Second Life. SIM owners attack furs, support child avatars.

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  1. Compiled from data given to me by djoranrose.djannovic of "Cute Sisters" nude beach for all ages on Second Life (com) on 7/9/2014.
  3. Of course by reading these logs that djoranrose.djannovic gave me I can tell what's really going on here...  They are anti-furry attacks at Cute Sisters from Deej (djoranrose.djannovic) toward Tiernan McLaglen.  Human male avatars are treated totally differently than furry male avatars in Second Life.  It's a complete double-standard.  Humans are walking around with their parts hanging out at nude beaches, but furries are never allowed the same rights.  It's no different than those other logs I've seen where random people attack Tiernan McLaglen whenever he stands his ground because he's not breaking any rules and only wants equality for everyone, minus the hypocrisy.
  5. One fellow mentioned in his profile states: "Nolligan Nino: People who are screwed up and 'guilty' about their urges try to look down on others.  Moral relativism.  It's like racists having lower self esteem.  People with guilty consciences often try to take the moral high ground."
  7. And now, here's the log that was given to me from djoranrose.djannovic of "Cute Sisters":
  9. ---------
  11. Since... "Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i will be sharing this entire chat log with our staff"
  12. I shall have the right to DEFEND MYSELF from her illegal (LL) ABUSE by sharing the same log with you as staff members and current attendees.
  14. -- Instant message logging enabled --
  15. [19:46]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic) has begun an IM session with you.
  16. [19:46]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): no Erections allowed
  17. [19:46]  Tiernan McLaglen: I don't have one, read my profile.
  18. [19:47]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): when you first rezzes it appeared, its smaller now...
  19. [19:47]  Tiernan McLaglen: Please read my profile for legal reasons.
  20. [19:47]  Tiernan McLaglen: Staff know me here.
  21. [19:47]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): for legal reasons we will eject anything that appears to be a hard on or otherwise exercised genetalia
  22. [19:47]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): please see pink signs
  23. [19:48]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): other than that, you're more than welcome!! :-)
  24. [19:48]  Tiernan McLaglen: I did not have one as you confirmed... after you jumped on me.
  25. [19:48]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): we have to be careful here, hope you understand - under much scrutiny due to age mixtures
  26. [19:49]  Tiernan McLaglen: I will be welcome here when I feel not-attacked 5 seconds upon landing.  I understand your point, please read my profile as it SUPPORTS YOU.  Please remain aware of this and the data contained herein for YOUR BENEFIT as well as mine.  TY  :>
  27. [19:50]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i said something at first because I had a chat window open already to welcome you but as you rezzed, a larger erect cock did temporarily come into view...
  28. [19:50]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): I welcome EVERYONE... and only say something if I see something that the user might not be aware of...
  29. [19:50]  Tiernan McLaglen: Larger is NOT erect, as I have said 4 times now.  It's all contained witin my profile, but you are not reading the legal facts which support you and your SIM.  please do so right away.  TY
  30. [19:51]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): and I didnt attack you, just let you know what had become visible on the viewer... and visible and as long as a half arm and straight out..WAS considered erect.. it was what I saw on my viewer for about 15 seconds, long enough to alert you
  31. [19:51]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i rad your profile
  32. [19:51]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): read
  33. [19:51]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): that isnt the issue
  34. [19:52]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): as I said, you are WELCOEM HERE... what was INITIALLY visible is no longe visible...
  35. [19:52]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i see cocks here all day... of many sizes...
  36. [19:52]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i know the differences
  37. [19:52]  Tiernan McLaglen: If you need further help I can bring others such as ex Lindens who are more likely to support your SIM than the current paranoid phobic staff employed there.  And NO it was not 'straight out', that's a lie and I am highly offended that you are making up stories about such a formerly welcomed and honourable person as myself, especially considering that I am a real life sexologist and have been published as such.
  38. [19:53]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): Look,  you can argue or you can have fun - I DID NOT "ATTACK" you... you reacted more strongly to what I did see... and please don't call me a liar. that doesnt go over well
  39. [19:53]  Tiernan McLaglen: I shall inform others about your words against me who also work here and well as speak freely elsewhere as I wish to warn my friends and family that Cute Sisters has become another Giggles beach and is not going to last due to lack of support.
  40. [19:54]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): i will be sharing this entire chat log with our staff
  41. [19:54]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): (if you desire to make such an issue of it)
  42. [19:54]  Tiernan McLaglen: If you lie about me to my face, you are still a liar.  Your viewer must be broken if you saw 'it sticking stright out'.
  43. [19:54]  Deej (djoranrose.djannovic): I am not going to continue to argue with you....
  44. [19:55]  Tiernan McLaglen: It it ILLEGAL and reportable to the Lindens for what you just ADMITTED to doing, breaking the LAW.  I shall report your words as they are currently being recorded by the Lindens and will be used against you.  Leave me alone from now on or that will also be used against you.
  46. MUTED
  47. Then she BANNED ME from the Cute Sisters SIM.  Other staff used to enjoy my company, even though I was rarely ever present.
  48. Reporting her to Linden Labs for admitted ABUSE and anti-furry xenophobic attacks.
  50. ------
  52. I fully understand his frustration and ongoing complaints after his years of abuse at the hands of the common Second Life user.  I don't know much about any of these people in any great detail, but it seems to me that I'd probably lean toward defending Tiernan rather than his attackers in Second Life.  He plays by the rules and people just don't like to be out-done or proven right by anyone they see as 'under them'.
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