Breech presentation

Aug 12th, 2016
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  1. Breech presentation
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  3. Mona Morstein
  4. Message 1 of 5 , Aug 9 6:45 AM
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  6. Hello, Docs,
  8. I have a daughter of a friend whose baby is in breech presentation. I know another friend used pulsatilla and I know acupuncture can be helpful to turn the baby. Are there any herbs or other treatments to safely recommend?
  10. You know, in medical school we watched the video of a French OB/GYN deliver a breech baby one, two, three, in seconds, with the mother squatting and him reaching in getting the legs and there you go. It seems like the modern age in some ways is miraculous (and this from a woman who had brain surgery), but in other ways has regressed from knowledge we once had. In the US, a breech baby is freaking everyone out; in French, that guy delivered a breech baby in under ten seconds.
  12. Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP
  13. Tempe, AZ
  17. Emily Kane
  18. Message 2 of 5 , Aug 9 9:09 AM
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  20. Hi Mona
  21. Hopefully one of the midwives will chime in. You have to figure out which non-head part is into the birth canal (I'd say footling breech is the trickiest) and see if a combination of rocking/massaging/manual rotation can get the non-head part back up and coax the head down. The acupuncture point UB 67 is at the lateral, proximal edge of the baby toenail bilaterally and can be pierced with acupuncture needles or stimulated with a small blunt tool.
  22. Cheers
  23. Emily Kane ND
  24. Juneau AK
  28. Susan Roberts
  29. Message 3 of 5 , Aug 9 10:57 AM
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  32. the other way to turn is skate board pelvis up in air of thirty minutes and let gravity do its thing and all the other things you mentioned I've only had one not turn and she had a section
  34. Susan Roberts
  35. Naturopathic Physician
  39. davidrfield
  40. Message 4 of 5 , Aug 9 11:01 AM
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  42. Hi Mona, re Breech Baby,
  43. in Chinese medicine, application of moxibustion to UB 67 (lateral proximal corner of the nail on the tiny toe (pedal #5) a few times a day, before the 38th week (although worth a try any time you've got a confirmed breech), actually WILL turn a baby; I've had it happen a few times in my 30 years' practice (to be sure, there were times it didn't work also). The best thing is you can teach a patient how to do it in five minutes, send them home with a couple of moxa sticks, and all's right in the world, for a moment, anyway.
  45. David Field, ND, LAc
  46. Santa Rosa, CA
  50. flanagan.laura
  51. Message 5 of 5 , Aug 10 9:03 AM
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  53. Hello Susan,
  54. I am trying to imagine an 8.5 mo pregnant woman skate boarding pelvis up for thirty minutes and think that would be a hard sell for most women. I suspect auto-correct changed what you meant. Can you clarify?
  55. Thanks
  56. Laura Flanagan, ND
  57. Spokane, WA
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