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Job placement program for top AI-class students

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Dec 14th, 2011
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  1. Job Placement Program for top students in ai-class
  3. Hi xxx:
  5. As you know, Peter and I have strong connections to major companies in
  6. the Bay Area, such as Google. These companies are always looking for
  7. new talent (like yourself). This includes my own company, which is
  8. running ai-class. We are looking for software engineers and teaching
  9. assistants.
  11. If you are interested, please email your resume to
  12. xxx
  13. (please don't reply to this Email). We will then forward your CV to
  14. interested companies. We promise not to sell your information, and
  15. we won't spam you. But you may then be contacted by others.
  17. We really see this new online class not just as a means to offer free
  18. education, but also as a way for some our most talented students to
  19. find new, better jobs. You are among the top 1,000 students right now
  20. - which is amazing. Based on your performance in this class, you are
  21. of the caliber that tech companies here really want. If you are
  22. interested in being included, please respond by sending your resume to
  23. the emails address above. (Simply ignore this Email if you are not
  24. interested - we will not forward your Email address to anyone then.)
  26. I hope to see you at the final exam!
  28. Best
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