Chapter 37 of Shieldbro and Accessory Merchant?

Sep 11th, 2014
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  1. All that bling
  3. Chapter 37 - Learning Magic
  5. For some reason, the accessory merchant joined our peddling. I'm not complaining since there is payment, but I don't know what this fellow is up to.
  7. The accessory merchant started teaching me various things after he found out about my Hero status during the bandit fiasco, which he seemed to have enjoyed.
  9. Apparently accessory merchant wants to refine my talents...
  11. While the accessory merchant on the surface is someone who is gentle and teaches apprentices kindly. He actually holds considerable influence within the merchant guild. Apparently, the thieves around this area are notorious. It seems that they were tipped off by associates within the merchant guild.
  13. The first thing he taught me was where to mine for the gemstones needed to create jewellery. Next is processing precious metals into accessories. I am currently capable of making various designs. Because I am somewhat of a picture otaku, my creations were quite nice.
  15. The tools needed to work are also cheap. In this world, there are magic tools that were powered by magic stones, similar to how fuel works. There are several points that seem similar to the burning and grinding process of metalworking in my world.
  16. (Tl note:
  18. To process any hard iron, I would need to go to the ironworks and work with a metal mould. Having crafting skills really help out with preventing any mistakes that might have been made. Although the Shield is reacting, I can't just let it absorb my work because it's expensive.
  20. Back to the main issue, I wanted to start working on enchantment magic.
  22. As expected, I need to be able to use magic. I groaned while holding the magic book in one hand and the accessory merchant is curious.
  24. Accessory Merchant: "Is Hero-sama unable to use magic?"
  25. Naofumi: "Yeah, even though my slave can already use magic"
  26. Accessory Merchant: "Ah I see… "
  28. The accessory merchant took out some small transparent fragment and handed it to me.
  30. Naofumi: "What is that?"
  31. Accessory Merchant: "It's a piece of an extremely rare ore. It’s quite expensive."
  32. Naofumi: "Wow..."
  33. Accessory Merchant: "Can you read the letters?"
  34. Naofumi: "Yeah... Only the simple ones though."
  36. I've been seriously tackling the letters of this world for about a month. I can't read any of the more difficult words, but I can understand the simple ones.
  38. Accessory Merchant: "It's enough for you to be able to feel magic first, learning how to use magic will come after."
  40. Hmm... What you said just now is quite difficult.
  41. I play with the fragment while thinking.
  43. The fragment begins to shine.
  44. What can I say... This feels like I just found another hand within myself that I had no idea about.
  46. Until now, I had no idea of the existence of such an “organ”, but it doesn't feel out of place. Seems quite similar to how even when a bird doesn't know how to fly, it still know how to flap its wings
  48. Naofumi: "What a strange feeling."
  49. Accessory Merchant: "I grew up knowing the magical power was there. However, you had no idea of its existence until recently, but you seemed to have succeeded"
  50. Naofumi: "Is that so…?"
  52. I am now conscious of another “arm” called magic power.
  54. I open to the part of the magic book which I have already deciphered. The letter begins to shine. This is a magic engraved by me and only usable by me.
  56. Naofumi:“I am the Hero of the shield who command the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. May the power of nature defend me!”
  57. Naofumi: "Fast Guard!"
  59. A target mark appears in my view. I selected myself as a test.
  60. A light shines over me. Then I check my status and it seems to have risen.
  62. Naofumi: "Oh..."
  63. Naofumi: "I seemed to have learnt it somehow. Well then, teach me some magic."
  65. The accessory merchant disregarded my excitement and begins another lecture.
  67. Though, it wasn't that draining to use such a spell. Then I recall the enchantment magic taught by the accessory merchant.
  69. I try and apply magical power to a processed jewel.
  71. I had trouble at first but my shield corrected some of my mistakes.
  73. It gets difficult when I try mixing power from a different gem. Also I seem to be able to draw out magical power from medicine and apply it.
  75. Accessory Merchant: "Well, that's the basics. Please keep improving and apply it to your business afterwards."
  77. The accessory merchant gets of the carriage and heads off.
  79. Thus, I learn how to craft something besides medicine.
  81. Because it is necessary to use ores, when we arrived at a mining town, I started mining immediately.
  83. Owner: "Eh? Is that an introduction letter?"
  85. The coal mine owner asked in surprise when I showed him the accessory merchant's letter of introduction.
  87. Owner: "This is certainly a letter from him. How did you manage to get something from someone so stingy?"
  88. Naofumi: "What do you mean?"
  90. Apparently the accessory merchant is a very stingy person.
  92. The owner of the coal mines was suspicious when I appeared with a letter of introduction from that scrooge, but was shocked when it was the real thing.
  94. Owner: "Since the letter is real, how much do you want to buy? Since you have the letter, I'll be flexible."
  95. Naofumi: "Uhm, may I mine it myself? It would be cheaper."
  96. Owner: "Eh? Well... That's fine, take whatever you mine..."
  98. I left the business to Raphtalia and Firo as I head to a cave with my pickaxe. I'm interested in the mining skill.
  100. The sound of pickaxe striking stone echoes through the cave. To be honest, it's quite noisy and the air is hot and stuffy.
  101. As expected of a different world, a crystal is exposed on the wall and shines.
  103. Owner: "This cave is safe unless there are extreme circumstances, so there are no problems wherever you may want to dig. However, the risk of collapse is not zero."
  105. I was guided to several places within the mine by the coal mine owner.
  106. As I raise the pickaxe slowly, a cross-hair emerges on the wall.
  107. What? Do I strike there?
  109. Naofumi: "Tei!"
  111. I swing the pickaxe down with momentum.
  113. With a clang a crack emerges from the wall. The crack spreads and the wall falls apart.
  115. Owner: "Whoa!"
  117. That was a very fragile wall.
  119. Naofumi: "Hm?"
  121. The coal mine owner looked at me as if I'm crazy.
  123. Owner: "That hard bedrock... In one strike?"
  125. That was hard…?
  127. Due to the mining skill, walls collapse whenever I swing and ores were collected at a terrifying pace.
  128. But there are still walls that I can't collapse no matter what…
  129. Maybe it's because of my low skill level.
  131. Naofumi: "Well I’ll just work with this."
  132. Owner: "O-okay."
  134. I filled a bag with gemstones and leave quickly.
  136. By the way, gemstones were even able to be found near the entrance of the mine. I just had to dig near a few mulberry trees.
  137. It is surprisingly easy to find in the neighbourhood.
  138. Although the uncut stones close to the surface seems to be of a lower quality for magic.
  140. According to my knowledge of my world, there seems to be a famous place where jewels were dug up simply by digging in the field.
  141. Even though this is a different world, I believed the good quality gems will be buried deep underground.
  143. Ruby Bracelet was made!
  144. Quality: Good -> High Quality
  146. Even though I originally made that as a trial, It seems to have turned out well.
  147. I also tried to imbue the bracelet with magic.
  149. Ruby Bracelet (Fire-Resistance +)
  150. Quality: High Quality -> Normal
  152. Ugh... The quality fell a lot after magic was imbued.
  154. I dabbled in making accessories as the peddling continues.
  156. By the way, it is very hard to make accessories on a moving carriage, so I can only work on them at night.
  158. It seems my shield is not high enough level to absorb a finished gem.
  160. Time to sell it.
  162. The bracelet that was created earlier was for 80 silver pieces. The value of gems in this world seems to be lower than my world. It takes time to create the foundation.
  164. It might be worthwhile to make new designs in the wagon. Though, it's a little inconsistent.
  166. It seems anything will be popular. What's popular in my world might be popular here too.
  167. Though I don't know much about expensive jewellery
  169. However, production takes quite a while.
  170. That said, there is money to be earned. It might not be a bad idea to improve our equipments.
  172. Requirements for Iron Ore Shield have been revealed.
  173. Requirements for Copper Ore Shield have been revealed.
  174. Requirements for Silver Ore Shield have been revealed.
  175. Requirements for Lead Ore Shield have been revealed.
  178. Iron Ore Shield
  179. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 2
  181. Copper Ore Shield
  182. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Smelting Ability 1
  184. Silver Ore Shield
  185. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: 2% Damage reduction from Demons
  187. Lead Ore Shield
  188. Unsealing completed... Equipment Bonus: Defence Power 1
  190. A skill which seems to be useful for the old man from the weapon shop appeared.
  191. It's pretty useless to me at the moment anyway.
  193. The Lead Ore Shield seems to have displaced another skill. I'm not going to use that skill anyway.
  195. Every day of peddling was passed with such a feeling.
  196. Having stopped at a southern town.
  197. Through a certain reliable source (Accessory Merchant), I heard of a province that wants to acquire large amounts of Herbicide.
  199. Apparently there's a lot of money to be made so we leave for a south-west village in haste.
  200. Judging by speed alone Firo seems to be a match for a God Bird...
  201. (tl note: No idea...... なんでも速度からして間に合うのは神鳥……フィーロ位なものらしい。 )
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