sky heart high form @/crybabyjoon

Oct 1st, 2016
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  1. name – Jaime Moon
  3. age – 18
  5. face claim – jimin park (15&)
  6. backup face claim – hani (exid)
  8. year in Sky Heart High – Senior
  10. background – jaime lived in LA till she finished middle school, moving to Korea once she started high school and living with a host family. she dreams of becoming a doctor, reason into why she's so serious when it comes to school yet playful out of it– because she wants to fulfill her dream of helping others.
  12. personality – jaime isn't the type where she'll start a fight but she won't let her guard down either. she's introverted (shy & quiet) yet extroverted (loud & energetic), she's fairly popular because she catches attention well. she can be unconsciously cute, but she won't do it to be called cute though she adores attention and pet names.
  14. love interest – namjoon~
  16. his personality – is as awkward and clumsy s he is with anyone else, though he's smart and very amazing. can and will go from awkward boy who isn't sure what to do to independent boy who will show you the way in life.
  18. your grades – B- / A
  19. his grades – B / A+
  22. –anything sweet
  23. –anime / k-dramas
  24. –writing
  25. –fluffy anything
  26. –staying up late
  28. dislikes –
  29. –anything bitter
  30. –being bothered
  31. –rude / ignorant people
  32. –apple juice
  33. –having to be forced / pressured
  35. what class are you in? – senior
  36. love interests year – senior
  38. why did you come to Sky Heart High? –
  39. jaime was told that the schools classes are very high up, which will give her the opportunity to become a doctor, so she chose the school. also, she low-key wants a smart husband, another thing she was told & why she also went there.
  41. is your teacher strict? – only when he / she believes I'm not doing so well, naturally, no
  43. suggested scenes? –
  44. –she's sitting down in a booth, during lunch, by herself because she wanted to watch the newest episode of her favorite drama, but love interest decided on joining her for lunch. making her slightly annoyed but happy at the same time
  45. –while jaime is grabbing her clothing for pe, she bumps into one of her other guy friends, being all giggles and laughs, making the love interest mad because he gets the wrong idea.
  47. are you excited to learn love? – yes, of course!~
  49. password – lotto exo
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