >She was gasping directly at it; you could feel her warm breath on your little boat. It made you feel even weirder. But you like it, you really did like that
  176. >”Oh, is twitching! That must mean is alive! Hello little Rumble!” she giggled as she looked at your reaction
  177. >Your face was between concern and happiness. Is this what adults do? Is this love? Or something else?
  178. >She started to slowly lick the tip of your member, licking in circles and horizontally as if it was a lollipop
  179. >Your member was getting more erect than before, which gave Sweetie the opportunity to take a look at your balls
  180. >Instead of sucking your member, she went lower to your balls and started sucking individually one by one
  181. >This was the best game ever… Should you tell Button about this?
  182. >He likes videogames, so… maybe you should. He is so competitive that he could be a master at this game
  183. >As you got distracted by your thought, Sweetie Belle had moved into your member, giving it a nice and slow suck
  184. >Now she was massaging your balls with her hooves as she sucked your little member
  185. >You eyed the ceiling with bliss in your eyes
  186. >”Mmmm~” Sweetie approved the salty lollipop
  187. >You groaned and gasped as the orgasm took the best of you. With your right hoof you place Sweetie’s head underwater, she still sucking you. This could be a good opportunity to clean the mess you made on her face
  188. >”Mmmh!” she responded abruptly to your action, but she continued sucking, using her tongue while doing so
  191. >With all the strong on your right hoof you made sure Sweetie Belle didn’t stop on sucking
  192. >A few bubbles started to come from the bathtub as Sweetie’s back legs moved around the bath
  193. >”brrbbmmmmm”
  194. >But you couldn’t hear her as your hoof made sure she kept sucking
  195. “Yes… keep doing that…”
  196. >Sweetie Belle was trying to escape your grasp, but it was no use as you were completely lost on the orgasm
  197. >Her rude movements on your member only made it harder and it made you feel even better
  198. “Yes, yes! Oh…!”
  199. >The bathtub was filling with bubbles of a desperate filly trying to escape the chains of a possible and slow but sex death
  200. >”Brbrbbrmmmm….”
  201. >Then the bubbles stopped emerging and Sweetie Belle stopped moving
  202. >Sweetiebot.exe has stop working
  203. >Then you felt the same power from before coming from your member
  204. “Sweetie… Ah, Hnng…!”
  205. >As you remove your hoof from Sweetie’s head, she almost jumps and gasp for air
  206. >Your member once again throwing it seeds, this time near your belly and chest
  207. >You watch Sweetie Belle having problems to breath
  208. “This game is amazing! Can we repeat?”
  209. >But Sweetie Belle didn’t seem to like it as she started to tear up a bit
  210. >”We are… not playing… anymore! At least… not in this… bathtub!” she said, taking a gasp almost in every word she said
  211. >You located a tiny part of the white liquid you produced which was stained on your chest
  212. >Using your hoof you get some of it and lick the hoof. It tasted like salt and salad
  213. “Hmm… salty”
  214. >”Eww, Rumble! I don’t think you are supposed to drink stuff coming from your body…”
  215. >You were about to say something in defense, as if it was your curiosity and nothing else. But you two could heard knocks on the door and an angry Anonymous right outside it
  216. >”Hey you two! Dinner is ready! We got beans and tortillas so you two better go down or I’ll eat all of em’!”
  217. >You almost forgot that Anon was in the house…
  218. “We are coming, Anon!” you answer as you get out of the bathtub, the stains of your seed disappearing from your fur
  219. >”Again? Man you two are premature or what the hell? Just get out of the bathroom already!”
  220. >Wait, what?
  221. >You look at Sweetie Belle and she gives you a concern look on her face
  222. “He… he heard us?”
  223. >”I don’t know, I don’t feel like asking… oh this is so awkward… let’s just go down and don’t talk to him of this”
  224. >You nod and help Sweetie Belle to get out of the bathtub
  225. >She gets closer to you and gives you a little kiss on the cheek
  226. >”I really liked that you weren’t so shy on the bath with me, Rumble”
  227. “Ah… heh… you too…”
  228. >Sweetie Belle giggled as she used her magic to open the door of the bathroom
  229. >That wasn’t so bad, was it?
  230. >Maybe you should ask your brother about this stuff… this really was adult stuff after all
  231. >”KIDS, THE TORTILLAS!” Anon said with a fury of nine hundred and ninety-nine suns
  232. >Better hurry or he’ll get angrier!
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