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Mar 31st, 2019
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  1. Orcus Technolgies
  2. Official Press release
  4. March 31 2019
  6. To all it may concern.
  7. - As of March 27th 2019 Orcus Technologies was subject to a international search warrant executed by RCMP and CRTC authorities in Canada.
  8. In this process authorities seized numerous backup hard drives contains a large portion of Orcus Technologies business, and practices.
  9. Data inclusive on these drives include but are not limited to: User information inclusive of user names, real names, financial transactions, and further.
  11. The arrests and searches expand to an international investigation at this point, including countries as America, Germany, Austrailia, Canada and potentially more.
  13. Authorities have NOT obtained the user/license database, nor did they obtain my core laptop or tablet, items explicitly named in the search warrants.
  14. All pertinant data has been resolved to my lawyers at this point and we will be going forward legally.
  16. I am here by advising any and ALL Orcus users, legal owner or using a cracked copy. Regardless, Orcus is no longer to be considered safe or secure solution to Remote Administrative needs.
  18. Please move away from this software without delay.
  20. It has been a pleasure getting to know everyone in my time online, and I hope you all can take my words as a life lesson.
  22. - Stay safe, dont do stupid shit.
  24. Regards
  26. - Armada
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