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  1. Please join the servers discord to see a full list of the rules as well as being notified of new updates!
  2. ==============================
  3. Server discord: <link="">Click Here</link>
  4. ===========================
  5. Class D – Can kill anyone
  6. ===========================
  7. Scientist – Can kill anyone
  8. ===========================
  9. Chaos – Can’t kill scientists unless they are holding a weapon, You must disarm them and let them become chaos
  10. ==========================
  11. MTF/Facility Guard – Can’t kill Class D unless they are holding a weapon,You must disarm them and let them become NTF
  12. ==========================
  13. SCPs – Kill anyone.(Teaming with D class is allowed)
  14. =========================
  15. If a person refuses to follow your commands as an NTF, Chaos or Guard you are allowed to kill them after a fair warning
  16. ========================
  17. Punishment: 10 Minute Ban | Second Offence: 30 Minute Ban | Third Offence: 6 Hours Ban | Fourth Offence: 1 Day Ban
  19. We ask you to follow this simple rule. Following this rule will just make the game a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Not following this rule will result in sanctions!
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