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  3. What's up, everyone? If you're reading this, odds are you're at least a little interested in J and I's Co-Op Blowout Extravaganza, and for that I'm honestly pretty humbled. It was 11 (!!!) years ago that I met J, and holy shit that's crazy, and in the time since we've played a lot of games together, with varying degrees of success... varying from "oh my God we're so bad" to "acceptable." I guess we're never very GOOD at the games we end up playing together, but it's always a blast, and I know this will be no different.
  5. Before I talk about what all we'll be playing and when, I'd like to disclose the reasoning behind this marathon. Some of you may remember participating in the last J & Perp donation stream, in which the goal was to raise money to help pay off my girlfriend's long-standing medical bills. She suffers from a condition called Degenerative Disc Disease ( ,) and we required assistance to afford the care and treatment she needed to facilitate her recovery. I'm of course very happy to report that went well - she feels much better, and I have all of you incredibly generous people to thank for that. It wouldn't have been possible without you. However, given things are never quite as simple (or as cheap) as they seem, by the end of the process, we've ended up several thousand dollars in medical debt to a handful of creditors. We get around 10 calls a day from them threatening us to "cough it up," so to speak, and one case even went to court and resulted in her paycheck being garnished.
  7. Now that we're making less money than ever (after the garnishment + my job cut pay this year), this huge debt is like an albatross hanging from our necks. We can't save enough to pay it off considering we're already stretched thin by bills as it is, and we can't live in peace because we're harassed on a daily basis by creditors. In addition, my girlfriend's medical needs have changed - though her back has been feeling better, she's developed a skin condition that requires treatment. The constraint these debts place on our ability to live, and improve, our lives has pushed me to the point of asking for help. J, being the great friend he is, was more than happy to.
  9. Please support the stream however you can. Even if you can't donate, just sticking around and bullshitting with us in chat is hugely appreciated. Again, it's a humbling experience that anyone even cares about the stupid shit I do (with J,) so anyone who stops by and watches is cool in my book. To those of you who do decide to donate, please know that I'm eternally grateful for any and all support I receive. You all are some of the most kind and generous people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I don't just mean on the internet.
  11. Okay! So now that all the sap is out of the way, let's get to the game list! Donate to get your game played!
  13. Playing:
  14. - Bubble Bobble (incentive)
  15. - Portal 2 (Rye)
  16. - Pirates at Dark Water (Daru, SNES)
  17. - Streets of Rage 2 (Monkey)
  18. - Battletoads (Izzy)
  20. Check the VODs to find out what games we've already played!
  22. Donate:
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