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  1. I am looking at building a NAS to store my movie collection on and serve off of ZFS. I was thinking of using either FreeBSD 11 or TrueOS Server, vs a FreeNAS install, as I was thinking of using a bhyve VM as my emby/kodi box as well as use the VM to do any transcoding that needs to happen offline when we are not watching movies. The NAS will live right next to my main TV and I was thinking why setup a nuc or media pc here when I can put a nvidia card in and connect it to the TV. How mature and how well does the PCI pass-through work in bhyve in 11 or trueos? I am an advanced user so I know how to run FreeBSD and deal with ZFS pools so I don't need the FreeNAS interface to manage the box. I just have never used bhyve yet so not that well versed in some of its features yet...
  3. Thank you for the great show guys and thank you Kris for the work you do on TrueOS. I love the path you guys are going down. Also Alan for all the hard work you do on the two best podcasts on JB network, but don't tell Chris I said that...
  6. --- Jason
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