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  1. (OOC) You quietly whisper to Dirvy, "I didn't mean to offend by the way."
  3. (OOC) Dirvy's player whispers, "I am not offended.  I just get tired of hearing about it, and I am moody."
  5. (OOC) You quietly whisper to Dirvy, "You spoke in that language, and i looked to see your race, i never look at people."
  7. (OOC) You quietly whisper to Dirvy, "And i was going to observe how we were dressed diametrically."
  9. (OOC) You quietly whisper to Dirvy, "Like i said, i never look at anybody, so what people wear doesn't mean anything to me."
  11. (OOC) You quietly whisper to Dirvy, "Just wanted to let you know."
  13. (OOC) Dirvy's player whispers, "One day, if I care enough, I will remove my stuff.  But a lot of it is scripted, and I use it to add to my RP.  When I used to RP."
  14. >o
  15. [Raging Thrak Inn, Dining Room - 1194]
  16. Loud and abusive noises emanate from behind the swinging kitchen doors, much to the laughing delight of some of the customers, and to the chagrin of others.  Tapestries hanging from the walls depict soothing idyllic wildlife scenes.  Hard wooden tables and chairs are placed evenly, allowing enough space for the cook and wait servants to pass.  You also see a grey wolf, a small grey-bellied hawk that is sleeping, a cozy nook and some inviting tables.
  17. Obvious exits: south, southwest
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