kunori - Episode 3 Commentary (SAO II)

Jul 21st, 2014
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  3. Asada Sinon's the person in Sinon and she's a first-year in a certain metropolitan high school in Tokyo.
  4. She's in the same year as Kirito, but she's a year younger, just as old as Suguha.
  6. I'll take the chance to clear it all up; Asuna & Liz were born in 2007, Kirito in 2008, Leafa and Sinon in 2009, and Silica in 2010.
  7. Shino lives on her own for some reason and she buys dinner from the supermarket on the way back on her own too.
  8. The tomatoes drawn look so fresh! I want a bite!
  10. In RL, taking the qualifying exams for a metro. high school requires students to "live with a guardian in the area",
  11. so it's not possible to live on their own, but the rules slacked 10 year later due to the declining birth rates. Just saying.
  13. The main characters are basically designed by abec, but Endou here and her two female sidekicks are Adachi's original design.
  14. The lethargy shown by Hikasa Yoko's acting's really brings the point across!
  16. Shino: "Call it a handgun, not a pistol!" …though she doesn't look like she has the composure for that…
  18. The café Shino and Shinkawa went in was modelled after another too.
  19. I went there countless times when I lived near Ueno. But unfortunately, it's closed since some time ago…
  21. Behemoth's back! (as an image…) I forgot to write this last time, but in the cut where the minigun's empty cartridges
  22. are scattered everywhere, you can see the links for the belt are drawn in too.
  23. Aoki, the animation director for arms, really paid attention to it!
  25. Dyne had to load the magazines in ep. 1, but does Behemoth have to link them in one by one too…?
  26. I tried loading them in Guam too, but the spring's too tough on the last 2, so I gave up, lol. But Sigsawa was as skilled as expected!
  28. The simple electronic lock on the apartment's door is part of the 《high surveillance society》 concept in my works.
  29. Security improves, but on the other hand, the lock's on lease and can be unlocked by the
  30. landlord, manufacturer, police, fire fighters, and medical staff in times of emergencies.
  32. There are electronic locks that use the Neurolinker for authorization in "Accel World", but that's like the improved version.
  33. I'm not saying that SAO is on the same timeline or anything of that sort, though.
  35. The futuristic model gun Shino took from the drawer is the participation prize from the 2nd BoB tournament.
  36. By the way, Sinon took 22nd place among 30 people.
  38. The direction for this cut is amazing, showing time backtracking and Shino's shortness of breath with the red blood cells going in reverse.
  40. Robberies using handguns in Japan numbered 75 in 2008, 100 in 2009, 60 in 2010, 44 in 2011, and 44 in 2012.
  41. It may look surprisingly high, but the arrest rate is increasing with the number decreasing, so the police are working hard.
  43. By the way, the number of handguns seized in 2012 here are in decreasing order, America (116), Japan (72), Belgium (29), Russia (12).
  44. Does Japan-made means those illegally manufactured? Or those of old Japanese troops?
  46. The gun used by the robber Shino came across is the Chinese《Type 54 Pistol》copied from Russia's Tokarev TT-33,
  47. commonly known as the Black Star or Heixin in Japan. A look at the data shows that its been less circulated lately.
  49. The Black Star's a 7.62mm small arms and its muzzle velocity is quick as it uses a lot of gunpower (like quicker than the original Tokarev)
  50. and its bullets are FMJ, not to mention it uses iron instead of lead at its core, so it apparently has high piercing power.
  52. Looks like it can pierce through bulletproof vests and shields too unless they are anti-Tokarev.
  53. But on the other hand, it'll apparently pierce through without doing significant damage. (depending on the spot shot, of course)
  55. I was wondering how much of this shocking but certainly vital scene could be animated, but I'm glad it was adapted exactly.
  57. It came to me again while watching, that the robber might have given up after Shino's first shot if he wasn't under the influence of drugs.
  58. Well, the drug addiction was the reason for the crime, so there was no helping it…
  60. Sawashiro's acting's the true highlight of this sequence; my breath practically died even while hearing it over the control room speakers.
  62. Kirito's beloved vehicle that made its first appearance in Extra Edition, the Yamaha DT125R.
  63. Low cc manual bikes are supposed to be rare in that era (though it's feeling that way nowadays too), not to mention, it's 2 strokes too…
  64. I want to give it a go someday too…!
  66. By the way, for new, domestic manual ones below 125cc, there are only 4 from Honda and 2 from Kawasaki available now in 2014.
  67. Oh wait, so there are quite a few of them, lol.
  69. Asuna spoke…! (continuing on from the end of episode 2)
  70. So, used to Undine Asuna and her blue hair yet? Spriggan Kirito's hair is close to his original now that it's not spiky, huh... lol.
  72. And Asuna doubts Kikuoka too. He appears in ALO as a character named《Chrysheight》. A pretty good mage according to Kirito.
  74. Kirito and… Asuna… on their left hands… there's a ring… is that it? The one that increases STR by 3?
  76. The glasses nurse is here…! Kirito calls her "Aki", but that's her surname, not her name, and it's 安岐 in kanji.
  77. The voice actor, Kawasumi Ayako, plays Blood Leopard in Accel too, but Nurse Aki talks about 10 times what Pard does, huh, lol.
  79. Aki has a cetain secret, but it's only revealed in the 10th book! (ingenious advertising tweet)
  81. Kikuoka went with a super-analog means of transmission like paper to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information…
  82. …not; I believe he just wanted Kirito to read it in front of Nurse Aki.
  84. There are many kinds of panic attacks, such as situational ones and panic disorders, and in Shino's case, it appears as a symptom of PTSD.
  85. As she did not recover even after years of therapy and medication at her home town, she doesn't visit the hospital regularly in Tokyo.
  87. Instead, Shino tries out exposure therapy via GGO. It also serves as self-suggestion, "If Sinon gets stronger, the attacks will stop".
  88. I caution against amateur advice on mental illnesses, but continuously taking prescribed psychoactive drugs… may not always be good either.
  90. Panic attacks are a combination of psychological stress and somatic symptoms. Stress causes perspiration, palpitation, shortness of breath,
  91. chills in the limbs, nausea, and such, resulting in the fear, "if this continues, I might faint or even die for real".
  93. Thus, I imagine that interaction will not occur in a full dive environment where most somatic sensations are blocked.
  94. Such a device would first have to be developed to know whether it truly works or not, however.
  96. There's someone strange here! The conversation between gamers happened on a BBS in the web and novel editions,
  97. but it became a live broadcast like Niconico Broadcast in the anime. It certainly shows the difference in generation.
  99. And on to the ED. The song and animation truly have great emotional impact after watching this episode…
  100. To end off, I had received some questions, so I would like to add on about the《bullet circle》and《bullet line》 from the last episode.
  102. The bullet line is displayed when the bullet circle is shown in the shooter's vision.
  103. In other words, strictly speaking, the prediction lines will move slightly while the prediction circle expands and contracts.
  104. However, the lines will be fixed the moment the shooter pulls the trigger and it'll stay still after that.
  106. Realistically, the shooter wouldn't aim for seconds with the circle out, so the line's practically fixed upon appearing until the impact.
  107. It was the same for Sinon, she immediately shot at Behemoth on the first contraction of the prediction circle.
  109. The shooter doesn't know where within the circle it'll land, but the one getting shot will know its exact trajectory.
  110. The reason why the system sides with the defenders is because GGO is a 《VRMMORPG where people fight with guns》.
  112. As there are death penalties with item and EXP drops, you can't just die after one fight and respawn repeatedly like in some casual FPS,
  113. but it's not an extremely realistic FPS where you die in one shot and you're immediately gone; that would be too severe for an RPG battle.
  115. Hence, GGO's designed to lower damage received by dodging bullets with the lines.
  116. But arms' accuracy and armor have been improving, so as it's《harder to evade》and things are《able to tank》 more than the early days,
  117. the situation's making people reconsider the STR-VIT build in a positive light.
  119. That said, AGI builds are still fine with the right fighting style… rather, people do say the AGI spamming Yamikaze is the true strongest.
  120. It's too early to sulk, Shinkawa! And that's it for the extra info! Thank you for accompanying me, please, come again for the 4th episode!
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