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  1. C. Admin HO Customer Invoice
  2.   MenuItem
  3.       Accounting
  4.           Sales
  5.             Customer
  6.             Customer Invoice
  7.             E-Faktur Doc Release
  8.             E-Faktur Doc Serial
  9.             Invoice E-Faktur Customer
  10.           Delivery
  11.             Delivery Note (Domain order_preparation = True)
  12.   Tambahkan
  13.       mrp.production.group (R)
  14.       customer.complaint.report (R)
  15.       Customer Complaint Report Line (R)
  16.       item.requisition (R)
  17.       item.requisition.line (R)
  18.       account.tax (CRUD)
  19.       account.invoice.tax (CRUD)
  20.       account.move (CRUD)
  21.       account.move.line invoice (CRUD)
  22.       account.account invoice (R)
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