Half-Moon in Equestria 24

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  1. Your sleep is uniterrupted, so far as you can remember, and you awake n to a felling of warm fuzzies all over. Trying to stretch, you notice you are pinned down. Opening your eyes, you notice Trixie is lying across your legs, and Twilight is on your chest and arm, her head resting on your shoulder.
  2. "Girls" You say, shaking yourself "Its time to get up".
  3. You hear laughter, and manage to turn your head enough to see Spike coming down the stairs. "Have a good night Anon?" He asks, chuckling.
  4. "Actually yeah, they make one heck of a good blanket. And by the way they are sleeping, I think I make a pretty good bed."
  5. Spike grins at you, and you make a shrugging motion. "Need a hand getting out?"
  6. "Yeah, this bed is too soft for me to get any force behind my movements" Spike comes over, and starts hauling on Twilight, and you tip yourself to ease her off.
  7. After a few minutes struggle, you and Spike manage to get her off you, and you slide your legs out from under Trixie.
  8. You feel your muscles loosen as you stand up, the stiffness of being slept on vanishing. "Any ideas for breakfast?" You ask, looking down at your little purple buddy.
  9. "None, sorry. I gotta go shopping today because our kitchen is pretty emptly."
  10. With a sigh, you turn to the sleeping girls and shake them awake. "The first one up gets a secret advantage for today in the test." You whisper, just loud enough for them to hear. They both almost immediately shoot up, though they are a little unsteady on their hooves.
  11. "Im up" Twilight says, her eyes barely open, and her body wobbling a bit.
  12. "Trixie was up first" Trixie proclaims, in no better shape than Twilight.
  13. Putting you hand under her chin, you bring your face up to Twilights, and give her a quick kiss on the forhead, before doing the same to Trixie. "Are you awake now?". The girls eyes shoot open, and Spike shoots you a slick grin and a thumbs up.
  14. "Wha.. What was that for?" Twilight stammers out, a red flush running over her.
  15. "Yeah, Trixie demands to know why you did that".
  16. "It got you up, didn't it."
  17. Spike speaks up, breaking the awkward tension "Twilight, you got a letter from Celestia last night, but you were too drunk to read it, so I left it on your nighttable. Though I guess you wouldn't have noticed it, given you have been sleeping on Anon".
  18. "Spike! What are you talking about!" Twilight exclaims a little indignantly. Spike looks at you making motions to encourage you to explain.
  19. "Apparently we drank a little too much last night" You say, gesturing to an empty bottle on the table "And you two decided I would make a good bed, so you slept on me".
  20. Both girls flush a deep Crimson, before rushing off to the bathroom.
  21. You and Spike sit around, discussing the girls training, and what kinds of gems he would want to try later, until the two come out, both a little wet, and still flushed a light pink.
  22. "Feeling better?" you ask, looking them over.
  23. "Yeah, we were just surprised is all" Twilight says, looking over at Trixie.
  24. "Yes Trixie agrees, although... It was kind of nice...."
  25. "The letter?: Spike asks as he looks at Twilight.
  26. "Oh! Right!" Twilight says, teleporting upstairs, and then back down, te scroll in her mouth. Lifting it up with magic she opens it and scans over the contents. "Its directed at you Anon" She says, passing it over.
  27. Opening it, you read it.
  29. *Dear Twilight Sparkle and Anonymous.
  31. I am regretfully informing you that the map Anon left in my possesion has turned up no matches in any maps available at the Canterlot Royal Library. We will continue to search, but it seems likely that Anon will be stuck in Equestria for the time being
  32.                                 Princess Celestia*
  34. Re-rolling the scroll, you set it down on the table. "Looks like you two will be stuck with me as a teacher for a while longer."
  35. Before anypony can say anything more, all four of your stomachs growl and you all just look sheepishly at eachother.
  36. "What say we get some breakfast before heading out for day two of your test?". They all agree, and you open the door, and let the others out. Twilight leads you all to a nearby diner, where you are quickly seated and attended to.
  37. You order a basic cheese omlette, the two girls both get hay pancakes, and Spike orders a diamond dust smoothie. While working on eating, you shake hands/hooves with ponys who stop to say hi.
  38. Finishing, Trixie pays for yours and her meal, while Twilight pays for hers and Spikes.
  39. Spike leaves, carrying a bag of bits Twilight hands to him, and you, Trixie and Twilight all head to the island in the field. The girls cross the bridge first, and you follow after, removing the bridge after you, before turning.
  40. "Ready?" You ask, taking a combatative stance. Twilight and Trixie jump back a bit, and move a little ways away from eachother. Kneeling, you quickly draw a circle, and use it to launch a pillar of dirt at Trixie. She dodges toward Twilight, who has completed a circle, and is using it to launch a similar, though slower moving pillar at you.
  41. Dropping prone, it moves over top of you, and you roll out from underneath it, and draw a quick circle, dividing it in half. Activating the left half, you launch a semicircular pillar between the girls, creating a makeshift wall between them. The right side, you use to create a pillar that shoots at Twilight, before turning last second and crashing into the wall, launching a wave of dirt at Trixie.
  42. She manages to raise a shield, but is still knocked back a bit by the force. Turning to Twilight, you see her launch a dirt lump at you, and it is too close to dodge. Raising your arm, you brace yourself as the chunk collides, pushing you back half a foot.
  43. Charging forward, you hear a cracking sound, and the dirt pillar beside you cracks as a stone rod shoots through at you. You manage to pivot in time, avoiding a hit, but it still snags your clothes, causing you to stumble. Landing on your plot, you draw a circle below you, as twilight fires another projectile. Activating the circle, you are swallowed up by the ground, before popping up right behind Twilight.
  44. Before she can react, you have wrapped your arm around her waist, and have picked her up. "Gotcha" you laugh, as she squirms in your grip.
  45. Hearing the commotion, Trixie steps from behind the 'wall' and sees you holding up Twilight. "Dump her in the moat" Trixie jeers "She deserves it for getting caught so easily"
  46. "I could do that, but it would leave you in the perfect position to knock me in, so I think I will do this instead." Charging Trixie, you stop about two feet short, and release Twilight, causing her to go bowling into Trixie, knocking them both over. Releasing one of your last prepared circles, you use a dirt wave to sweep them into the water.
  47. Pulling out some chalk, you draw a circle, and fuse all the dirt pillars back into the island. As you finish the girls have made there way out of the water.
  48. You take a moment to say "You are doing much better than yesterday. If you keep this up, you should easily be able to pass tomorrow". This seems to perk them up a bit, and they renew their assault against you.
  49. Over the next few hours, they manage to land a half-dozen hits on you, and manage to avoid getting knocked into the water too many times. Wrapping up for the day, you all stop at Fluttershy's to get patched up. You mostly have bruises, which she happily rubs a lotion into, which numbs the pain, and reduces the swelling. After patching up Twi and Trixie, you all say your thanks, and give her a thankfull hug. After stopping at Sugarcube corner for dinner, you all go your seperate ways. Trixie heads to her wagon, Twilight to her house, and you head off to check your houses progress.
  50. It doesn't take long to find, as it isn't dark yet, and its the only incomplete house in Ponyville. Its large enough to accomodate you comfortably, and you can see there are going to be 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a storage room.
  51. Smiling, you leave you soon to be house, and head back to the Treehouse.
  52. Crouching inside, you take a shower, before falling into bed.
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