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Mar 29th, 2014
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  1. # Here you have to specify a list of whitelisted ips.
  2. # Note that you do not need to specify bungee IPs here.
  3. # Those are automatically imported from your bukkit.yml.
  4. # Set them there if you didn't already.
  5. whitelist:
  6. - your bungee ip here
  8. # Here you have to specify the message sent to the player when kicked.
  9. playerKickMessage: '&cYou have to join through the proxy.'
  11. # Put this to true to print the real IP of every player attempting to connect.
  12. debug: false
  14. # Setup mode, enabled on first run, will automatically whitelist the IP of any
  15. # connecting player that is detected to come through bungeecord.
  16. # WARNING : This should be set to false once you have whitelisted your bungeecord !
  17. setup: false
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