Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

Apr 25th, 2019
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  1. [F4M] Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned [confession][priest/nun][giving in to temptation]
  3. Being a nun in training she knows that she shouldn't be feeling the things that she's feeling. Especially toward a priest. Will he hear her confession? Maybe he can help her.
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. (Knocking/Door opens)
  8. Excuse me, father. Do you have a moment? I was wondering if I could have a word with you.
  10. Thank you father.
  12. (Door closes)
  14. I'm sorry to bother you like this. I know you probably have better things to do then provide counsel to a novitiate, and I know I am supposed to go to Reverend Mother for matters like this, but I thought it might be best to come to you. You see, you are much younger then the others here as far as I've seen. I thought perhaps you might relate more to my... predicament.
  16. Well, you see father, I have been coming closer and closer to taking my first vows, but... there's something that I've been struggling with. And I thought, since you are so new to the priesthood you might be able to provide guidance, as you may have struggled yourself. Also, you are a lot kinder and more, shall we say, tolerant then the others here. I've always thought of you as a more... insightful.
  18. I remember when I met you on my first day staying with the convent. You were the first priest I had ever met that I actually felt I could have a conversation with. You've always been so easy to talk to. However, lately I don't find it easy to even think, let alone talk.
  20. Last Sunday, as I was leaving your service, you asked me if something was wrong, and I said no. But that was a lie father. I felt guilty for lying, but it felt like telling you the truth would have been much much worse.
  22. You see father, it was your sermon. I was upset because, well... I... I don't know if I should.
  24. What? A confession? Perhaps it would be easier. I admit that I have been neglecting my weekly confession. Maybe that is what I need. Father... will you hear my confession?
  26. Thank you father.
  28. No, this is fine. I'll just knee here at your desk if that's alright with you.
  30. (Clears throat) For... forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been... several weeks since my last confession. You see, I have worried that I would not be open in a confession with the monsignor, and by omitting my sins, commit further sin.
  32. I know father. A confession is held secret, but I feel like he would not understand, and may pass judgement. But you father, I feel like I am able to tell you anything.
  34. And, now I must confess. I have not remained chaste. My thoughts have not remained pure.
  36. Tell you more? Well father, for many months now, ever since I came to the convent in fact, I have been struggling with having certain... feelings. Feelings that, as a future nun, I shouldn't be having. Thoughts of temptation. Some may even call them... fantasies. And it is as though I cannot control it. When I am around... someone. I will have a pleasent thought about them, but it will turn... sexual. It's like I can't help it. My mind fills with lust, and I suddenly find it so very hard to overcome.
  38. So much so that on many nights, I fear I have allowed myself to give in to these...desires. Spent hours lying awake pleasuring myself while my mind is filled with thoughts of the touch of a man. And what's worse is I am never satisfied. My fingers cannot quench the thirst that my body feels.
  40. That is why I was upset after your sermon father. You spoke of tempation, and how we must persevere in the face of it. How we must look to others for strength in our moments of weakness. Your words... they moved me father, but I was upset because... I felt so guilty. In spite of your beautiful and uplifting words my mind was betraying me. The sound of your voice. The passion of it. I felt a warmth growing between my legs, and... I couldn't stop myself father. I slid my hand under my skirt, and touched myself right there during your sermon. I was biting my lip to keep from crying out, and... I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't stop. And even with this wicked act... I was not satisfied. After I saw you following the sermon, I rushed back to my room and continued to touch myself. I was thinking about what I had done, how it had felt, and... and other things that I wanted done to me.
  42. Father... Is there something wrong with me? Am I being punished? Am I being cursed to feel this angony? This overwhelming desire?
  44. I want to be pure father. I want to serve the church, but how can I like this?
  46. How am I to take my vows father? How can I kneel before the alter and pledge myself to the church when in that same moment I will be imagining myself being bent over the alter, taken from behind, and moaning like a whore? I mean, just having this conversation is causing me to feel... I just... I just can't help it. What am I to do father? What can I do to put out this fire inside me?
  48. What?
  50. You... you will help me?
  52. Yes father. Anything. Anything to make it stop.
  54. Do I trust you? Well, yes. Of course father. Why do you ask?
  56. You have also felt these... feelings? Then how did you control them father?
  58. You still face them... even now?
  60. Me? What about...
  62. You have thoughts of... me?
  64. Then I must tell you... these thoughts I've had... all these thoughts... they have been of you father. Lustful thoughts of your touch. Your body against mine. Your kiss. It's always you father. And I don't know how to stop it. Even now... being so close to you, it's taking every bit of strength I have not to... father?
  66. (Improv passionate kissing)
  68. (Improv passionate kissing during dialog)
  69. Oh father... we mustn't... we... (Groan) this is... oh heaven forgive us...
  71. (Improv deep passionate kissing)
  73. (Gasp) Father... your hands. You're slinding your hand under my... oh your hands on my skin... (sigh) yes, that feels good.
  75. (Continued sighs during dialog)
  76. No, I haven't ever felt a man's touch. Until now. Oh father, your hands are so warm. (Gasp) Oh... Your fingers on my breasts. The way you're touching me feels... mmmmmm it's like my skin is on fire.
  78. (Improv hungrily kissing)
  80. (Breathily)
  81. Father... I want to please you. Let me... let me pleasure you father. Let me be your harlot.
  83. My God... it's so... mmmmm, just looking at it...
  85. (Improv blowjob for several seconds)
  87. (Improv blowjob with sporadic moaning during dialog)
  88. Mmmmmm... yes father... yes I'm touching myself... mmmmm I just can't help it... it feels so good... do I make you feel good father? Am I a good little harlot? Are you going to show me how good you can make me feel?
  90. Father... why did you stop me. Did I...
  92. (Improv sounds of delight from being pulled up to feet and moved to desk)
  94. Yes father, yes. I want you to use my body. Bend me over your desk. Take me. Take me now. (Abrupt moan)
  96. (Improv moaning from thrusting during dialog)
  97. Oh my god... Yes... Yes father. Oh, I can feel it so deep inside me. The fire... building. God, it's so... I want more...(becoming more intense, almost hungry) I need more. Yes. Harder. You feel it don't you? You feel it building? Are you going to give it to me? Do it. Use me father. Let me feel it. Oh... God. Yes, keep going.
  99. (Improv into intense orgasm)
  101. (Catching breath) Oh... Oh father... Thank you. (Sigh of relief) Thank you.
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