Dekoboko TKO [Typeset]

May 1st, 2016
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  1. Deko boko TKO Translation
  2. From
  4. >You two Nee-san sure get along well.
  5. >Eh?
  6. >[Shaa....shaaa... (note: wave sounds, I don't fucking know)]
  8. >Gulp
  9. >Skreeee
  11. >Long 10-cm-chan / Choujuusenchihou-chan, do your best!
  12. >Gachunk x2
  14. >Whew.
  15. >That was nice! You pass!
  17. >[Good work!]
  18. >Maya-san!
  19. >Did Teruzuki pass?
  20. >[splash]x3
  21. >With flying colors.. After all, you've been working hard since summer.
  22. >Now you, too, are a capable AA Destroyer!
  23. >Then can I match Akizuki-neesan?
  24. >Yep, sure can.
  25. >[RIght,] To celebrate your success, let's go and get stuffed!
  26. >Awesome--!
  28. >Oh, Choukai.
  29. >Maya nee-san...
  30. >I didn't think I'd run into you here.
  31. >Sepaking of which, I was getting ready to get lunch with Teruzuki.
  32. >Do you want to get-
  33. >[Turn away]
  35. >--Oy!!
  36. >[Fast steps]
  37. >Hey, hang on, don't ignore me!
  38. >Oy--! >Oyyyy--
  39. >And that's what happened.
  40. >[Chew]x2
  41. >That Choukai did that?! [Maya onee-san's so cute!] [That Choukai] [I love Onee-san!] [I want to, with Onee-san, xxxx]
  42. >Ah | eh...
  43. >....Did you do somethign to her?
  44. >Nothing.
  45. >I'm really coming up dry right now, really...
  47. >I have decided!
  48. >That today I will help you two make up!
  49. >Then what about tomorrow's assignment?
  50. >Takao >What's more important to you, your sisters or the asignment?
  51. >[sparkle] x4
  52. >It's written all over your face.
  53. >[This looks really fun.]
  54. >[Pan paka paann--]
  55. >Leave this kind of thing to us!
  56. >Eh?
  57. >[!]
  59. >[Eh] So Choukai's been acting cold to Maya?
  60. >Did anything seem odd to you recently?
  61. >[Furutaka, what do you think?]
  62. >[I got nothing.]
  63. >I just saw Choukai.
  64. >Aoba!
  65. >[Aoba saw it~]
  66. >She's probably still there?
  68. >[Yep] She was here until just now.
  69. >She usually reads a lot of books, it makes me really giddy too.
  70. >[Ohoho]
  71. >What kinda books she looking at?
  72. >Let me think.... | there were some mysteries...
  73. >European and American Military Records...
  74. >Some fitness magazines...
  75. >And some music collections. She reads anything really.
  76. >In the end, we didn't learn anything...
  78. >What did I do wrong....
  79. >[Eh....]
  80. >DId you eat Choukai's treasured cake or something of that sort?
  81. >I'm not a big fan of sweets.
  82. >If I think any harder my head's going to blow. We've really got no leads | Even if we found out what books she was reading, we still wouldn't have any idea what to make of it.
  83. >[Sigh....]
  84. >I don't get it...
  86. >How unlike you.
  87. >The you that usually plunges into action without thinking
  88. >the one whose always going forwards with full speed
  89. >WHat happened to that "Maya-sama?"
  90. >I'm going off for a bit!
  92. >Choukai!!
  93. > Maya onee-san....
  94. >Please tell me.
  95. >What did I do wrong.
  96. >Okay?!
  98. >Mhmhm
  99. >....Huh?
  100. >To be honest, I was a little worried.
  101. >What would I do if you didn't come.
  102. >But thankfully, I waited.
  104. >This is called "Retreating to Advance." (note: "以退為進" could either be alluding to the tactical withdrawal, in which you pull back to provide yourself more tactical flexibility, or to bait the opponent into revealing a vulnerability, or playing hard-to-get. In this case both are probably valid)
  105. >[closing in]
  106. >Just according my keikaku. [Mhmhm]
  108. >[Shock]
  109. > don't joke around!
  110. >What was according to plan?
  111. >I don't know what that means!
  112. >Do you know how worried I've been...
  114. >[tearing] [shrink]
  115. >Wha....
  116. >[caught off balance]
  117. >this isn't anything to cry about....
  118. >I'm really scared.
  119. >Since Teruzuki joined up at the end of the Summer operation,
  120. >Onee-san's been spending a lot of time with her.
  121. >[sob]x2
  122. >I was thinking that Onee-san was being taken by Teruzuki....
  123. >Don't worry.
  125. >Choukai, you'll always be my little sister.
  126. >Onee-san...
  127. >To be jealous of Teruzuki, that was really immature of me...
  128. >[sniffle...]
  129. >I'll bet you some of the destroyers are more mature.
  130. >Eh--?
  131. >that's going too far!
  132. >[on the sign: -ga Misaki]
  133. >Mhmhm...
  135. >mm~.... | problem solved.
  136. >[sigh]
  137. >Just thinking that I have to get ready for tommorow's assignment puts me in a bad mood.
  138. >DIdn't you have your fun? Just accept it.
  139. >[But, but!] Takao, weren't you a little happy seeing them like that?
  140. >Eh? [me?]
  142. >Think back on how we used to be.
  143. >Ahhh....
  144. >When you put it like that, we were a little like that.
  145. >Right--?
  146. >Sure is nostalgic~
  147. >That's right...
  149. >Takao/Atago, you did love clinging to me...
  151. >[No no no] The clingy one was you for sure.
  152. >[push]
  153. >Eh--? That wasn't what happened.
  154. >[Takao was so cute--]
  155. >The first time we were on assignment, you were always tugging onto my sleeve
  156. >[I-I'm not scared...]
  157. >[When did that happen?!] Then, that time you were sent on expedition, didn't you say something on the lines of [I'll go with Takao then~], Atago?!
  158. >[That was so embarassing...]
  159. >[Ahaha~]
  160. >Well, when I'm with Takao it's a little easier to get good results. (note: could be implying that she leeches off Takao's work, or that Takao is so weak that she has less comeptition) what'd you say?!
  161. >[an argument?]
  162. >Eh--that was you, Takao
  163. >Also, Atago, what about all those times you....
  164. >[what, what]
  165. >[a fight?]
  167. >You two sure get along well.
  168. >Huh?
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