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  1. The main reason I am quiting is because of a situation with Mars I did not want to be in empire.  Since I quit empire I have realized I do not wnt to join any other guild or continue my accounts on Wushu.  I am 15 I can not affford  to top up and therefor are at a disadvantage to other players.  I try to make money in non favorable ways such as charging profit for stuff guildies shouldn't.  I topped up once by stealing money from my "parents" (Don't feel too bad they are dicks but I don't like stealing)  In order to maintain stength i would have to top up serveral times and that is not an honest option for me.   I do not think its best for either party to discuss what happened becasue it might tarnish someones reputation.  There are minor issues that I think the guild should  take from this as a learning experience.  Kyshen has issues with alot of people but some of his stuff  someone has to do  and he takes the bullet because mars is too nice.  I do think Kyshen should calmdown some and not act like a tyrant (pun intended) .  I mentioned this point alot but dharma should not be a discord requirement, a majority of the guild is not in discord and the lowest level of leadership  (which i understand to be player managament)  should be givent o loyal and hard working players such as Cenron.  It made me feel unapprecated and since I was removed from public chat in this discord, untrusted.  I made alot of friends from this guild and I hope to maintain them by adding me on discord.  I also hope this message will be pinned so more people can find it after spam.   Thank you for the memories and friendships. I hope empire remains one of the strongest guilds and everything works out for you.
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